Chaturbate private shows are performances that have price per minute or that require buying a ticket to join them. And what is the private show for models as performers? For broadcasters, private shows are a way to accumulate a lot of tokens during one show.

Private chats have different cost. Models can earn between 0.3 and 4.5 USD per minute. There are broadcasters who give more ticket and private chats and models who prefer broadcasting in public rooms and collect tips. And it’s great because on Chaturbate there are different types both of models and viewers. Thanks to this everyone can find something that matches them perfectly.

There are some things you must know about Chaturbate private performances because the question “What is a private show?” doesn’t explain all aspects of this type of performance.


What must you know about private chats on Chaturbate?

There are various sorts of shows available to join. You can watch solo, couple and group performances with models of different genres. Some of them include also activities with Chaturbate Toys that may be managed interactive or not. The very first option to determine them is checking them by their price. Then you can see that on Chaturbate there are available paid chats with cost like below:

  • 6 tokens per minute
  • 12 tokens per minute
  • 18 tokens per minute
  • 30 tokens per minute
  • 60 tokens per minute
  • 90 tokens per minute.

If the model allows for this, you can record private shows you watch and then keep them in MY COLLECTION bookmark you can see in your account. There you can find all chats you saved.

chaturbate private shows

Is it worth to pay for Chaturbate private performances?

You must have more Chaturbate Tokens to enjoy paid shows than in a situation when you join a public chat. So it’s automatically connected with spending more money. How much do tokens cost?

Chaturbate token prices
Package Price in USD
100 tokens 10.99
200 tokens 20.99
500 tokens 44.99
750 tokens 62.99
1,000 tokens 79.99
1,250 tokens 99.99
2025 tokens 159.99

For sure it’s worth to pay for Chaturbate private chats when you have enough money to spend it to have some pleasure. Models do their best to provide you high quality services. So if you like being in more intimate relation with a model and you’re able to pay for it, private shows are a great way to spend time on Chaturbate.

But Chaturbate may be used also in a cheaper way. Spending less tokens you can also have great fun on the site - also watching a private show. How to do it?


How to spy private shows on Chaturbate?

Spy chats are cheaper type of private shows. What does it mean? It means that if a model allows to spy their shows, you can be a voyeur on someone’s private chats. Cost is lower and your possibilities too. You can only watch and haven’t any influence on things you can see on your screen. But you’re also in a private room and it’s cheaper than normal.

If it’s available to spy private shows of other viewers, you can see this option clicking in a chat. Remember that sometimes models require specific amount of tokens in spy’s account balance to give them a possibility to watch their private chats.

How to buy tickets to Chaturbate private shows?

Ticket shows are group chats with determined amount of viewers, price per minute and a ticket to enter the room. Group chats are cheaper than private shows for just one viewer (and spies sometimes).

Only participants can see this type of a show. If a room with the private chat is protected with a password, each participant gets it when they pay for the ticket.

What are Chaturbate private chat recordings?

To record private shows, a model must have this option enabled. Saved chats are kept in MY COLLECTION. This collection is available from PC and mobile devices and it holds all recorded shows and other content you purchase.

Having the show recorded, you can come back to a clip anytime you want to watch it again.

chaturbate spy shows

How to manage Chaturbate paid performances?

Chaturbate Searching and Navigation of private chats is quite easy. You can search these shows by prices or invite the model you like to a private room.

Almost all performers give private shows but of course there are many broadcasters who make bigger cash in free rooms and they give more open shows. If the model is popular, they can earn more being watched by hundreds or thousands of viewers the same time than for example giving private show even with the highest price per minute if it isn’t spied by enough voyeurs able to pay for spy shows.

Every user of Chaturbate should watch a private chat at least once

If you hesitate if it’s worth to join any private chat, you can first try being a voyeur. But FAPdistrict knows that it’s worth to see a private show so everyone should see it at least once. It’s a great experience to be in one room with a model, especially when you not only spy but also may be a master of the chat. The more, if you can also save this show to watch it in the future.

If you’re interested in other details of Chaturbate, you can find them in a Chaturbate Review. It’s full of information and tips for all Chaturbate users.