How to make masturbator? This question may be important both for men and women. Okay, on the market there are various sex toys such dildos, fleshlights, fake butts and many many more. Because of various factors you may want to do it yourself. Everybody may want to save some cash, get their very first toy or just do it homemade because they are handymen. FAPdistrict doesn’t judge you, it just shares solutions with all interested readers.

Is it difficult to make DIY masturbator? Artificial vaginas, butts and penises are quite easy to do but you must always remember about some safety tips. Stay calm, in this article you’ll see everything that is necessary in making and using homemade sex toys.

So even if you want to make some fake genitals because you’re on vacation, you’re in “that” mood and your fleshlight or vibrator was left at home, having only few “ingredients”, you can get your pleasure back. And for many users of professional sex toys like fleshlights coming back to DIY sex toys is very interesting experience! With new or forgotten stimuluses they just left behind.


How to make a male masturbator?

Being a person with penis, the best proposition for you are vaginal and anal fleshlight. They vary a little each other and give various feeling. It’s obvious, vagina is different than anus.

To make DIY fake ass, you can use only one basic recipe, for homemade artificial vaginas there are more options, more recipes and more things you can use. Most parts you have always at your hand so because of that making homemade sex toys is popular among people.

Yes, you ca use just your sock or towel solo but you can also add only 1 or 2 things more to maximize your pleasure. It pays off, believe. Artificial fleshlight may be similar to real pussy even if it’s just a fake toy. You just must know how to make it.

Fake ass for everybody

Are you a fan of anal sex? Let’s make a DIY fake ass for everybody. Thanks to this you’ll be able to feel pleasure that is very similar to being inside real anus. Yes, it’s possible.

Fake ass
  • it’s cheap
  • it’s better than hand if you like anal sex
  • it’s easy to make
  • if you use vaseline not lubricant, it may be very hard to wash both your penis and furniture around
  • it’s always only a toy, not real butt

If you can, don’t use vaseline but lubricant. Water-based products are easier to use and simpler to wash out of your body and furniture around you.

What do you need?

  • 2 slithers of bubble wrap
  • vaseline or lubricant (but lubricant is better)
  • 2 unpowdered rubber gloves
  • 1 sock (preferably clean and soft)
  • a tall plastic cup
  • a condom
  • poster tack
  • rubber bands
  • marbles
  • tape
  • scissors
  • pillow.

What to do?

  1. Place stickers and add some marples for bigger pleasure.


  2. Put bubble wraps together, leave 2 inches of wrap in advance and cut a size.


  3. Seal the edges of the package snuggly with the gaffer tape. Make it twice because your artificial butt needs to be made of 2 parts of bubble wrap prepared like this.


  4. Put some filling from inside of the pillow in the bottom of your cup to make it more fragile for your penis. Sandwich the latex glove between the marble-goodness. Make sure the glove extends at least an inch and a half over the top rim of the marble package.


  5. Put both marble packages with the glove inside into the tall cup. Start adding as much stuffing to your pillow as you deem sexy.


  6. Make a loophole using the sock and the condom. If it’s too loose, you must add more rubbers. Roll the condom and the sock over on itself. The right size is big enough for 3 your fingers.


  7. Put the loophole and the rest together using the second glove.
    •  X

    •  X

  8. Add some more stuffing and marbles under the rim of the top glove, to create a texture that is pleasing to you.


  9. Lube your fake ass and start having pleasure!
    • Use a lubricant rather than vaseline, it’s easier to put and clean
    • Use a condom if you don’t want to remove the glove for the new one every time you use your artificial butt.


The best recipes to make homemade pocket pussy

Homemade artificial pussy may be used by you nearly as normal vagina. It may seem a little different or be very similar to real body. It depends on a recipe you choose. There is a basic recipe for fake vagina and some additional way you can use. Let’s check all the most popular way to help you to decide which one is the most interesting for you.

Basic recipe to make a fake vagina

The very basic recipe tells that you need a towel to make your artificial fleshlight. But you can use also other things like balloons, sponge, sock, or even toilet paper roll! What do you need?

  • towel, sponge, sock or toilet paper roll
  • lubricant
  • 1 glove
  • rubber bands.

How to make these fleshlights?

  1. A folded towel masturbator

  2. A rolled towel masturbator

  3. A sock masturbator

  4. A toilet paper roll masturbator

  5. A sponge masturbator

What is important? Remember to use a new glove every time you masturbate!

