It's very easy to become a premium member on BongaCams. It's enough to purchase tokens at least once. If you spend money on BC, you become premium automatically. Of course, the more you spend, the better for you. But it still isn't everything. In this article we're going to describe also 2 other and special options that may be also described as premium features.


All meanings of being premium on BC

When you buy coins, you become the premium member of Bonga. But different premium levels have various options to offer for users. What can you do having and not having tokens in your account balance?

Membership levels and their features on BC
Feature Free users (who haven’t ever bought tokens) Premium users of all membership levels
Initial bonus of free tokens + +
HD quality + +
Access to free videos of models + +
Unlimited video and chat access - +
Group private chat - +

There are various levels of membership on BongaCams and they are dependent on money you spend on this platform. More details and features connected with each of membership level you can read in a BongaCams Review.

bongacams premium

Special sorts of premium options available on Bonga Cams

Except being the premium member on BongaCams, there are also additional features that may be called premium ones. What are they? Who can use them?

A VIP subscription you can use on BC

Getting the VIP subscription, you can access all best options of Bonga and get also some power that isn’t available for ordinary users. For about 20 USD you can get almost the same rights as users who spend thousands of dollars on BC and get the highest levels of membership.

The VIP user gets customized options connected with chatting with models in private and group rooms and they are also qualified to get special discounts and offers connected with purchasing tokens. There get for example special discount gift cards every 10 days and this way they can save some cash.

BC concierge service as a way to fell as much premium as it’s possible

To be under the BongaCams Concierge Service you must be at least platinum user of Bonga. This special feature allows you to get exclusive support and help anytime you need and from any location around the whole World.

It means solving all problems fast, 24/7 contact with technical support and a possibility to get some discounts and special deals.


A short BongaCams review to understand an idea of being premium in this website

Creating an account on BongaCams is free and connected with getting a small initial bonus of 10 free tokens. But there are available also other BongaCams Promotions you can use. But first of all - what is good and bad on Bonga?

    • anytime you enter the website, you can see a lot of broadcasters to choose
    • you can access some shows for free
    • many performances are available in HD quality
    • you can get free currency and discounts there
    • you can use this website from PC and smartphone with the same features
    • an account is limited when you don’t have tokens in your account balance
    • private shows are quite expensive.

It’s worth to spend tokens on BC because the more you spend, the more options you can access additionally.

What is forbidden on BC?

On Bonga there are some rules you must respect. It concerns all users, even if they have high ranks on the website:

  • you can't do illegal things on chats
  • you can't use hate speech or racist language
  • you can't send any SPAM on chats or to other members in messages
  • you can't annoy or harass other members and models
  • you can't share personal details of models and viewers even if you know them
  • you can't make nicknames that may be offensive to anybody
  • you can't claim that you're a worker of BC.

If you respect all rules, you can enjoy all chats available on BC:

  1. group chat and its price per minute - 30 tokens
  2. private chat and its price per minute - 60 tokens
  3. full private chat and its price per minute - 90 tokens
  4. voyeur/spy chat and its price per minute - 15 tokens.

what is bongacams premium

It’s worth to be the premium member of BongaCams and have tokens in your balance

It’s worth to use BC and have an account there. This website is available for straight and LGBT users and it’s very easy to get the premium there. It’s enough just to purchase coins at least once.

It’s also important that on Bonga you can access many various discounts and promotions and it may make using this platform a little cheaper. And if you have save some money, it’s always nice.

If you want to check BongaCams, you should do it. It will help you check everything and understand if you like this website. On other platforms it isn’t as easy to get premium as simple you can do it here. You should also consider an option to try the BongaCams VIP subscription. It’s about 20 USD a month but this membership gives you a lot of premium features that are reserved only for people who spend thousands of dollars on the site. And it’s always better to pay 20 USD for special options than spend 30K USD to get them.