Being in the Club Elite of LiveJasmin you take part in collecting points in a loyalty program with special advantages for members. The higher rank you have, the better because they have different bonuses and getting elite points is connected with having fun with models available on the website.

How to take part in this special Elite Program?
enjoy LiveJasmin the way you like and spend credits go higher in ranks of LiveJasmin Elite Club enjoy benefits connected with your rank
Crush Lover Sweetheart Lancelot Romeo Casanova

Live Jasmin Elite Points

You must collect LiveJasmin elite points:

  • each activity that needs spending any credits is connected with collecting Live Jasmin elite points - chats, tips and any other things you like doing on the website
  • the higher your rank is, the better. Broadcaster love Casanovas! But each rank above Crush means that you like spending credits on the website - and models do appreciate users who are generous
  • there are lots of different benefits and extras connected with being on the top of rankings. You must collect elite points they mean on Live Jasmin!

What exactly are elite points and how to stay on the top of LiveJasmin members? There are some questions to answer and we’re going to do it now. Let’s familiarize with elite points from LiveJasmin and all their important features.

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Explanation what Elite Points are and how to collect them LiveJasmin

It isn’t enough just to explain what elite points are. Why? Because on LiveJasmin the Club Elite Program is connected with several specified and important features. Fortunately, here you’ll get all answers necessary to know the Elite Program in details.

LiveJasmin Elite Points

A calculator of Elite Points and a LiveJasmin multiplier for spent credits

In this special loyalty program of LiveJasmin, you get a special elite point for each credit you spend on the website and it doesn't matter what activity you do it on. Based on amount of credits you spent, a LiveJasmin system uses a calculator (multiplier) to give you elite points (and sometimes multiply them additionally). The higher your rank is, the bigger the multiplier is too. But being Casanova you must spend more coins every day (even with the calculator) to stay at your position than Lover for instance. For Casanova it means for example 7 credits spent every day to not lose your rank.

LiveJasmin elite points are reset every month but you start with the rank and the multiplier from the previous month at the beginning of each next period.

The Calculator of Live Jasmin elite points
Rank Points per month Multiplier Daily drop off
Crush 15 1.00 0.25
Lover 50 1.25 0.50
Sweetheart 250 1.50 1.00
Lancelot 1,000 1.75 2.00
Romeo 5,000 2.00 5.00
Casanova 15,000 2.25 15.00

What does the Elite Program mean for you as the user of LiveJasmin? A Support of Live Jasmin wrote us back that they will create more extras for the Club Elite in the future. At present, having elite points you can get an option to create a larger favorites list and give more points to award your favourite broadcasters.

Is it worth to take part in the LiveJasmin Club elite? It happens even if you don't want to participate in this program. Each spent credit is connected with collecting Live Jasmin elite points and you can do nothing to stop this (but you can visit your settings and hide your rank if you don't feel confident with a level you have). Of course, if you spend a lot of cash on LiveJasmin, it's worth to show who you are. Romeos and Casanovas are loved by all models on the website. They are a promise of high tips and long private shows for performers. So if you have a lot of money to spend and you like being appreciated, it's advised to share your rank with all other users of LiveJasmin.


FAQ connected with this LiveJasmin loyalty program

First of all remember that collecting Live Jasmin elite points is everyday work. Of course, this work is very pleasurable but deciding to become Casanova for example, you must remember to spend a lot of time and money on the website. It’s worth doing it for sure but it may be only your decision how much you are able to spend on shows and performers.

LiveJasmin ranks - what collect elite points for?

Setting up an account on LiveJasmin, you start your webcam viewer adventure as a Crush and you can end up as Casanova! You must only spend credits and collect elite points this way - these points are exchanged into the determined rank:

  • CRUSH - it’s important that you spend credits but if you’re among higher ranked members it’s a little hard to notice you
  • LOVER - broadcasters know that you spend more and have more elite points collected every month
  • ROMEO - you are noticed by each broadcaster when you enter their room
  • CASANOVA - the highest rank that needs a lot of points but it’s worth to be on this level because this way you’re a king of all models you view.

Of course, you must spend a lot of coins to become the Casanova but it’s worth to be on each level that is higher than an ordinary Crush. And to become Lover, you don’t have to do so much.

Points, the multiplier and a daily drop on LiveJasmin Elite

With the Club Elite on LiveJasmin there are connected also below things you must remember:

  • points are collected based on each credit spent - the higher you’re in ranks, the easier is to collect elite points
  • each level has the multiplier that has an influence of pace of collecting points
  • every day you have also a drop of points so it’s advised to spend credits on LiveJasmin each day.

Live Jasmin Elite

Some last words about LiveJasmin Club Elite and collecting points

Elite points on LiveJasmin can't be transferred among accounts and they are reset every month. each month you start your adventure with the rank you had previous month. Thanks to this you don't have to start being the Crush every month.

Live Jasmin is worth each credit you spend there. It means that having an additional access to the loyalty program like the Live Jasmin Club Elite is an additional advantage for all registered members of this website. Of course, on FAPdistrict there is available also more detailed LiveJasmin Review. You can check it anytime to see what bright and dark sites of this famous webcam platform with live shows. We encourage you to do it.