First of all, LiveJasmin is connected with a promotion of LiveJasmin Elite Points you can collect being a part of the Club Elite. We won’t describe it in details here again, if you’re interested in this matter, click the button below and read more about this offer.


Many of you may be interested if there is any LiveJasmin promotion for users. Let us explain everything for you because we know all extras you can get on this platform. It concerns free options and specials you can get additionally if you’re an user of this website.

What does it mean to have discount on LiveJasmin?

On Livejasmin there are some special offers you can use as a member with a registered account. They allow you to save some cash, get something without paying and have great time with broadcasters you like the most. The only real promotions connected with this live streaming platform are things you can get on the website officially. There aren’t any cheat methods so don’t search them because it’s only waste of time. Unlimited credits are ridiculous ideas that isn’t possible. If you want to spend some time enjoying shows, you must be able to pay something. There are both private and Free Chats you can access but only when you pay for your pleasure, you can get more interesting options.

First of all, better prices of coins are available for people who have higher levels in LiveJasmin ranks. It means that the more you spend, the more you can get in return.

There is also another option that appears from time to time. It's available regularly but not all the time. It's a lottery called a Luckywheel. It allows to win discounts for LiveJasmin Credits and other additional options you can use on LiveJasmin. With the wheel you can get up to 90% of rebates of prices or even some free coins (if you're lucky, sometimes the wheel offers 100% discount).

livejasmin promotions

Options connected with prices and live shows

To save some cash, you can purchase bigger packages of credits to get some extra coins or just try to enjoy cheaper chats. There are different ranges of costs per minute you must pay for private shows - and cheaper chats don’t have to be worse than performances with exclusive prices.

Prices on LiveJasmin
Price ranges of shows
(cost in credits per minute)
0.01 - 0.98
0.98 - 1.99
1.99 - 2.99
2.99 - 3.99
3.99 - 4.99
4.99 - 9.99
Price ranges of credits 17.99 credits - 21.99 EUR
27.99 credits - 31.99 EUR
67.99 credits - 73.99 EUR
97.99 credits - 104.99 EUR
157.99 credits - 166.99 EUR
no bonus
with 1.99 free credits
with 5.99 free credits
with 7.99 free credits
with 9.99 free credits

Free credit options will be described more detailed soon, now you can check how many free coins you can get when you purchase currency. It means that every time you ca get something additional and thanks to this get a few minutes of a show without paying.

What to do to get free to spend credits on LiveJasmin?

There are 2 main ways to get gratis coins you can spend the way you want:

  • you can get free coins during your first currency purchase
  • you can choose packages of credits that include gratis coins.

And again you can see that getting specials is connected with spending cash. If you spend credits on LiveJasmin, you can get something for free or collect some points to get personalized discounts. Some offers are fluent on the platform, but additional or personalized packages are available all the time. You can see them when you click an option to buy more coins.

livejasmin promotion

Promotions on LiveJasmin are fluent and they change from time to time

If you click in promotions bookmark on LiveJasmin, you can see all actual offers. Some of them are fluent (Luckywheel, daily challenges or double modes). Better prices and addings during purchase packages are great and everybody is pleased when they get these options but the best promotions mean things you can access as actual LiveJasmin promotions.

To sum up everything once again:

  • free credits are available when:
    • you purchase currency for the first time
    • when you buy determined packages of credits
  • LiveJasmin discount connected with prices is personalized for you when you rank in the Club Elite and have enough elite points to get promotions
  • extras like double coins, Luckywheel, etc.

Is it worth to have an account on LiveJasmin?

LiveJasmin is worth each credit you will spend there. It offers top quality live adult entertainment with various types of streamers. You can find there broadcasters from around the World that give show with different sexual activities. The next positive thing is of course having an option to enjoy some extra points of the website like additional credits or chances to win something with the Luckywheel.

If you’re interested in more details, you can anytime read a full LiveJasmin Review of this site with all its details and things it offers to users.


It’s advised to have the account registered there because being a free visitor is very limited and you can’t take an advantage of many options that are normal for registered members. And it doesn’t concern only promotions, discounts and specials connected with prices.

At present, live streaming platforms are very popular and if you look for exclusive content and quality that is extremely high, LiveJasmin may be an option for you. Services may seem to be quite expensive but purchasing coins, you can almost every time get some gratis currency and this way save a little.