On Chaturbate there are 2 types of registered users. The third mode is a guest without an account. To make a Chaturbate Registration, the guest needs only a while and an access to mailbox. Creating the account is easy and then you start as a basic member. But on the website there is also available an option to become premium:

  • BASIC USER - has basic features, can purchase coins and enjoy shows
  • PREMIUM USER (A SUPPORTER) - that pays a subscription and thanks to this they get some additional modes that aren’t available for basic members of a Chaturbate community.


Who is a supporter on Chaturbate?

The supporter is a premium user of Chaturbate who pays a monthly subscription. The supporter may be also a member of fan clubs if they want. For about 20 USD monthly, the supporter gets some additional features to use and also more attention from models.

Features of basic and premium Chaturbate users

What is difference between basic and premium users on Chaturbate? What can you get with the subscription?

Basic and supporter membership
Basic option
  • free chats
  • multiple cam view
  • full screen
Premium option
  • options the basic users has
  • ad-free interface
  • custom chat fonts
  • color options on chats
  • private messaging
  • 200 free tokens additionally

For sure using Chaturbate with premium is more interesting. Some users like using websites without any ads, for example. But let’s wonder if it’s worth 20 bucks a month…

chaturbate premium

An option connected with getting Chaturbate premium access

When you update your status to the Chaturbate supporter, it’s connected with getting 200 free tokens you can spend the way you want. This special Chaturbate Promotion for premium users is available only once for everybody.

But it’s nice to get some coins for free so it’s an advantage for Chaturbate that they share this option. FAPdistrict appreciates this. Whatever, Chaturbate offers quite a big amount of gratis currency to get.

What does it mean to have premium on Chaturbate in details?

Having premium means that you can use Chaturbate also with a clear interface and without any ads. And you’re more interesting for broadcasters.

Being the Chaturbate supporter means that you have cash and you spend it - and models like having premium users on their chats (they usually leave big tips). So if you like feel like someone who is famous, then premium is also for you.

Is it worth to be the Chaturbate supporter?

20 USD a month isn’t extremely high price. So if you want to feel a little more special, you should check to be the supporter on Chaturbate.

Of course, you can cancel this type of membership if you want. And a great option are for sure free Chaturbate tokens you can get being the supporter. Of course, it’s always only your decision but being premium has some interesting and useful pluses so many users appreciate it. But there is also a big group of users who prefer being in fan clubs.


Are Chaturbate fan clubs also a premium option?

A Chaturbate fan club is a paid subscription that is offered by models to their most dedicated fans. For a determined price per month, users get access to additional content of broadcasters and the same time they support them:

  1. FOR MEMBERS - there aren’t any limits for users. Each viewer can access as many fanclubs as they are able to pay.
  2. FOR BROADCASTERS - fan clubs may have different prices and models can invite their watchers to join the fan club.

The fan club may be called a type of premium membership because it’s connected with having an access to special options that aren’t available for members who don’t pay for being in fan clubs.

Fan club prices on Chaturbate

Fan clubs have different prices and they are set up by models who create them:

  • when user pays 5.99 USD a month, model gets 50 tokens per month
  • when user pays 6.99 USD a month, model gets 60 tokens per month
  • when user pays 7.99 USD a month, model gets 70 tokens per month
  • when user pays 8.99 USD a month, model gets 80 tokens per month
  • when user pays 9.99 USD a month, model gets 90 tokens per month
  • when user pays 10.99 USD a month, model gets 100 tokens per month
  • when user pays 15.99 USD a month, model gets 150 tokens per month
  • when user pays 20.99 USD a month, model gets 200 tokens per month
  • when user pays 25.99 USD a month, model gets 250 tokens per month
  • when user pays 30.99 USD a month, model gets 300 tokens per month.

Each earned token is 0.05 USD for the model so:

  • 50 tokens mean 2.5 USD earned
  • 60 tokens mean 3 USD earned
  • 70 tokens mean 3.5 USD earned
  • 80 tokens mean 4 USD earned
  • 90 tokens mean 4.5 USD earned
  • 100 tokens mean 5 USD earned
  • 150 tokens mean 7.5 USD earned
  • 200 tokens mean 10 USD earned
  • 250 tokens mean 12.5 USD earned
  • 300 tokens mean 15 USD earned.

what is chaturbate premium

What happens when the price of fan club changes?

Even if the price is changed, the user is rebilled with the cost they signed up. For instance, for value of for $5.99 a month, and then price increased to $10.99 a month, a recurring payment will still be $5.99.

But if the user cancels their subscription and later starts it again, then they must pay present price that is set up for the fan club.

Why the Chaturbate fan club may be also called the premium option?

The Chaturbate fan club may be called the premium option because it’s connected with getting extras. If you’re interested in all special features connected with the platform, more you can find out from a full Chaturbate Review.