Registration on Chaturbate is free and optional but only having an account there you can get an access to all features available for users. Only with a membership you can take an advantage of special deals or purchase Chaturbate Tokens and enjoy shows with determined prices (per minute or per ticket).

What’s more, on the website everybody must respect Chaturbate Rules because they were made to make using the website enjoyable to everyone:

  • harassing, hate or racing speech is forbidden
  • being under alcohol or drugs is prohibited
  • sharing personal details of others is banned.

If you don’t respect principles of the website, your account may get banned and then you must contact with a support to explain a situation.


An importance of Chaturbate age verification

When your account is registered, the next step is usually connected with verification. It’s important for models (without being verified they can’t perform) and many viewers also do it because it’s connected with Chaturbate Promotion and free tokens.

For verification viewers get 200 gratis coins to spend and a spending limit increased. Higher limit means more transactions in a certain period of time available. It’s important mainly for users who spend a lot of time on Chaturbate and who need big amounts of tokens.

To verify yourself, you need to scan your ID
Your ID must include some specific personal details of you Name
Date of Birth
Expiration Date
Issued Date
Photo ID
(Required where Available)

You need both sides of your ID scanned and also an additional photo of you holding your ID in your hand. It concerns each verification, there rules for models and viewers are the same.

If a quality of photo you uploaded is low, a procedure can be rejected and then you must upload pics again. To make sure that your pic is made properly, you must take into your consideration that:

  • pics can't be blurred
  • pics can't be too small (smallest lettering of ID must be legible)
  • pics can't be covered with your fingers or cut off
  • pics can't be mirrored, rotated or with low contrast.

chaturbate register

Free Chaturbate vs Chaturbate premium

Free Chaturbate means that you can access some features of the website without paying for them. Then you’re a basic member that has their account registered, you can purchase coins and join chats that require price per minute or a ticket. Chaturbate Premium means paying for a premium subscription that is connected with some additional options.

What’s important, when you purchase premium for the first time, you get 200 extra tokens to spend the way you want. It means that on Chaturbate there are 400 free coins in overall to get and big discounts (up to 40%).

For sure, it’s better to have premium because it allows users to make relationships with models more intimate. Gold users are also more interesting for performers because premium members usually spend more cash o chats.

A type of premium is also joining a fan club of a model. Members of the fan club are a small community that gets extras from broadcasters that are subscribed by them. And important is a fact that each viewer can join as many fan clubs as they want, there aren’t any limits of this activity.

A short write-up of Chaturbate

A Chaturbate Review tells everything about this website with all its features important for users. The platform shares a lot of options appreciated by users and it allows also to get up to 400 Chaturbate free tokens to spend. The more coins you buy once, the bigger your discount may be (and the highest one is 40%).

On Chaturbate there are solo, couple and groups shows of all types of performers. It means that you can find female, male and trans broadcasters. They offer various sorts of shows, also chats that are completely free to join. Having fun on these open chats you don’t have to pay any price per minute so you can watch them even if you don’t have any Chaturbate tokens in your account. But for everyone who wants to enjoy free chat there is an advice - they should leave a tip in the room. It shows that Chaturbate is available to use for free but every viewer who appreciate models and their work know that they should leave tips. So if you want to use Chaturbate in its cheapest mode but you also want to be fair, just purchase some coins from time to time and leave tips.

chaturbate registration

Is it possible to earn on Chaturbate if many shows are free to join?

If somebody is a Chaturbate Broadcaster, they have a lot of options to earn cash. But some of models give free shows and it may seem that they aren’t a way to earn anything. It’s a wrong attitude. Open chats are great to collect a lot of tokens, especially when they have tip goals determined or if performers use tip-controlled interactive toys. Viewers love chats with goals and toys and they leave a lot of tokens there. A rule is that everyone should leave something if they have fun from a sho but unfortunately not everyone does it. Happily on Chaturbate there are a lot of users who know that tips are very important for models if a show is free to join.