An upper question is important both for a BongaCams Broadcaster and a viewer. These groups of users share their personal details having their accounts on Bonga. Of course, their roles on the website are different but both models and watchers set up accounts and having membership, they use some fragile pieces of information. And then it’s important if a website is safe or not to use.

Are you protected having an account on BC?


Can you feel protected on BongaCams?

Broadcasters and viewers share their personal details but they have also some specific pieces of information they provide to Bonga. Fortunately, the website cares about protection and it has all necessary security measures that are used to keep data private and safe:

  • performers share their private details, including photos of their IDs. They must provide also payment methods to get salaries from Bonga so they must feel protected. An additional measure for broadcasters is also a chargeback protection to care about their salaries
  • viewers share details of their credit cards, bank accounts, etc and they must also feel safe when they purchase coins. Because of this, Bonga has strict protection modes connected with billing services.

Being online means that you can face many various situations. But you must be protected in each of them and Bonga does everything to help you in this matter.

bongacams safety

Bonga Cams protection measures connected with using tokens

BongaCams Tokens are official BC coins used both by viewers and broadcasters. For the viewer they are a payment method to cover all services they want to get, for the broadcaster the token is a way they earn money. Models get 4-5 cents of each coin they get and thanks to this they make their salary.

How to manage tokens?
Token purchase methods mobile phone (SMS)
credit card
bank transfer
Token payout methods Check

Shows are important on the website, but tokens are probably the most essential part of BongaCams. Without this coin nothing will work.

So because of that, BongaCams safety modes are very important for everybody. It concerns to broadcasters, viewers and developers of the website too. If you like spending tokens on BC there is also other great thing - the more you spend, the more specials you can get. It’s connected for example with membership levels that are available for viewers on the platform.

bongacams protection

A short review of BongaCams options that aren’t connected with safety

First of all, you had to probably hear about incredible hacking methods that were created for camming websites. They are called generators, adders, etc. Sometimes users look for them (especially when a website offers a small quantity of gratis currency to get). Unfortunately, all of them are SCAM and don’t work. You can waste your time and try to use them or just understand that only official promotions work for free tokens. With BongaCams situation is the same. Even if you’re able to find any generator in the web, it for sure doesn’t work. The only BongaCams Promotions for free coins are the official ones, you can find on the website. The sooner you understand it, the easier will be to use BC. Don’t get cheated with generators and, they hack only you, nothing more.

It may also seem that Bonga doesn’t offers too many free coins to get. This website wasn’t create as a charity organisation, the more than you can join open chats and these shows don’t have any price per minute. Of course, you should leave tips in these rooms. And then you can use BongaCams cheaper than enjoying only private chats, for example. It means that you can enjoy BC in a budget version, with only few tokens in your account balance. Some viewers even prefer open chats because they like being with other in one room and managing things a model do for them. So before you start complaining for too small amount of free tokens available for users on Bonga, rather check all cheap options available on Bonga. It’s the website with people with all sizes of their wallets.

For sure, Bonga offers a lot of interesting modes and chats for their viewers. It will also earn broadcasters based on determined assumptions connected with tiers. It means that rules for models and watchers are rather clear and everyone rather knows, what is forbidden. There are also other interesting things connected with BongaCams but to know all of the, you should read a BongaCams Review we have on FAPdistrcit. It will allow you to understand all mechanisms of this platform and its services and features. Bonga may be a friendly place for everybody - when you want to have some pleasure or become a broadcaster and all options of this website are available to check in our write-up.

Read more about this website and familiarize not only with BongaCams safety but also other things you can use as an user who watches and who performs. And know also all special deals that are shared with users. On the website there are some features that may be interesting for you. Maybe BongaCams is a camming site you’ll love?