BongaCams tokens and their role for viewers and broadcasters

Without tokens you don’t earn anything being a broadcaster. Also viewer’s membership is limited when they don’t have these coins in their account balance.

A typical user of BongaCams without tokens may only:

  • interact with models and other viewers on chats
  • join some shows (that don’t have a price per minute determined)
  • use all promotions and bonuses
  • purchase tokens to become a premium user.

Having tokens gives 100% usage of a website for viewers and a salary for broadcasters. What is a token in details? How to get and spend it? Let’s familiarize with all most important aspects of an official currency of Bonga.


Basic details of tokens of BongaCams

BongaCams tokens are official coins used on this platform to pay for shows and services. A token is also currency used by broadcasters to count their salary. It means that the token is a coin that connects broadcasters, viewers and developers of BC even more than services offered on the platform.

There are some features and secrets connected with tokens and soon we’ll reveal all of them. Thanks to this, all users of Bonga will be able to understand all aspects of these coins.

bongacams tokens

Packages and prices of BC coins

Tokens may be purchased in special packages. There are different options of packs and payment methods that may be used to buy coins. First of all, cost of tokens may be counted in euro and dollars, it depends if you’re from America or Europe:

    • 18 tokens for 1.99 € (~ 0.11 € per token)
    • 60 tokens for 4.99 € (~ 0.08 € for token)
    • 140 tokens for 9.99 € (~ 0.07 € per token)
    • 370 tokens for 24.99 € (~ 0.07 € for token)
    • 800 tokens for 49.99 € (~ 0.06 € for token)
    • 1050 tokens for 65.00 € (~ 0.06 € for token)
    • 1230 tokens for 74.99 € (~ 0.06 € for token)
    • 8400 tokens for 500.00 € (~ 0.06 € for token)
    • 16600 tokens for 990.00 € (~ 0.06 € per token)
    • 42100 tokens for 2.500.00 € (~ 0.06 € per token)
    • credit card:
      • 56 tokens = $7.99 ($0.143 per token)
      • 144 tokens = $19.99 ($0.139 per token)
      • 454 tokens = $49.99 ($0.11 per token)
      • 671 tokens = $74.99 ($0.112 per token)
    • PayPal:
      • 18 tokens = $2.99 ($0.166 per token)
      • 50 tokens = $7.99 ($0.16 per token)
      • 107 tokens = $19.99 ($0.187 per token)
      • 200 tokens = $29.99 ($0.15 per token)
      • 356 tokens = $49.99 ($0.14 per token)
      • 531 tokens = $74.99 ($0.141 per token)
    • BTC:
      • 100 tokens = 0.0276 BTC
    • bank transfer:
      • 500 tokens = $50.00 ($0.10 per token).

Prices of Bonga Cams shows determined in tokens

On the website you can access different types of shows that have various prices.

How do BC chats cost?
Type of a show Price per minute
group chat 30 tokens
private chat 60 tokens
full private chat 90 tokens
voyeur/spy chat 15 tokens

Of course, on Bonga there are also other features paid additionally like sending virtual presents to models, for instance.

Are you safe using BC currency?

It doesn’t matter if you earn, buy or spend BongaCams tokens. You can always feel 100% protected using the website.

The platform cares about all users and has special BongaCams Safety measures that concern all aspects of using the site. So if protection is important for you and you want to try Bonga, you can do it and don’t worry about your protection.


Tokens for all BongaCams users

Everyone who uses Bonga Cams must care about tokens. Of course, they have different roles for viewers and broadcasters. What is the token for performers and watchers?

BongaCams coins for viewers

The tokens is important for BC viewers because with coins they pay for all things available on the website. Without having tokens any account is limited and can’t be used in 100%.

With tokens users can pay for private shows, go higher in Bonga users rank (to get higher membership levels and more great features connected with each account type) and get an access to additional things like sending virtual gifts and tipping performers. But there are also other BongaCams Promotions that are connected with tokens.

Special BC offers connected with tokens

If the user spends currency on Bonga, they can access also some extraordinary offers:

  • DAILY TASKS - the user can get additional free coins by filling specific tasks
  • CASHBACK - the user can get up to 200 free coins for spending tokens on the website.

On BC spending is connected with getting - not only great pleasure but also additional coins that may be spend on any service or activity.

A role of currency for BongaCams models

Being a BongaCams Broadcaster, you get about 4-5 cents from each token you earn that gives a 60% payout of an amount you earn.

You can earn from private chats, virtual gifts and tips or also selling some content and using interactive toys. The model may also allow to spy their private shows and this way get also some additional cash into a salary.

bongacams token

BongaCams Top of the week and its tokens equivalent

Broadcasters take part in the Top of the week contest that is connected with winning money prizes and the highest reward is 1,000 USD based on categories:

  • TOP 100 of North America and Western Europe
  • International TOP 100
  • Couples' TOP 50
  • Guys and transsexuals' TOP 10.

Each contest lasts 7 days and it’s conducted every week.

You should spend currency if you want to use Bonga in 100%

If you focus only on free shows, using BC will be very limited for you as the user. You’ll also not show any respect to models you watch because it’s advised to leave some coins in open chats with no price per minute.

If you want to find out even more about Bonga, you can read our BongaCams Review that explains absolutely all aspects of using this camming website.

Offer based on regulations of the website!

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