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A review of prices in 2020 on Chaturbate as an introduction to offered discounts

Tokens are available to buy in packages. Chaturbate prices rather don’t change. What’s important, Chaturbate offers their users an option to purchase coins paying with cryptocurrency. Thanks to this, you can buy tokens in very comfortable way.

Cost of Chaturbate tokens
Package Price in USD Free bonus
100 tokens 10.99 -
200 tokens 20.99 5%
500 tokens 44.99 22%
750 tokens 62.99 32%
1,000 tokens 79.99 37%
1,250 tokens 99.99 38%
2025 tokens 159.99 40%

The more tokens you buy, the bigger this Chaturbate promotion is. It’s a main and real discount you can get on this platform.

chaturbate promotion

Prices of Chaturbate shows available on the website

On the website you can join a Free Chaturbate Show and then the only price you must pay is tipping a broadcaster. Thanks to this option, you can use Chaturbate for a very low money cost for you. A Chaturbate prices review of private show costs shows that these chats are available to choose according to price per minute - so you can join open chat and only tip models or choose the private option and they pay per minute like below:

  • 6 tokens/minute
  • 12 tokens/minute
  • 18 tokens/minute
  • 30 tokens/minute
  • 60 tokens/minute
  • 90 tokens/minute.

Chaturbate offers a great quantity of various performers and it’s only your decision if you want to spend more or less enjoying this website. Remember that there still aren’t all Chaturbate deals you can get there. Because there is also a promotion that tells something more about getting some completely free to spend coins.

All best options of deals on Chaturbate - how to save and get something for free?

If you use Chaturbate, you should know options of promotions and discounts you can get there. It may allow you to save some cash and still enjoy live shows. For sure you can conduct a Chaturbate Registration and enjoy only open chats without any price per minute but even then you should send some tokens to broadcasters. They give open performances to their viewers to collect some tips and this way earn cash to their salary. So if you want to take part in free chats, appreciate lack of cost per minute and leave some tokens as tips.

This way of using Chaturbate makes having fun quite cheap. But it still isn’t everything you can do to save some cash on Chaturbate.


Free to get tokens and purchase discounts in practice

First of all you must understand that even if any streaming platform has discounts and promotions, a quantity of free coins you can get is always limited. You can’t get as many gratis currency as you want. And then a possibility to get something with lower price is great and you should know what is offered to users.

40% promotion for purchasing tokens mean that you get a big deal

40% bonus means that almost a half of tokens may be got for free. If you purchase coins in bigger packages, you can save a lot. This promotion is available for everybody who has a Chaturbate Spending Limit increased. What does it mean?

If your Chaturbate account is new, you may have some limits of purchase. Then you can buy only smaller packages of coins - or you can confirm your membership by sending documents and this way make your limits of purchasing currency higher. Filling a form of increasing limits is also connected with getting 200 Chaturbate Tokens for free, you may spend the way you want. So it’s a double good situation for you as an user.

You can get free tokens also for buying premium subscription

Another 200 Free Chaturbate tokens may be yours if you buy a premium subscription. Its price is 19.95 USD and this membership is renewed every month. Being the Chaturbate Premium member you get some extras that aren’t available for basic Chaturbate users:

    • free cam chat
    • multiple cam view
    • full screen
    • all options available for basic users
    • additional features such as:
      • ad-free interface
      • custom chat fonts and colors
      • private messaging
      • 200 free tokens.

chaturbate promotions

Above Chaturbate promotions are the only deals you can get on the website

Beware of scams and empty promises from generators. In the web you can find a lot of Chaturbate promotions that tell you can get unlimited tokens for free. It isn’t truth and you must understand that only Chaturbate discounts are official ones. FAPdistrict is honest with you because we have the best Chaturbate review on our website. So we’re telling you now that hack ways, generators, adders and whatever these methods are called they don’t work. They just waste your time you might spend on Chaturbate, enjoying chats with hot broadcasters.

You can get up to 400 free Chaturbate tokens and nearly 40% of discounts for each your coin purchase

None generator can work to give you free tokens but you of course use the Chaturbate discount that share some gratis coins. On the website they aren’t unlimited but they may be yours and may work for real.

200 free tokens means saving about 20 USD, 400 coins are almost 40 USD you can still have in your pocket and the best thing on Chaturbate we think that are discounts connected with regular token purchases. 40% free coins may mean that nearly a half of tokens you buy are free for you! So even if hacking currency isn’t possible, on Chaturbate you can save a lot in your regular use and thanks to this enjoying more for less.