Is it PornHub Premium worth paying for it?

PornHub Premium is a paid version of the PornHub website. Paying the subscription, you get an access to special features. But before you know a write-up of the premium mode, you should know better PornHub itself, the site with adult videos that is one of the most popular porn platforms. The below review made will be updated of course if anything changes on the site. Let’s start a journey into the world of best porn content and know all aspects of paid mode of PornHub.

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Most important details of PornHub
Type of site Pornographic video sharing
Languages available for users English
Headquarters Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Area served Worldwide
Owner MindGeek
Services Pornography
Registration Optional
Premium Yes, with subscription

The history of PornHub started in 2007. In 2010, the site was added to a Manwin conglomerate that is at present known as MindGeek. The PornHub NETWORK contains now not only PornHub itself but also some additional porn platforms.

pornhub premium review

PornHub RedTube YouPorn Xtube

PornHub is probably the biggest adult website in the whole web, with the largest number of videos shared. It hosts more movies than any other pornographic video sharing site. PornHub is a mix of professional and amateur porn movies. Viewers can use some special functions like sharing videos or liking and disliking them, for example. There is also the option to register the account that is free. But it still isn't everything - PornHub has also its own premium option available with the subscription that is connected with having the access to additional and top quality content. And exactly this mode will be a subject of this write-up.

It’s easy to find lots of curiosities about PornHub and its work. What is worth mentioning? What should you know?

  • PornHub supports different important for the World actions:
    • fight with climate changes
    • saving bees
    • anti-cancer actions for women and men
  • but the site is connected also with some controversial things:
    • blocking in Russia because of too young appearance of one actress and also being turn off in some other countries because of various causes
    • malvertising connected with installing harmful files on PornHub’s devices
    • is available in mass culture, it appears from time to time in talk shows or films.

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Few words about probably the biggest porn videos website in the World

PornHub is the platform with tons of videos with porn content. Available in several languages, it’s quite easy to navigate. The site is available in straight and gay version. You can access most videos for free, but there is also the option to register the account to get more features, for example joining the community of PornHub. The site recommends you some content according your location so if you’re in the USA, you can see at a homepage most popular videos connected with the area you are. What’s more, the content is divided and available on the site based on some options:

  • porn videos
  • categories
  • live cams
  • pornstars
  • community
  • photos & GIFs.

But PornHub is not only the community with free to watch adult videos but also the platform that shares with their customers one of the best premium option full of professional and top quality pornographic videos and DVD-mode full-length productions. For only few dollars per month, you can access the best porn content available in the web. If it’s worth to pay for it? You’ll get the answer soon.

pornhub premium opinion

Premium option of PornHub - bonus porn content available for users with monthly subscription

PornHub Premium is the paid version of the website with the monthly subscription that provides the access to additional adult content. A library of paid productions is huge and updated regularly and thanks to this you don’t have to watch the same videos twice (unless you want it). If you hesitate, there is the option to check premium for free for one week (7 days). It seems to be fair to give this option to users who aren’t sure if they want to pay for that monthly. The same situation is with a Pornhub Gay Premium that is also available in the paid mode and also with the trial period.

If you’re real fan of pornography and top quality productions, it’s worth to wonder if you like PornHub as much as you are able to pay for their movies. On free option of PornHub website you can see amateur, low quality movies and regularly you face ads - these bad things aren’t available in the paid version. Paying, you get only the best productions free from advertisements that may be really annoying. But it isn’t everything, premium has some extras and you’ll know all of them soon.

What is price of premium mode of PornHub?

You can pay the whole price of your access to PornHub premium or save up to 20% - the longer subscription you buy, the bigger the discount is. You can also choose between 2 ways of making payment.

Pay with your card or use cryptocurrency to pay for your account on PornHub

You can pay for your membership on PornHub Premium with 2 ways - using your credit card or paying with cryptocurrency. There is only one difference between these 2 options - if you pay with the card, your subscription is renewed every time it’s over. If you pay with crypto, your subscription doesn’t renew.

