Stripchat cares about security of its users. Protecting them is a priority for site's developers. Because of this there are available modes to secure your account and billing details too. The platform meets all international standards that tell about user's protection.

Also billing providers follow secure standards that are required in all online payments. And payment methods and their safety are important both for viewers who purchase tokens and for broadcasters who earn coins.


Safety measures used on Stripchat

Stripchat is characterized by a high level of security. It causes that the website is popular among viewers and models because they feel safe using it. It’s important because users share some their personal details, also fragile ones with a system of the website. If there are any holes then their details may be in danger. Fortunately, on Stripchat everything is protected and you can also set up additionally safety protection levels.

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Two-factor authentication to make your safer on Stripchat

You can protect an account on Stripchat additionally using 2FA system that requires more complicated verification to log into a website. When a script on Stripchat detects a login attempt that seems to be suspicious then an user must verify yourself with a code generated with an app. It means that somebody without the app connected with your account and device won't be able to break into your account.

How to set up 2FA? You must download the app and configure it, following instructions you can see. You can do it with PC and smartphone:

  1. On Android and iOS, a code must be entered manually so select a "Manual entry" option. Then you'll see a new tab and an ask to paste an account and a key there. A field of the account isn't required so you can ignore it. To get the key, go back to Stripchat’s window and copy the long letters and numbers string next to the QR-code and paste it on the key field in the app. The last step is connected with getting a 6-digit code to enter it in the input text box at the bottom of Stripchat’s page and after hit “Enable Auth”.
  2. For PC computers, you must enter a code in the input text box at the bottom of Stripchat’s page and after hit “Enable Auth” after scanning the code i the app.

Remember that the app with the Google Authenticator works on only the device where it was downloaded. What's more, if you introduce an incorrect code more than 10 times, your account will get blocked for 30 minutes.


Be safe as a Stripchat viewer

Your payments details are under a billing protection when you purchase Stripchat Tokens, so you can feel free to buy currency. You can use various payment methods to do it.

Billing information is always discreet. Be aware that sometimes it takes a while to see purchased coins in your account balance (and charge details may be visible on your card/account even after 3 days from your purchase). Sometimes a system is busy, many viewers want to buy tokens the same time so sometimes you must wait a little longer but it’s normal. It's enough to be patient then.

How to be safe additionally being a broadcaster?

There are some supplementary protection ways when you’re a Stripchat Broadcaster:

  • DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) to protect your copyrighted content under the law and with the DMCA protection badge on your profile
  • CHARGEBACK PROTECTION - your salary can’t be charged back.

Of course, for fraudulent activities, suspicious actions and serious user complains, viewers can get their money back. And then this amount is taken also from your salary.

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Protection measures Stripchat summing-up

Stripchat cares about safety of its users. Thanks to this, people want to register on this platform and use it. There are millions of tokens spent there every day. You can also become a part of this community and have great time there.

Stripchat has of course many interesting features and you can know them better reading a full Stripchat Review you can find on FAPdistrict. It will allow you to understand how to use this platform.

Some Stripchat modes you can access
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How much can you spend on Stripchat? As much as you have for sure. There are many options, very attractive broadcasters and additional content to buy. There are also options available for free and it’s also great.

First of all, you must have an account registered. Guest user is very limited on Stripchat and they even can’t check all options that are offered to registered users. You can only purchase tokens and there is also a premium option of membership that is connected with additional features. A member with a premium subscription gets also personalised discounts for tokens. To find out more, just read the review. There you can find everything, not only an answer for a question if Stripchat is safe to use or not. Protection measures are very important of course but on camming sites pleasure is the most important things that is searched by users.