AdultFriendFinder at present and how to search people for sex and dates there?

Adult Friend Finder is a part of Friend Finder Networks, an US company connected with adult dating and entertainment business. In this review you'll have a chance to familiarize with their brand product - Friend Finder website for people who look for dating and sex.

Details of Friend Finder Networks
Industry Online dating
Adult entertainment
Founded 1996
Headquarters Boca Raton, Florida, USA

AdultFriendFinder (AFF) is now still one of the biggest dating platforms with various free and premium options and now you will get a chance to familiarize with all features of this product. It’s an Adult Friend Finder review for all interested users.

adult friendfinder review

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An overview of AFF and its availability on PC and mobile devices

AFF may be used with PC computers or as an application if you prefer mobile options and having everything at your hand. How is it to use AdultFriendFinder with computer and with smartphone?

Using AdultFriendFinder with PC computer

You can enter, register and manage AFF with your PC computer if you prefer this option. What is available for users who Visit this dating website using their computers?

Adult Friend Finder offers several various options and all of them have been appreciated - AFF got some rewards connected with porn business. It shows that position of this platform and their services are strong and it’s worth to know this place where you can search dates. AFF is a laureate of XBIZ Awards, for example. If you’re interested in other important adult industry rewards, please read more about them, clicking in the below button.


Find Me Sex option and its short description

If you want to find sex or someone to date, you can search by viewing members profiles, checking cams, using one-on-one chat, visiting chat rooms, posting on member blogs and also many other ways. You can also use categories to make it easier.

Types of sex and partners you can find on AFF
ADULT SINGLES millions of possible matches - women, men and transsexual people with straight and homosexual orientation
LESBIAN SEX free lesbian sex and dates
BISEXUALS if you like both women and men - you can look through other bisexual users
ONLINE SEX if you don’t want to go anywhere but have some pleasure
CASUAL SEX just fun, no relationships
SEXPARTNERS to have regular sex with the same partner but still without relationship
CYBER SEX cyber chat, cams, blogs, groups and more
SWINGERS first time and experienced local swingers to exchange partners with other members
FREE SEX without paying for anything
THREESOMES men, women and transsexuals looking for threesome sex and dates
FUCK FRIENDS local fuck buddies for fun
TRANSSEXUAL SEX beyond men and women pleasure
GAY SEX homosexual pleasure with male partners

Of course it still isn’t everything available for Adult Friend Finder members but it shows how many different options you can find there. And it’s important that the platform is LGBT friendly.

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Live chat option available to use on AFF

You can chat with members of AFF community with your PC or mobile phone and it includes also streaming live chats. These sessions may be a type of online dating or cyber sex if you want. Cams can connect various people from different locations anytime they want.

It means that AFF gives users not only a chance to find someone to date or fuck but also real ocessions to have online sex with others.

Blog options to check and their influence on the community

A blog feature on AFF is more complicated than on other websites with adult content. It shares into 2 various options:

  • MEMBER BLOGS - reading them you can find out more about members and know their fantasies. Users write about their erotic adventures on the site and partners from AFF they have
  • AFF BLOG - shares articles, advices and stories in different topics:
    • about dating
    • about sex
    • erotic stories.

Both blogs have a lot of content and they are worth to check - to get some tips or to read about hot things and someone’s fantasies.

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How to enjoy AFF with iOS and Android app?

The application for Adult Friend Finder is available for iPhone devices and smartphones with Android. Thanks to this all most popular mobile devices may be used to download the app:

  • the app is free to download
  • it’s easy to navigate and has almost the same options as you can access using the website in a browser
  • AFF has also mobile version of the platform so the app is nice to eye.

Using the app, you can watch live streams, use contacting features and get matches. If you don't want to use AFF from your smartphone too often, you can use the platform in a browser of your phone - the platform can adapt to mobile version also being managed in a smartphone browser. So they have the app but it isn't necessary to enjoy the website from mobile devices.

Something more about using AFF

What is using AFF look like? What it has? Adult Friend Finder has some key features you should know before you start using it:

  • it's the website for different types of sexual activities - dating, casual or online sex, etc
  • you can use it mobile and on PCs
  • most members are men
  • you can use many options of filtering
  • the platform has a huge community and they share some great features writing private blogs, etc
  • if you have determined fantasies, here you will find others who like the same
  • various interaction options for members available
  • you can have very advanced cyber sex if you use Connexion℠ sex toys.

AFF helps its users to find matching sex partners through its many contacting features and functionality. There you can be open because others are the same. You can find people for date there but the platform was built rather for casual hookups and simple meetings for sex. To register on Adult Friend Finder, you need a while and email address. Creating an account is free as downloading the app. During registration you must determine for example your sexual preferences and you can always choose as many options as you want and you might be interested in.

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You as a member in comparison with others users

There are most men in the community who search women and couples but all genders available on the platform share nudity and erotic content. Thanks to this, everybody has a chance to find a partner - mainly for sex and meetings without relationship, not to become couples. The whole community doesn't sleep - anytime you enter AFF, you can find new content from members from different locations:

  • AFF members are sexually active people
  • there are also couples registered
  • half of the members' population are between 25-44 years old
  • most users look for casual fun and new sex experiences.

You must be also aware that there are bots and some members claim that they were scammed.

Profiles on Adult Friend Finder - what details of members can you find searching users

Basic details are available in profiles you can search and shared information may be always updated or added. Each profile contains details about a member's basic info, location, physical attributes, personality type, sexual preference, and more. To view pics or watch videos is free. Unfortunately, a lot of options needs premium and it means having a paid subscription:

  • most profiles are made by open users who look for new experiences
  • you need premium to see all details of profiles
  • uploading and viewing pics are free
  • profile details may be changed anytime
  • there are also a lot of profiles of couples.