Both payment options guarantee 7-day trial or purchasing the access with 20% discount for users. It’s only your decision which payment way is more comfortable for you.

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See the cost of PornHub Premium per month

Prices and discounts for both options are the same - but using the card you can try the 7-day trial, with crypto it’s impossible but the membership won’t renew when it’s over.

Premium membership costs
Monthly for $9.99 monthly If you pay with the card, you can use free trial for 7 days, for crypto it’s impossible
Annual for $7.99 monthly It’s billed in 1 payment of $95.88

Paying for 1 year, you can save 20% but you must do it with one payment billed of nearly $100. If you’re the fan of PornHub, it’s rather recommended to buy the membership with this lower price option to save some cash.

Is it worth to buy the paid version of PornHub?

First of all, think about all subscriptions you pay - and it may mean that the membership of PornHub may be cheaper than Netflix, for example. PornHub is full of porn of all kinds and most of the content may be accessed for free. So what makes premium worth buying it? First of all - quality. The real potential of PornHub and its content is available for users who pay the subscription.

What are PornHub Premium benefits you get if you pay for the membership?

  • big library with various porn videos - premium offers HD quality and productions of different big studios like for example:
    • Brazzers
    • Vixen
    • Team Skeet
    • Teen Fidelity
    • Fake Taxi
    • Reality Kings
    • Nubile Films
    • Digital Playground
    • and more
  • premium users can download the content in HD quality
  • premium means access not only to videos but also to the DVD section
  • premium is free from ads
  • premium supports VR glasses with additional content:
    • about 1,000 Premium-exclusive VR porn scenes
    • half of them in 4K Ultra HD
    • VR content works with:
      • Oculus
      • PlayStation VR
      • Google Cardboard
      • VIVE
      • Samsung Gear VR systems
  • hundreds of videos support teledildonics like:
    • Kiiroo Onyx
    • Kiiroo Pearl
    • OhMiBod Fuse
    • Virtual Blowbot Stroker
    • Virtual Blowbot Turbo Stroker
    • Virtual Rabbit
  • you have 24/7 customer support
  • your account is protected additionally and your payments are safe
  • in the PornHub Premium membership you get the full access to paid versions of:
    • RedTube
    • YouPorn
  • premium user can hide their profile from other community members
  • streaming is faster
  • tons of content is added daily
  • an interface is friendly to mobile phones and devices.

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What movies are included in premium option of PornHub?

If you choose premium mode of PornHub, you get the access to tons of adult productions. It’s hard to describe all of them but see the list of some most popular studios that share their content with PornHub Premium:

  • Brazzers
  • GirlsDoPorn
  • Team Skeet
  • Exploited College Girls
  • FakeTAXI
  • NetVideoGirls
  • PornHub VR
  • Reality Kings
  • Property Sex
  • Moms Teach Sex
  • SEXYhub! Massage Rooms
  • Rocco Siffredi
  • ExxxtraSmall
  • Nubile Films
  • DigitalPlayground
  • Public Agent
  • DDF Network.

As you can see, you can find almost everything in the premium account of PornHub - from MILFs to hentai movies. And that’s may be yours only with few dollars a month.

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Things important for all users interested in paying for the premium membership on PH

There are some questions that may be important for you if you’re interested in getting premium on PornHub. Read them to check if you’re still able to set up the account there:

    Yes, it is. But after this period of time it’s billed of $9.99 a month if you use your card to create the membership
    PornHub Premium has extremely big library with full-length productions available with paid subscription
    You can access more than 100k top quality porn movies available to watch normally or with VR
    Yes, it is. Premium is free from ads that are available in gratis mode of the website
    Yes, it is.

Is it possible to use any hack to generate the access to premium on PornHub?

There isn’t any generator, adder, hack or something like this available in the web. You can’t just generate premium access to pay nothing for that. If you can find any cheat systems in the internet, don’t believe them! PornHub Premium is available only if you pay the subscription. If you want to save some money, you can get the membership cheaper - but to do this, you must buy the access for the year. Then the price is lower and you don’t pay almost $10 per month but you can save 20% and pay less than $8 a month.

