What is a role of tokens on Chaturbate? In this article you’ll find all information about Chaturbate currency that is a base of services on this platform. Why does it work this way? Because coins are important for everybody who use this website - and it doesn’t mean if you just watch or also broadcast yourself.

Chaturbate tokens are important and that’s a fact. So let’s familiarize with all aspects of this currency.


What are Chaturbate coins called tokens?

A token is an online form of currency. Used to pay and earn, it’s the most important part of getting and giving entertainment on Chaturbate. Viewers pay with tokens for shows and other services, broadcasters use these coins to earn.

Of course, a role and value of the tokens are different for viewers and broadcasters. There are also some general rules connected with this currency. Want to know them? It may help you to use Chaturbate and all its modes.

chaturbate tokens

Currency for Chaturbate viewers

Tokens are available to buy in special packages. The bigger a pack is, the higher included discount it has. Viewers need coins to send tips and pay for Chaturbate Private Shows that have price per minute determined.

Cost of Chaturbate tokens
Package Price in USD Free bonus
100 tokens 10.99 -
200 tokens 20.99 5%
500 tokens 44.99 22%
750 tokens 62.99 32%
1,000 tokens 79.99 37%
1,250 tokens 99.99 38%
2025 tokens 159.99 40%

Prices of private shows look like below ones:

  • 6 tokens/minute
  • 12 tokens/minute
  • 18 tokens/minute
  • 30 tokens/minute
  • 60 tokens/minute
  • 90 tokens/minute.

To pay for purchased packages, users have some various methods to choose:

  • Credit Card (Visa/Mastercard/Discover)
  • Paysafecard
  • Epoch (Credit Card/PaySafeCard)
  • Wire Transfer
  • Cryptocurrency
  • other methods for specific locations.

Limits connected with Chaturbate currency

Accounts on Chaturbate may be limited, especially if you have set up your account recently. You can respect it or increase your Chaturbate Spending Limit to make bigger purchases.

To raise your limit, you must confirm your identity with documents. For this action you get 200 free Chaturbate tokens to spend the way you want so it’s worth to share your details with site’s developers. You get double advantages - you can start purchasing bigger token packages (that have higher discounts included) and as a bonus you get some gratis coins.


Other promotions connected with getting Chaturbate tokens without paying

To use any special deal, you must conduct your Chaturbate Registration and create an account. The very first Chaturbate Promotion is getting free coins for increase the spending limit. Another package of free currency is available when you purchase a subscription. And of course there is a discount when may be even 40% if you buy bigger packs of coins.

Tokens for Chaturbate broadcasters

1 earned token has always the same value for a Chaturbate Broadcaster. They earn giving private shows with price per minute, based on viewers’ generosity (online and offline tips) and having their fan clubs with subscription.

Because of this it’s advised to always leave a tip when you enjoy any show, even if it’s free to join for everybody because then models earn only on tips.

How the token is exchanged into cash on Chaturbate?

A Chaturbate Token Calculator for models is always the same. Each earned coin is 0.05 USD. 20 tokens means 1 USD of profit. For example:

  • 20 tokens is $1
  • 100 tokens is $5
  • 500 tokens is $25
  • 1,000 tokens is $50
  • 10,000 tokens is $500.

For private shows models can earn from 0.3 USD to 4.5 USD per minute, the rest is for Chaturbate website.

How much performers can earn on Chaturbate? on the website there are very popular models who earn thousands of dollars every month. So if the model works hard, they can earn a lot. But it needs time and giving shows, it’s hard to earn a lot being offline.

what is chaturbate tokens

A short review of tokens used on Chaturbate

First of all, we must write something about Chaturbate Safety because purchasing and earning coins and even just using the platform you share your personal details. Is it safe to have an account on Chaturbate and manage tokens? Fortunately, it is. On the website you can turn on additional safety modes and this way make your account more protected. More details of this matter is included in a description of protective measures.

What’s next, sometimes you can see that Chaturbate Username Colors on chats are different. Various types of users have other colors determined for their usernames:

  1. ORANGE USERNAMES are Broadcasters
  2. RED USERNAMES are chat Moderators
  3. LIGHT BLUE USERNAMES own or have purchased coins
  4. DARK BLUE USERNAMES have tipped at least 50 tokens in the past 2 weeks
  5. LIGHT PURPLE USERNAMES have tipped at least 250 tokens in the past 2 weeks
  6. DARK PURPLE USERNAMES have tipped at least 1,000 tokens in the past 2 weeks
  7. GREEN USERNAMES are fan club members
  8. GREY USERNAMES have no tokens in their balance.

Other important details connected with using Chaturbate you can face on chats are available in a full Chaturbate Review. It explains all things you can face using this platform so let’s go back to tokens.

Chaturbate coins are very important part of the site. It’s almost impossible to use the platform without spending any coins (of course if you want to be fair and leave some coins every time you visit any room that gives you entertainment). You can save buying them and save also enjoying Chaturbate. But remember that it should be obvious for you to give tokens to models. This way both sites will be happy.