LiveJasmin is a live streaming website with adult chat and nude and non-nude shows performed by women, men and trans models. To get an access to a full LiveJasmin Review, just click the button below. In this article you’ll find out more about the entire platform and its rules important for viewers.

In this article we’re going to focus on LiveJasmin credits and all promotions and special deals connected with this currency. Other details are available in an overall write-up of this website.


What are LiveJasmin credits?

Credits appear during a process of registration. On LiveJasmin you must buy some coins to make an account registered. There isn’t any email verification, you verify being an adult person with your credit card through your first registration credit purchase. Of course you can get some gratis credits when you register if you choose the right package with coins.

A full description of all most important details of credits you use on LJ

Credit is a very important part of LiveJasmin both for viewers and broadcasters. It’s necessary to pay for shows and to earn as a salary if you perform. The most important thing is a fact that on LJ you can get credits using “normal” ways (by purchase) or you can take part in promotions and extremely huge discounts.

LiveJasmin is an exclusive platform so coins and shows may seem to be a little expensive. But it has many dedicated users who claim that there isn’t any better place than this website with live shows. What’s more, everything there is accessible with credits - you don't have to pay any additional subscription. So when you can see this way, you can understand that there are many other websites that may be more expensive than LJ.

LiveJasmin packages of credits you can get on the website

As usual, bogger packages mean lower prices (and some additional LiveJasmin credits too).

Basic LiveJasmin credit packages (there are also bigger ones with more gratis coins available)
no bonus 1.99 bonus credits 5.99 bonus credits 7.99 bonus credits 9.99 bonus credits 9.99 bonus credits
17.99 credits 21.99 EUR 27.99 credits 31.99 EUR 67.99 credits 73.99 EUR 97.99 credits 104.99 EUR 157.99 credits 166.99 EUR customized quantity for amount specified by you

But you can spend even 1,000 EUR once to buy coins if you want. Bigger packages offer higher amounts of bonus credits (even 50 free coins).

livejasmin credits

How can you buy and pay for LJ credits?

Purchasing credits is quite easy and connected with getting gratis coins to spend. You can pay for bought packages with below methods:

  • credit card
  • Skrill
  • Sofort
  • Webmoney
  • Neosurf
  • PayPal
  • Paysafecard
  • wire transfer
  • options connected with your smartphone (phone call, SMS, it depends on your location)
  • wire transfer
  • about 50 crypto altcoins to choose.

Some methods are cheaper, some of them have bigger charges. For example PayPal or Bitcoin are more expensive than using Skrill or credit card. You can check it everything in an easy way when you initiate a process of purchase.

Prices of LiveJasmin shows you must pay in coins

A cost of any chat is valued based on price per minute. They are different one another and they depend on model’s preferences. Additional cost of any chat are also gifts and tips sent to performers.

Price ranges on LJ
0.01 - 0.98
0.98 - 1.99
1.99 - 2.99
2.99 - 3.99
3.99 - 4.99
4.99 - 9.99
you can also send tips and buy models virtual gifts
presents and tips are your additional cost of enjoying LJ

There are quite many broadcasters who offer the smallest prices per minute so you can enjoy private shows not paying a fortune per minute.

Most important details of credits available on Live Jasmin

LiveJasmin currency is a thing that connect broadcaster and viewer each other. What are credits for both these groups? Let’s check LiveJasmin credit details for clients and performers with all their most important features.

Credits for LiveJasmin viewers

Being the viewer on LiveJasmin you must use credits. But you don’t have to only purchase them manually because you can access some special options. They make using the website easier or a little cheaper.

Free credits and promotions for LJ users

What deals and options for free credits are available on LiveJasmin?

  • free credits during purchase coins (it concerns your first purchase and later currency buying)
  • personalized promotions because of LiveJasmin Elite Points you can earn
  • specials that appear from time to time like for example a Luckywheel that may allow you to draw even 100% discount for coin price.

To find out more about LiveJasmin Promotions, just read about them clicking the button below.


LiveJasmin SmartBuy as a way to purchase credits automatically

LiveJasmin SmartBuy is an option available for viewers who want to stop caring about purchasing credits. Using this feature, your account balance is automatically renewed. A system buys you a new package of 27.99 USD when on your account are 7 credits.

If you want, you can change above package for different one - smaller or bigger based on your private preferences.

livejasmin free credits

LJ currency if you’re a broadcaster

Being a LiveJasmin Broadcaster, you earn 30-60% of credit amount you earn. The more coins you get, the higher your salary is. To get 60% level, you must earn 2,500 USD or more per one pay period (14 days). If you earn 100 USD, you’ll get from it only 30 USD, from 5,000 USD a salary is 3,000 USD. So it’s worth to do your best to collect more LJ credits.

Earning tiers on LiveJasmin
Level Range Earnings
ASPIRING below $100 30%
ACCOMPLISHED $100 - $300 35%
FAMOUS $300 - $650 40%
STAR $650 - $1,500 45%
SUPERSTAR $1,500 - $2,500 50%
LEGEND $2,500 and more 60%

Wanna become a broadcaster? Register and start earning!

Offer based on regulations of the website!

LiveJasmin Awards and their connection with credits

LiveJasmin Awards is a weekly contest for broadcasters and an additional way to get some cash based on votes made by viewers. The main reward is $1,000, for the second place the reward is $500 and the third place is $200.

But there are rewarded 100 performers every week. And they get from $150 to $30. And it’s always nice to get some extra dollars into a salary, so even if you’re on the hundredth place, gratis $30 is something for free.