Eight or ten dollars per months isn’t the very big cost. For just a small amount you can see so many best pron movies! It doesn’t worth to waste time to search and use generators and hacks that don’t work and cheat only on you.

pornhub premium information

Overall review of premium option of PornHub

It’s the time to compare both options of PornHub in details to give you all details connected with having the access to the content. Do you need premium on PornHub? Is it worth your money? Below the answer for all most important questions that may interest you jest right before setting up the account.

Pornub Premium vs free PornHub - what differs these options each other?

If you have enjoyed regular PornHub content already using the free option of this website you must know all annoying things connected with the option without the subscription. There are, for example, full-page ads, the in-player advertising and maximum volume pop-ups in the background. It makes watching videos full of breaks that anyone doesn't like. These minuses there aren't in premium - if you pay for your subscription, you get HD quality and no ads so you can just watch and enjoy yourself the way you like. But PornHub Premium gives you also exclusive content that isn't available on every website you can find around the web and many DVDs in full-length. It means that productions you can access in premium are better and the way of watching them is more comfortable and free from annoying things that can bother you if you use the unpaid version of PornHub.

It’s easy to compare both options of PornHub and you will always see that the paid mode is better because it has more content and better quality of services. What’s also important, the price of the subscription is very competitive if we compare it with other premium sites you can find in the internet.

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Advantages and disadvantages of paying for the PH subscription

PornHub Premium is real experience, available for all users that are brave enough to pay for the membership and immerse into the world of the biggest quantity of movies that may be found in the internet. There are both films and pics you can see and download, the website is easy to use on mobile phones and the only thing that is important here is having great time because porn movies have been created for that.

Pluses of PornHub Premium - what is good if you have the subscription?

First of all, cost of access to premium content isn’t to high, it’s worth to pay $10 or less per month, there are lots of things that need more your money (even Netflix is more expensive and its library of movies is smaller):

  • you can check if you like the site and its content with the free 7 days trial
  • you can access videos in high quality and with the VR mode
  • it’s hard to see everything that it’s available to watch in the library
  • there are some new films and pic sets added every day
  • premium on PornHub has both original content and films made by other big professional and amateur production companies.

Are there any disadvantages connected with using the PornHub premium?

There are few things that are bad in PornHub Premium but it has more pluses:

  • it may have more studios under the flag of premium
  • sometimes you can feel lost during searching the movie you really want to watch.

You can look for another option with premium porn and the subscription but it would be hard to find something better than PornHub Premium. Why? Because a proportion between membership price and the quantity of content is perfect here. You can pay, of course, the subscription on different websites but if you’re interested in good porn with average price, PornHub Premium should be checked by you. There are cheaper sites, of course but starting with this platform is wise and advised.

pornhub premium discount

Final words about paid access to PH

Within recent years, the quantity of people used porn have increased. At present teenagers and young adult people use porn sites regularly. Most of them don’t pay for adult content so it’s worth to ask one question: “Is it worth to pay for porn videos and access to them?”. Between 80% and 90% of people use free pornography but it also means that there are 10-20% people who pay for premium content and most of them do it regularly. SOmetimes they choose only one site with the subscription or currency to spend, sometimes they have even a couple of different memberships with subscriptions or tokens/credits that must be bought to enjoy videos or shows. Lots of porn fans and users understand that free options are OK but they appreciate real pleasure that requires paying.

First of all, paying for porn you help the whole porn industry to develop and become better and quality higher - if you pay the subscription, production companies have additional cash to make new films with good scenes and the best actors. If you don't pay and use only free options, you hurt porn industry and its future potential. Because of these facts, premium viewers are appreciated by porn websites and companies. For example, PornHub gives some xtras to their subscribed members like special programs and parodies, not only full-length videos and DVD productions. Believe, it’s hard to watch everything - even if you spend lots of time enjoying porn.

So if you wonder - try the premium access or not, remember that you can check the trial without paying. PornHub Premium proves that it’s worth to pay for porn. To believe it in 100%, you just must check the site and its content available for money.

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