LiveJasmin Awards contest is a special Awards Game for most appreciated models. But this contest is important also for viewers, especially if they spend a lot of credits because then they have more options connected with voting. In this article we’re going to introduce it to watchers and models.

Each Awards competition on LiveJasmin lasts 7 days and it's connected with big money prizes. Let's find out how to vote and how to take part in this game! Or if you're interested in other details connected with this streaming site, just read a LiveJasmin Review and decide if you like things this site offers.


How to take part in Awards on LiveJasmin?

You can take part In Livejasmin Awards as a broadcaster and as a viewer. What is connected with each type of membership and this contest?

How to vote in LiveJasmin Awards being a viewer?

Every viewer can vote in Awards for their favourite performer. You can do it 2 methods:

  1. via Awards listpage
  2. via Broadcaster's live stream clicking on an icon of a trophy.

You can vote once a day per model by giving points to your favourite performer. How many of them can you give to a broadcaster?

  1. 1 POINT - if you didn't buy and LiveJasmin Credits last month
  2. 100 POINTS - if you bought LJ coins last month
  3. 300 POINTS - after spending with a model at least 5 minutes in their private chat.

livejasmin awards

How to take part in Awards being a model on LJ?

Each registered LiveJasmin Broadcaster can take part in Awards after filling some requirements connected with this contest. A model:

  1. must activate LiveJasmin Selection
  2. can't vote for themselves.

What is LiveJasmin Selection? What are benefit of having it?

  1. it’s activating a special badge that allows to take part in LiveJasmin Awards
  2. it shares a special landing page that makes profile more attractive and spotted first by viewers
  3. it allows to appear in LiveJasmin promotional materials and adverts to get more traffic
  4. it allows to be on a top of models’ list
  5. it attracts more traffic into profile and channel.
Offer based on regulations of the website!

Awards requirements for models on LiveJasmin

Being a viewer and voting is easier than taking part in Awards as a broadcaster. Performers must fill some special requirements or they may be blocked and throw away from the contest.

Each model must respect glamour behaviour rules to be able to take part in the contest. What does it mean? Models must:

  • expose their beauty in camera to attract as many viewers as it's possible
  • use charm
  • have sexy clothes and lingerie
  • make sure that their Glamorous Awards landing page meets all the requirements.

It’s allowed to ask for votes but models can’t do it all the time. To make the whole contest fair, everything is checked by admins regularly.

How Awards points are got and counted in the LiveJasmin content?

Points in Awards are counted based on things made by users of LiveJasmin and a system that calculating some things based for example on time spending on the platform by viewers and models. Very important is also a rank (level) of membership users have - the higher they are, the more points they can give.

Points to give based on LiveJasmin member ranking
No mask 200 (300 in total)
Crush 300 (400 in total)
Lover 400 (500 in total)
Sweetheart 500 (600 in total)
Lancelot 600 (700 in total)
Romeo 700 (800 in total)
Casanova 900 (1000 in total)

An amount of points models collect from all their voters has then an influence on ranking them in Awards contest.

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How much are money rewards in LiveJasmin Awards?

100 models are rewarded every week in LiveJasmin Awards. How much do broadcasters get?

  • the 1st place: 1,000 USD
  • the 2nd place: 500 USD
  • the 3rd place: 200 USD
  • the 4th - 9th places: 150 USD
  • the 10th - 19th places: 120 USD
  • the 20th - 29th places: 100 USD
  • the 30th - 39th places: 90 USD
  • the 40th - 49th places: 80 USD
  • the 50th - 59th places: 70 USD
  • the 60th - 69th places: 60 USD
  • the 70th - 79th places: 50 USD
  • the 80th - 89th places: 40 USD
  • the 90th - 100th places: 30 USD.

Is it worth to take part and vote in LiveJasmin Awards?

Imagine you’re a broadcaster. It’s always nice to get something extra for free, then you can earn more. And if you think like this, LJ Awards are a good solution for you. First 100 models get money rewards and even getting extra 30 USD is nice. It’s an additional cash and for sure it’s great to feel attractive for fans.

When you’re a viewer, you may be a fan of a model and then it’s worth to be a supporter of them. Especially if you’re a member of a fanclub because then you can use more points to vote.

It shows that LiveJasmin Awards contest has a meaning. It may be important both for performers and watchers. If you have a chance, you can join it from any site you can - for voting or for being a model. On FAPdistrict we encourage both viewers and performers to take part in this contest because competing each other is a great feeling. The greater when you can get something extra - a money prize or additional content from a model.