Thinking about anything, I always try to understand both sides of any topic. Unfortunately most people don’t do it, being radical and seeing only one side of everything. So in this article we explain cons of forbidding pornography and attitudes we understand based on care of children, for example. It's great that there are people who want to care about kids and them should be raised in love and without any harm. But forbidding porn in the name of children's good is bullshit and doing only a simple thing and it theoretically ends any problem without educating and explaining that sexuality is a part of our lives.

When we're adult people and we know pros and dangers of pornography, based on words of some researches and therapists, porn may be good for relationships and our solo sexual exploration. Especially when we want to face content that is made basic on realistic assumptions like Feminist Pornography, for example and thanks to this learn more how sex is like in real life. We encourage you to check an article connected with ethical porn - even if you have your crazy fantasies, everyone should check this genre to find out more about sex and its overall details.

Pornography may also shows unrealistic expectations or treat women like objects but everything may seem to be dangerous when there is too few education and showing right behaviours in different situations. Of course, may people may get addicted to porn or we can discuss if it's cheating in relationship or not but everything has good and bad sides and government restrictions can just ban porn, not solve all problems.

What's the matter of that? Something more detailed about porn ban

A very big part of the whole Internet is connected with various porn content. From live shows to premium tubes, including different genres and millions of websites. And this business generates billions every year. But primarily pornography is connected with pleasure and people’s needs. It may be addiction but also something nice to have - people may be alcoholics but most of them like getting just a good drink from time to time. It shouldn’t mean that the whole alcohol should be prohibited. But it still means that people should be educated with all good and bad aspects of drinking, especially now because at present we have had plenty of researches.

What the ban of porn exactly is?

Banning porn means exchanging your private details for watching adult content. The idea was made to protect children from watching pornography and being harmed by that. At the first glance everything looks good but when you consider it deeper...

For most users (younger ones and those who don't want share their details and connect them with porn because of many reasons) this verification may lead to use unsafe measures such as VPNs for instance. What's more, for may countries this ban may mean also that 16 or 17 yo people may have sex but they can't watch it and in this situation it's completely ridiculous.


Forbidding porn in practice with an overview of theoretical ideas and concepts made

The less rights for people in countries, the more bans may be implemented. It means that in some countries porn is just banned and sometimes it even doesn't has any explanations. In some places governments explain it caring about children or claiming that they do it in the sake of... (put a right word, really it sometimes works like this). But when they ban pornography, they don't start any education in return! And this way they don't do anything positive even if they claim something different.

In everyday life of porn users it means that they must share their personal details like credit cards, emails or ID or they won't be able to see anything. And if any adult site doesn't have confirmation of age to enter it, they are blocked permanently and unable to use by anybody.

Porn law in specific areas around the World

In various countries there is different law. Some areas forbid all types of porn, in others everything that isn't crime is legal to share, in the third group of countries pornography is divided into sale, possession and Internet porn.

blocking pornography

World map of Pornography laws:

  • ██ - Generally legal with certain extreme exceptions and ban on child pornography
  • ██ - Partially legal, under some broad restrictions, or ambiguous status
  • ██ - Illegal
  • ██ - Data unavailable

Countries where sale, possession and Internet porn is considered as legal

Which countries are the most tolerant in porn matter?

  • Andorra
  • Argentina
  • Austria
  • Azerbaijan
  • Belgium
  • Brazil
  • Canada
  • Croatia
  • Czech Republic
  • Denmark
  • Ecuador
  • Estonia
  • Finland
  • France
  • Germany
  • Greece
  • Hungary
  • Ireland
  • Italy
  • Jamaica
  • Kosovo
  • Luxembourg
  • Macao
  • Mexico
  • Monaco
  • Netherlands
  • New Zealand
  • Norway
  • Poland
  • Portugal
  • Romania
  • Slovakia
  • Slovenia
  • Spain
  • Sweden
  • Switzerland
  • Taiwan
  • USA
  • Uruguay.

porn blocker

Countries where porn is strictly forbidden and connected with penalties

Some countries have banned porn - because of politics or religion. Areas with completely blocked adult content are usually places where you can face less human rights than in normal situations.

Countries with illegal porn (sale, possession) and blocked Internet pornography with penalties for that
Country Penalty if determined
Afghanistan Uncertain
Bahrain Uncertain
Bangladesh Up to 10 years in jail and 500 Thousand Taka fine
Bhutan Article 381. (Lewd and lascivious conduct)
Article 476. (Computer pornography )
China Uncertain
Cuba Uncertain
Egypt Uncertain
Gaza Strip Uncertain
India Indian Penal Code-1860 Section 292, 293 and IT Act-67B. (Illegal dissemination of pornographic materials) & (Illegal Child Pornography)
Indonesia Uncertain
Iran Uncertain
Kuwait Uncertain
Malaysia Up to 5 years in jail
Myanmar Uncertain
Nepal Uncertain
North Korea Uncertain
Pakistan Uncertain
Papua New Guinea Up to 6 months' imprisonment and/or a fine up to 100,000 Papua New Guinean kina
Qatar Article 292. (Sale of obscene books, etc.)
Saudi Arabia Uncertain
Thailand Section 287.
United Arab Emirates Uncertain
Yemen Uncertain

Of course, people from these countries use other methods to access porn so as you can see even blocking porn may not be effective if people are determined.


Countries where regulations are different for various types of pornography

And the last group of countries have various regulations for different types of porn and having it.