A cucumber masturbator

Not only women can use cucumber as a masturbator. How to do a cucumber pocket pussy? It’s easy and worth to try.


Of course, you must have the right size of cucumber that will fit your penis size. But in groceries you can find millions of different cucumbers to check. And wash it before you use it, most vegetables are preserved with pesticides and you probably won’t want to get any allergy we guess.

Masturbating with balloons

It may be your happy birthday pussy or you can use it just to everyday self-fucking. It depends on your decision and a fact if you like balloons.


The container you need for this must be wider because blowed balloons must fit in it.

A silicone pussy

You need a candle bigger than a penis, sharp knife, silicone sealant and a lot of time to do it so it isn't a solution if you want to cum now.


It can be reused. You can wash it or just use a condom to leave your hands clean.

Tips important for all users of various types of fake fleshlights

Using any pocket pussy you made, lube is essential and don't forget about it. Fake vaginas can't produce natural juice and it may cause penis damages.

So if you don't want to visit emergency, just think about it. And what's more, water-based lube is better to use and clean that an ordinary vaseline.

Hands-free options for all artificial pussy fans

If you put your artificial pussy in the right place, you can use it without your hands that gives you a feeling of real sex. Or you just can use it without hands to manage your phone with a porn movie easier.

Where can you put the fake pussy? Anywhere where it's safe for your cock. Don't forget to care about your penis and to avoid dangerous situations when the pussy and your dick may stuck somewhere. Use rather things that gap between sofa cushions than drawer.

Make temperature possibly as high as your body or a little warmer

You know what too low temperature influences on your penis so make your pocket pussy warmer to get better feelings:

  • soak towel in hot water to make the whole masturbator warmer
  • leave your pocket pussy it in the sunlight, on the hot water tank, or on a radiator
  • use a warming lube.

But then make sure that your artificial fleshligh isn’t too hot! Too high temperature is also bad for your body.

Always remember about your safety when you masturbate with fake fleshlights!

You must also remember that:

  • sharp parts must be always made soft if they contact your body
  • you can’t use glass bottles to make masturbators
  • each closed container can have a small hole to avoid being vacuumed
  • you must always put a lube into your masturbator.

It’s important to have pleasure and avoid visits on emergency, remember that!

How to make a female masturbator?

Women has more options to make dildo of. If you’re a woman remember that you can use any object if you take into consideration some basic assumptions connected with masturbating. Always remember to be safe and sensible "having sex" with homemade toys and everyday use objects.

What are the most popular items girls use?

  • smartphone because it vibrates
  • shower head because it can massage
  • veggies because you have them in your fridge
  • washing machine because it’s like a vibrator
  • electric toothbrush because it may be used inside and outside your body
  • make-up items like brushes
  • handles of many things (e.g. screwdriver).

Homemade dildo for every girl

For reliable and safe tips, let’s watch the video below. It describes all other options and some DIY ways to make your own homemade dildo. Make masturbation more interested, you deserve pleasure!

Women can make sex toys for almost all things they have at hands. Don’t get angry that your part of the article is shorter, you have more options of getting pleasure but you must keep in mind some assumptions connected with your safety.

When girls use DIY sex toys

You must always care about your safety when you use any items and objects to masturbate.

First of all, don’t use wood and glass items that mat be sharp or get broken and then stuck inner your body. Using toys, don’t forget also about lube and putting a condom on your dildo. If you take an advantage of everyday items you have around you, you can’t know if they have bacterias or not and not everything may be sterilised before you put it in your vagina or ass. Pleasure is great but your health is more important and that’s a fact.

Is it worth to use DIY sex toys and masturbators?

Pocket pussies, fake asses or vaginas and homemade dildos are for people who want to try something new, who want to save cash or who are in a sex emergency and they look for simple and fast solutions to masturbate not only with their hands.

You might not fall in love with DIY sex toys but if you wonder how to masturbate with simple accessories, don’t use a rough sock or wooden handle of hammer but take into consideration above tips to make masturbation both more pleasurable but also safer. And because of this, everybody should know some facts and hacks connected with making homemade sex toys.

So it’s worth to use DIY dildos and masturbators if you want to do something stupid and just harm yourself with sharp parts of dangerous solutions. Then you should know above tips and advices and then it’s worth to use homemade sex toys for sure. Your safety is more important even than orgasm!