A Stripchat contest for models is an additional chance for broadcasters to earn additional cash. Who are Top Models? What a performer can do to be one of the best models on Stripchat? Is it connected with getting any additional cash?

First of all, the contest on the platform is divided into girls, boys and trans models. It means that there are 3 main categories and all of them are available both in a 3-hour contest and a monthly competition.


A contest for Stripchat models

A competition for models bases on Stripchat Tokens and StripPoints. StripPoints are counted based on tokens earned but it concerns only currency a model gets during their shows (offline tips and tokens earned because of selling pics and clips aren’t counted into StripPoints).

StripPoints are counted every 3 hours. From 1 a.m. in Sundays to 1 a.m. in Mondays there is also a boost that doubles earned points so it's worth to give shows then.

Rules of 3-hour contest for Top Models

The 3-hour content takes place 8 times a day and it's a chance to collect some StripPoints and earn additional cash. What are rules for broadcasters?

  • 1,000 models with the highest token income get StripPoints every 3 hours and these points are counted additionally to be summed up in a monthly competition too
  • giving shows during the boost time double points
  • top 5 winners get also a small cash reward additionally to points.
3-hour contest StripPoints
Place taken A Strippoints reward (plus a cash prize for first 5 places)
1 1,000 StripchatPoints and the reward of $20
2 900 SP and the reward of $10
3 800 SP and $5
4 750 SP and $5
5 700 SP and $5
6 650 SP
7 600 SP
8 550 SP
9 500 SP
10 450 SP
11-15 400 SP
16-20 350 SP
21-30 300 SP
31-40 250 SP
41-50 200 SP
51-75 180 SP
76-100 160 SP
101-150 140 SP
151-200 120 SP
201-250 100 SP
251-300 90 SP
301-350 80 SP
351-400 70 SP
401-500 60 SP
501-600 50 SP
601-700 40 SP
701-800 30 SP
801-900 20 SP
901-1,000 10 SP

Of course, more important is the contest that lasts the entire month. Mostly because of a fact that its rewards are higher.

stripchat top models

Stripchat Top Models of the month

The monthly competition is based on StripPoints collected during the whole montth. It bases strictly on 3-hour contests. It's divided into girls, boys and trans:

  • the contest rewards 100 female Top Models and 20 broadcasters of both men and trans performers
  • if models have the same quantity of points collected, then a winner is a model who broadcasted longer.
Rewards for female Top Models
Place Money prize
1 $1,000
2 $500
3 $250
4-10 $100
11-20 $75
21-40 $50
41-60 $40
61-80 $30
81-100 $20

Male and trans performers get rewards the same way:

  • the 1st place is $1,000 both for both boys and trans models
  • the 2nd place is $500 both for both boys and trans models
  • the 3rd place is $250 both for both boys and trans models
  • the 4th-5th places are $100 both for both boys and trans models
  • the 6th-10th places are $50 both for both boys and trans models
  • the 11th-20th places are $25 both for both boys and trans models.

stripchat hall of fame

Stripchat Top Models from the Hall of Fame

On Stripchat you can see Top Models of last 24 hours, performers rewarded in monthly contests and the overall Hall of Fame with Top Models of all time.

All time Stripchat Top Models are ranked based on all rewards and medals they got based on their activity on Stripchat. The Hall of Fame changes regularly because there are still new and new contests made. In a gallery there are available 40 the best models and their achievements.

The Hall of Fame is available of course for women, men and trans models.

How to register as a broadcaster on Stripchat?

To register as a Stripchat Broadcaster, you must be an adult person. In a process of registration you share details of of yourself and your ID so it’s impossible to hide anything (because your account may be always blocked or suspended). You must also respect all rules that are made for models because then your account may be also blocked.

If you’re interested in becoming the performer remember that effective performing is connected with giving regular shows and caring about your viewers. It helps to build a community of real fans who love you and who may be able to access your Stripchat Fan Club and pay a monthly subscription. But then you must share some extras with your subscribers to make them feel that they get something special for their money. It may be for example allowing your subscribers to spy your private shows for free. Depending on plans connected with subscribing fan clubs, you can get from $5 to $25 per a subscriber monthly.


On Stripchat models have many options to earn additional cash

Fan clubs and winning rewards aren’t only ways to earn on Stripchat. Broadcasters may also sell some additional things like clips or pics. Remember that offline tips and money earned on selling isn’t counted and transferred into StripPoints. They are counted only based on your online activity. Fortunately on Stripchat you can broadcast with different devices, even using iOS and Android appliances.

Stripchat has many various options and modes and they are available for viewers and broadcasters. Thanks to this, both these user groups may enjoy the website. It encourages viewers to spend tokens and it allows performers to earn more. If you’re interested in checking also other features connected with Stripchat, you can read a full Stripchat Review and it will help you to understand everything that this platform offers watchers and performers.