Being on Chaturbate, it’s easy to check who is who on this website. Nicknames of different users have various colors that tell about roles these members have on chats and the site.

Chaturbate username colors
ORANGE broadcasters
RED moderators
LIGHT BLUE users who own or have purchased tokens
DARK BLUE users who have tipped at least 50 tokens in the past 2 weeks
LIGHT PURPLE users who have tipped at least 250 tokens in the past 2 weeks
DARK PURPLE users who have tipped at least 1,000 tokens in the past 2 weeks
GREEN fan club members
GREY users who have no tokens in their balance

All users must respect Chaturbate Rules. They were made as rights that concern each viewer and broadcaster:

  • using the site, everyone must be sober
  • nobody can be offensive or harass other users
  • it’s forbidden to share personal details of viewers and broadcasters even if you know them
  • the only payment method on the site are Chaturbate tokens
  • nobody can claim that they are moderators or Chaturbate workers
  • models and viewers must be 18 years old or older
  • it’s forbidden to perform in public places because of a possibility to see other people on a cam
  • only verified broadcasters are able to broadcast.

Respecting rules makes using Chaturbate more entertaining and free from issues and misuses. Chaturbate is a place of good time so everybody should be polite and in a good mood when they are online on the site.


All types of Chaturbate users you can meet on this site

On Chaturbate there are various sorts of users. They have different roles and being on the site you can meet all of them:

  • BROADCASTERS - verified Chaturbate models who give shows. Without them Chaturbate wouldn’t have any sense because the site bases on interactions between broadcasters and their viewers
  • MODERATORS - boradcasters’ helpers who care about order in performers’ chat rooms. They can block viewers who don’t behave in the right way
  • FAN CLUB MEMBERS - subscribers of fan clubs models can create and share with their dedicated followers
  • GUESTS - viewers without an account registered
  • BASIC MEMBERS - registered users who can buy tokens and spend them
  • SUPPORTER (PREMIUM MEMBER) - users who pay for a premium monthly subscription and have some extras because of this fact.

Colors can describe also users divided them based on tips they send. As you probably know, high tippers are appreciated by models more than users who spend less on chats.

Why various users have different benefits?

It’s obvious that various users have different benefits on Chaturbate. Having premium you can do more than being a basic member. The same situation is connected with Chaturbate Tokens - with coins you can have more options than having nothing in your account balance.

The most privileged member of Chaturbate is somebody with the premium subscription and who has additionally a fan club subscribed. Then they are real kings of chat rooms. And even if this user is also the moderator, then they have huge power and can do a lot on chat. But it’s a combined option. Possible but most users are normal viewers with tokens. They also can do interesting things, especially when they buy bigger packages of currency and spend it on the site.

The worst option is to be only the guest. Happily, to set up an account on Chaturbate, you need nothing. Creating the membership is easy, fast and free and with the account you can see and check more (and of course, purchase tokens).

Chaturbate username colors

Choose, who you want to be on Chaturbate

You have a choice - you can choose who you want to be on Chaturbate. You can give shows or just watch them. You can use Chaturbate Toys or control them with your tips. You can support a specific model or see somebody different every time you visit the site. It’s only your decision but each of them is good it you respect Chaturbate rules and have fun the same time.

Chaturbate shares a lot of different options with its users and allows models to earn a lot. It causes that it’s great to use this website. If you’re interested in other features you can face on the site, just check them in a Chaturbate Review that describes everything you should know about this streaming platform. There are still many options that you may not know!

The more that Chaturbate may be used by everybody in more expensive and cheaper way. It depends on you and things you want to get on the site. Remember that the more you demand, the more expensive it is. Chaturbate is free to join and have many gratis options but the best entertainment is connected with spending tokens there. Fortunately coins are available in various packages and their prices may also be different - the more you buy, the smaller their price is. But Chaturbate offers not only good prices but also other extras (free Chaturbate tokens too). How much bonus tokens can you get on this platform? There are up to 400 free coins that may be got on Chaturbate by users. How to do it?

If you have other questions and you want to find out more about Chaturbate, FAPdistrict encourages you to check the review that contains all most important details. It’s updated regularly so you can find all pieces of information there. But if it still doesn’t answer all your questions, on a blog there are articles about all the most often asked questions and a guide how to become a broadcaster on Chaturbate.