Sex toys are used during Chaturbate Private Shows and free chats. Each Chaturbate Broadcaster has many various options to use and earn on this type of shows. But there are also viewers. What does it mean for them to have a possibility to enjoy chats with dildos or interactive machines?

At present, there are many various sorts of sex toys available. They may be interactive, vibrating, has various shapes and sizes but all of them were made to give pleasure. On Chaturbate often this pleasure is managed with tips but models also get excited with vibrations or moves of sex accessories. During sexual performances it’s important to please not only a performer but also viewers. Mainly because viewers pay for things they watch. But present toys give real pleasure also performers - when models get toy's vibrations, they don't only to act like being excited. Believe, having vibra toys in your hole, you can’t stay untouched when they work.


What erotic accessories are allowed to use on Chaturbate?

On Chaturbate overly big toys and animal-shaped accessories are forbidden. Also machines that produce an electric shock are prohibited. What's more, only objects dedicated to be sexual toys and described by producers as them may be use. So models can't use cucumbers or other items from everyday life to please themselves. But tail butt plugs may be used on the contrary to sex toys shaped like real-life animal sex organs.

Some of toys are tip-controlled. Then the higher a tip is, the harder the toy vibrates.

Sex toy types available during chats on Chaturbate

There are some different sorts of erotic toys available on Chaturbate. During chats you can enjoy:

  • DILDOS - made of various materials, from glass to jelly, with different sizes and shapes (also as parts of bigger fuck machines that work automatically)
  • LOVENSE - mainy Lush sex toys that are managed with tips
  • VIBRATORS - also many types, it’s even hard to describe all of them
  • BUTT PLUGS - with tails and without them, of different sizes
  • OHMIBOD - another interactive vibrator that may be controlled by tips.

Interactive toys may have menus with amounts you need to start determined vibrations (based on its length or intensity). Models can use toys in different ways - also combine 2 or even 3 of them together).

chaturbate play toys

Why Chaturbate chats with sex toys are attractive for viewers?

Chats with erotic accessories are very attractive for viewers because they are interesting and watchers can have a control on things that happen.

Models give these shows very often because they can collect a lot of tokens when toys are tip-based. Prices of making gadgets vibrating are different and everything depends on model’s preferences. Some shows are based only on tips (when they are free to join) so it’s advised to send tips.

Other things that are important on Chaturbate

People who use the website have various roles and because of them their nicknames are described with different Chaturbate Username Colors.

Chaturbate chat colors of names
ORANGE broadcasters
RED moderators
LIGHT BLUE users who own or have purchased tokens
DARK BLUE users who have tipped at least 50 tokens in the past 2 weeks
LIGHT PURPLE users who have tipped at least 250 tokens in the past 2 weeks
DARK PURPLE users who have tipped at least 1,000 tokens in the past 2 weeks
GREEN fan club members
GREY users who have no tokens in their balance

It’s great to watch shows with sex toys but they must be managed to keep everything in order. Who does it?


What is a mod on Chaturbate?

Chaturbate moderators are users who work as helpers of broadcasters. The moderator can communicate with the model, manage technical aspects on chats and encourage viewers to leave tips. Mods are chosen by performers. They work to keep order on chats and have a power to block users who are offensive or rude. Chaturbate is a place of good joy and entertainment so people must respect each other.

What are duties of Chaturbate moderators?

The moderator can mute users on chats for 6 hours. It should be done every time when a viewer interrupts others and the model that gives the show. The mod must read all messages that are written and then they:

  • may silence users for 6 hours
  • must encourage users to tip
  • inform viewers about a goal of the broadcaster
  • answer for repetitive questions.

It helps performers just give shows and please viewers. Being the moderator is a very reliable role and the mod may be chose only for 1 time or even a period of 6 months. It depends on model’s choice.

chaturbate toys

What chat sorts are available on Chaturbate?

You can see shows with Chaturbate sex toys on all chat types:

  • FREE CHATS - when the model earns only collecting tips (and some gadgets are just tip-paid)
  • GROUP CHATS - that have price per minute and determined quantity of viewers (then you must pay for each minute in a room and additionally tip)
  • SPY SHOWS - when you can only watch and do nothing
  • PRIVATE CHATS - when model give the show based on dreams just of 1 viewer - and this type of show may also be interactive.

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