How to contact with people on AFF?

On AdultFriendFinder you can contact and interact with other users with different ways. There are chatrooms, groups, magazines, live-streams, and the classic messaging/email features. What's more there are also vlogs, blogs and sex stories to read. But to know a person you're interested in and write and read messages, you need a premium mode:

  • overall interaction is free
  • contacting with specific user needs a subscription.
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An overview of special features users can access on this platform

Let’s check all modes available for people with registered accounts:

  • LIVE MEMBER WEBCAMS - live broadcasting of members
  • GROUPS AND ADULT CHATROOMS - public and free to join
  • BLOGS AND MAGAZINE - available to read and commend by everybody, with different but erotic content
  • SEX ACADEMY - with tips about dating and sex
  • CONTESTS - competitions for users voted by others
  • EROTIC STORIES - a part of AFF only with stories about sex (fictional and non-fictional)
  • FLIRT - to show that you’re interested in somebody (paid option)
  • HOTLIST - free feature of adding someone to your "favourite" list
  • GIFTS - virtual presents with different prices
  • TIPS - may be sent if you like content shared by somebody.

Adult Friend Finder shares a lot of options and modes for users and they really have a big community that interact. It’s hard to get bored with this platform for sure because always you can find something new to get pleased or excited.

Prices and all free and premium services available to use for members

Adult Friend Finder may seem to be quite expensive to use but we can see it in 2 opposite ways:

  • AFF has many top quality options so it must be expensive
  • there are still a lot of free modes for users if you don’t want to be a gold member.
Gold membership prices
1 month gold 3 months gold 12 months gold
39.95 USD/month
billed at 39.95 USD
26.95 USD/month
billed at 80.85 USD
19.95 USD/month
billed at 239.40 USD

Gold membership means more features and soon you’ll know them all and see all differences between free and paid accounts.

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Is it worth to have paid membership with the subscription?

Which services have prices and which ones haven’t?

    • clicking "Like" on pics and videos
    • making hitlist with your favorites
    • joining blogs and groups
    • writing comments
    • using searching options
    • watching uploaded videos
    • view full profiles
    • gifts
    • adding friends
    • messaging (sending and reading)
    • using chat
    • enjoying live streams.
Advantages of having the gold membership (according to official information from the AFF website)
Feature gold member free member
advanced search to narrow down users you may like + -
viewing complete profiles of others with all shared details + -
messaging with other users (reading, writing) + -
viewing full-size pics + -
viewing full-length videos + -
writing comments + -
watching live webcams of other members UNLIMITED 1 AT A TIME
viewing favorite pics and videos + -
sending friend requests + -
sending flirts + -
maximum quantity of members on hotlist 1000 200
priority customer service via phone + -
email technical support answer within 12 HOURS answer within 2 DAYS
liking pics and videos + +
basic searching + +
viewing, liking, and commenting on contest photos + +
uploading pics and videos + +
IM & chatroom + +
joining blogs and groups + +

What are ways to pay for premium?

  • bank transfer
  • credit card
  • direct debit
  • via mobile phone.
Offer based on regulations of the website!

User’s FAQ or all most important things you must know about AdultFriendFinder

There are some questions that should be answered so check the FAQ of AFF.


Your profile should be a quality one and:

  • has pics
  • has catchy title to attract more attention.


You can use the platform for free because it has many gratis options. But 100% of possibilities of AFF are available for money.


This platform helps people to find people for casual sex and new experiences, dating, romance or even friendship. There are real people with real needs and fantasies and you can become a part of them.


AdultFriendFinder is rather safe to use but you can face some bots or scammers there so you must have eye open when somebody asks you for cash, for example. To don't get deceived, you must remember about basic assumptions connected with online safety.

adult friendfinder free

An overall review of AFF to show you all details connected with this platform

It’s time to sum up everything about AdultFriendFinder to show you all pros and cons of this platform. Of course, only you can decide if you like it or not and if you are able to spend some your private cash to get premium features.

Advantages and disadvantages of AFF
  • millions of members and reputable community
  • options for cyber and normal sex
  • various methods of sexual self expression via extensive profiles, blogs, webcams, etc
  • profiles are extensive and top quality
  • a lot of additional content
  • no data-driven matching system, all connections are made by the users themselves
  • premium is quite expensive and the website may generate also additional costs such paying for gifts
  • sometimes you may feel overwhelmed by all features available for users

If you want to be naughty, on AdultFriendFinder you may be. It's a place full of various individuals and options to have real or online sex. Adult FriendFinder's range of interactive features is vast, almost shockingly so. You can join the platform for free, gratis is also the app (both for iOS and Android). Unfortunately all the best options are paid (you can buy them for cash without being a premium member or pay the subscription and then most additional modes are included in your subscription). But you must be aware that both having and not having premium - there are things you can buy so using AdultFriendFinder is rather always connected with spending cash (but you can spend more or less, it depends on you).

Summing up, AdultFriendFinder has a lot of features and huge community and is oriented rather to look for casual sex and dates, rather than long relationship. Everyone should be satisfied with content they find on the platform, also if we talk about all interactive options and extras like sex stories to read, for example. It makes AFF worth to visit and may be stimulating experience for all adult users who look for online or real sex.

If you prefer cyber sexual activities more than normal dates, you may be also interested in reading something more about webcams and live shows they offer. If you want to find out more about live streaming websites, check reviews of webcam platforms by clicking the button below.



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