Concierge is an assistant to special tasks. It may concern many aspects of people's life. Now it's available also on BongaCams and has a special meaning for a dedicated groups of users. How to use a concierge service? Who can access it? Is it worth to join this option?


BongaCams offers you being your concierge assistant according to a new premium service

A BongaCams concierge service is an individual and exclusive VIP service dedicated to some users of this platform who meet conditions of being under this option. It means a support anytime you need any help and from any location you are.

This service works 24/7 and your concierge assistant helps you immediately when you have any issues to solve. It doesn't matter what you need, with Bonga concierge you get:

  • personal help
  • individual attitude to all your problems and ideas
  • immediately help 24/7
  • protection and staying anonymous
  • professional assistants that will help you.

The concierge service is available for platinum and higher rank members and a full BongaCams Review explains not only this option but also other aspects connected with using this platform.

bongacams concierge service

Attendance of concierge concerns platinum and higher rank users of BongaCams

BongaCams concierge attendance is available when you're a platinum or higher user of the platform. So who can use this mode and get a help of a private assistance?

  1. PLATINUM USER - a level higher than a normal user with tokens in an account balance, to become a platinum you must spend more than an equivalent of 1,500 EUR. Being the platinum means that you not only can use the BongaCams concierge service but also that you’re more recognizable on chats - because platinum members spend more on the website than only occasionally tippers
  2. UNLIMITED USER - is higher than the platinum one, and they can also take an advance of a private assistant
  3. DIAMOND USER - is nearly on a top of tokens spenders on Bonga so their appearance on any chat is very appreciated by models
  4. EXCLUSIVE USER - it’s a king of any chat room so it’s obvious that they can use also the concierge mode. To become the exclusive member, you must spend more than 30K on Bonga.

A basic premium user on BC is a gold member of a community. Each membership level that is higher than the golden user is authorized to have a possibility to enjoy the Bonga concierge attendance and it’s worth to have a chance to use it when you need any help.


What is premium on BongaCams and why it has any influence of using concierge aid?

It’s easy to become premium on BC. If you buy any tokens, your level from a free user is changed into the gold member and from the gold membership starts BongaCams Premium.

Being the premium has an influence of using BongaCams concierge service because you can activate it only when you spend enough tokens on the website.

Is BC concierge attendance safe to use?

One of Bonga concierge features is protection and staying anonymous. So if you think about anything connected with BongaCams Safety and being protected, if you use BC assistant service, you’ll stay secured.

Generally, all your personal details are safe on Bonga, so you can use service it offers without worrying about anything.

what is bongacams concierge service

Why is BongaCams concierge that great service?

BC concierge assistance is great because it provides support anytime you want. It may help you to solve all bigger and smaller problems 24/7 and thanks to this you can have pleasure time on this platform.

But there are also other premium modes you can use on Bonga Cams.

Other special options available on BC
You get a premium membership when you buy tokens You can also additionally use some exclusive features:
  • Lovense
  • VIP subscription
  • free to get tokens

How is it to use the BongaCams concierge service? First of all, it doesn’t work only for technical or billing problems you have. Having this mode, you can contact with support and ask about anything you want to know (or even suggest options if you have any ideas). Contact between support and viewers is a very important thing, not only for BongaCams website.

When you have an access to the Bonga concierge exclusive service, everything is easier on the website. And it doesn’t matter if you want to solve any problem or purchase additional tokens, for instance. But you also must do something more to be able to use this feature.

BongaCams appreciate users who spend time and money on their platform. It’s obvious. They make using the website even simpler and solve problems quickly and thanks to this nobody thinks about going into other streaming site. But when you’re the user who like BC services, you shouldn’t think about cunning of Bonga designers but rather take into your consideration that it’s great to have the option to access support quickly and unlimited.

So if you spend more than an equivalent you need to become the user under the BongaCams concierge service, just apply for it and use this mode anytime you need help or advice. It’s worth to use Bonga attendance if you are able to do it.