Porn regulations and their details
Country Sale Possession Internet porn Penalty (empty if not determined)
Algeria illegal illegal legal -
Armenia illegal legal legal Article 263. (Illegal dissemination of pornographic materials or items)
Australia illegal in:
  • Victoria
  • South Australia
  • Western Australia
  • New South Wales
  • Tasmania
  • Queensland
legal in
  • Northern Territory
  • the Australian Capital Territory
legal restricted -
Bahamas illegal legal legal -
Belarus illegal legal illegal blocked
Belize illegal legal legal Article 323. (Obscene publication)
Botswana illegal illegal legal -
Bulgaria illegal legal legal Article 159.
Ghana illegal illegal legal Article 281. (Further Offences Relating to Obscenity)
Iceland illegal legal legal -
Iraq illegal illegal legal Article 403. (: Immodest and shameful acts)
Japan restricted legal restricted -
Kenya illegal illegal legal Article 166. (Traffic in obscene publication)
Laos illegal legal legal Article 138. (Dissemination of Pornographic Objects and Objects Contrary to Fine Traditions)
Lithuania illegal legal uncertain Article 309. (Possession of Pornographic Material)
Mongolia illegal legal legal Article 123. (Advertising and dissemination of pornography and prostitution)
Morocco illegal illegal legal -
Philippines illegal legal some sites blocked -
Russia restricted legal some sites blocked -
Singapore illegal uncertain some sites blocked Article 292. (Sale of obscene books, etc.)
South Africa restricted legal legal -
South Korea illegal legal blocked -
Sri Lanka illegal restricted blocked Article 285. (Sale, &c. of obscene books .&c.)
Article 286. (Having in possession obscene books, &c for sale or public exhibition. )
Tunisia illegal uncertain legal -
Turkey restricted restricted blocked -
Ukraine illegal legal legal Article 301. (Importation, making, sale or distribution of pornographic items)
United Kingdom restricted legal restricted -
Venezuela legal legal some sites blocked -
Vietnam illegal may be punished blocked -

Okay, so let’s check the rest of assumptions connected with this topic.

Theoretical assumptions of blocking porn that show this action as a good solution

Theoretically pornography is too easy to access from any location around the World. That's true for sure but it shouldn't mean that porn is restricted the same way to all users. First of all because of a fact that younger people (under 18) are smart enough to cheat the blockade and they more often can enter adult websites than older users. And then the real danger isn't the fact that porn is available online but a matter that young people aren't educated enough to be aware of real features of sexual life.

block porn

Banning pornography ends all problems with any sexual disorders and harassment

It’d be perfect if anything could be solved by banning. But it doesn’t work this way. Children or women won’t be safer if porn is banned.

Also for parents or teachers it usually means the same - porn is banned? The subject doesn’t exist anymore. On the one hand parents are afraid of dangers their children may face but on the other one - they don't talk with children, don't explain and don't educate them. It means that kids should be protected more, not the whole pornography banned. Making porn forbidden doesn't solve all problems with children harassment, rapes and any sexual disorders. And politicians should understand it.

When access is harder, children are safer

And again the same thing - nobody is safer when something is forbidden but there is still to little education. The more, sharing personal details of adult users with porn websites may be very dangerous in a case of data leaking.

And data leaking doesn’t make kids more protected but can lead to many unpleasant situations for all users who shared their details, blackmail including.

So what is a level of effectiveness of banning porn?

We wanted to share something positive in this caption but it's rather impossible. Effectiveness of banning and restricting pornography is very low. Pornography sites (with more than 1/3 of nudity and sexual content) may be banned or require additional verification, of course but still platforms like Instagram, Facebook or other social media sites are still full of adult materials and children can still see boobs or something that is about sex. Isn't it dangerous when it concerns big social media sites?

Okay, we know that porn has bad sides but banning and restricting has it too, and that’s the moment to understand it for real.


What is wrong in banning porn according to FAPdistrict's opinion?

In sexuality the most important thing is education - about all positive and negative aspects connected with body, sex and pornography too. Unfortunately governments want to “protect” us and restrict our pleasure. They claim that they do it for children but they still don’t anything practical to educate and protect our kids from abuses. So FAPdistrict claims that banning porn is bad - especially when we forget about education about sexuality and real help - connected with psychology, diseases and researches.

Why is porn a normal part of our life?

There is a problem with sexual education but children and teenagers are rather smart at present. 82% of 11-18-year-olds think that it’s “important to learn about the impact of pornography as part of relationships and sex education.” It means that they can see dangers connected with porn and they want to learn to be aware of everything.

We must understand that pornography is a part of exploration of sexuality of each of us. Masturbation too. And because to this it's important to make sure that young people understand mechanisms of pornography and how it can influence on their solo and relationship life. It's better to educate children (of course of things suitable to their age) than leave them without answers for their questions. Let's ban porn and then the problem won't exist - isn't an answer for any questions, neither children's ones or our ones as adult users of pornography.

porn ban

We should make up something to protect children and educate young people - but just demonizing pornography is bad

We should find a solution to protect children from pornography of course, especially when they too young to understand some mechanisms but restricting porn doesn't solve any problems. People have the same right to have pleasure and explore their sexuality so banning porn isn't any way to make the World more friendly and safer. It doesn't work like this and it won't work this way anytime in the future.

Now is the moment when we should find something between protecting and education, not just banning porn. Pornography forbidding isn't a way to solve anything, it doesn't protect children and women from abuses. And in addition makes having pleasure harder and it's bad for normal and healthy adult people who have the right to masturbation and sex, even if they have it based on online experiences.

FAPdistrict encourages people to think, not to find the simplest (and often the stupidest solutions) that don't have really good pros but that affect on many things in a negative way. It concerns not only porn but everything. It's the time to learn to see both sides and everything and look for ideas that are good for real.

Meanwhile, please check also an article about feminist porn as a genre and type of pornography. It also explains the big role of education about sex.