On BongaCams you can become a VIP member. It needs a subscription you must pay but then you get some extra features that aren’t available for other types of accounts.

Of course, being a BongaCams VIP isn’t an only option you have. There are also other sorts of accounts you can have and there have different features. Let’s check what the BC VIP is and what other account types offer you on Bonga Cams.


Being the VIP on BongaCams

A VIP account is a special type of membership connected with paying a subscription. It’s connected with having some special features that are available only for VIPs (such as VIP shows for instance).

BongaCams VIP subscription
3 Month VIP Status $19.98 per month (recurring)
1 Month VIP Status $24.95 per month (recurring)
3 Month VIP Status $39.95 per month (one-time payment)

Being the VIP on BC is a little similar to be an Exclusive user but for a lower cost. What exactly do you get being the VIP?

  • you can raise a model into the top of BC
  • options of having colors on chats
  • a special avatar to show that you're a VIP
  • an option to become invisible
  • you get special gift cards to purchase coins discounted (every 10 days).

To understand what options are connected with being the VIP, you must familiarize also with other types of membership available on BC.

bongacams vip

Options of BC membership other than being the VIP

Everything starts with registering an account. Then your BongaCams adventure starts and it’s only your decision what you’ll do with your membership. Let’s describe all BC accounts and things connected with them.

A registered member of BongaCams without tokens in balance and the VIP subscription

When you register on BC, you become a free user whose possibilities are limited. Without purchased tokens, you are able to:

  • interact with models and other users
  • join chats
  • use all promotions, discounts and bonuses to buy or get coins.

Being the free user remember that you may be kicked off chats by members who have statuses higher than yours. What’s also obvious, models like users who send tips ao without tokens in your balance you aren’t a valuable viewer for any performer.

BongaCams users with tokens in their balance who haven’t the VIP subscription

Based on an amount of tokens you spend, there are different membership levels of BongaCams. The more you spend, the higher in ranks you are.

First of all, having any tokens in balance means that you’re a premium user. Being a premium member is always better that have the account just registered and without any currency bought or got. With tokens in your balance, you can join private chats and send tips to broadcasters. It means that with tokens you can get and enjoy real pleasure connected with using BongaCams.

BC gold user as a first premium member other than VIP

When you purchase tokens, you become the gold user of BongaCams and a limit of this membership is about 600 USD.It gives unlimited access to streams and sending private messages to broadcasters. You can also enjoy private chats having tokens in your balance and send tips and virtual gifts. It will allow also to use a full-screen mode and CAM2CAM option.


A platinum user of BC and its features

It also has a limit. It's about 1,500 USD. The platinum user grab more attention of models because it means that they are able to spend more money than gold members. And the more you spend, the more interesting for broadcasters you are.

What’s more, being the platinum member you can send private messages to models even if they disable them, you can change fonts writing and near your nick there is a special icon to show that you have higher rank than the gold user.

Who is an unlimited user on BC?

Being the unlimited user, your spending limit is 10,000 USD. If you have this status, models for sure will like you more than users who have lower ranks.

It’s easy to recognize you because everybody can see that you’re the unlimited member of BongaCams.

Being a diamond user, you’re nearly on the top of BC members rank

An amount of a limit is 30K USD. On the website there are members who spend that cash on chats and other Bonga services.

Being the diamond member you get a lot of extras connected with personalizing your profile and fonts, options to help broadcasters being higher on a homepage and you can also get offers and discounts that aren’t available for users who are lower than you in ranks.

An exclusive status on BC that is a more expensive equivalent of the VIP user

If you spend more than 30K USD, you can become the exclusive member of BongaCams. Or you can do it cheaper and just purchase the VIP subscription that has almost the same options for less.

Being the exclusive user, you’re a king of everything on chats. You can kick out anybody and you’re a ruler. But it’s very hard to spend 30K USD on Bonga and then being the VIP is a good solution for people who want to have more power than other users without spending 30K USD.

what is bongacams vip

What chats are available on BongaCams and why it’s better to be VIP enjoying them?

When you’re the VIP, in most chats you are a king. There are diamond or exclusive users but it’s harder to find them than just purchasing the VIP subscription. It means that being the VIP gives you a position of a ruler of most chats - you have a lot of power and you can manage chats the way you want. So it means that it’s worth to be the VIP, it helps in any situation on BongaCams.

Where can you rule on Bonga? What types of chats are available on this platform?

  1. FREE CHAT - without a price per minute but often with a tip menu connected with determined activities. Entering this sort of a chat, you should tip model to allow them to earn cash from their performances
  2. SPY/VOYEUR CHAT - for 15 tokens/minute you can watch someone’s private chat but you have no influence on things you can see
  3. GROUP CHAT - with a price of 30 coins/minute for a specific quantity of users
  4. PRIVATE CHAT - when a viewer is a private room with a model (this type of show may be spied)
  5. FULL PRIVATE CHAT - it’s a private chat that can’t be spied by anybody
  6. VIP CHAT - special scheduled shows only for VIP users.

As you can see, it’s worth to be the VIP. It gives a lot of premium options without spending thousands on BongaCams (more you can read in a BongaCams Review). Everybody can see a difference between 30,000 USD and 25 USD. So if you want to be a ruler and save a lot of cash, you should subscribe the VIP account. It allows to make many great things.