The review of Chaturbate written with all aspects of having an account, advices for users and discount up to 40% for tokens purchase

Below review for Chaturbate is based on a homepage, official website’s FAQ and experience of users and broadcasters. If you are interested in Chaturbate and its options and want to get some additional knowledge about live sex shows, it’s a right place for you. Everything started in 2008, when Chaturbate was launched. From that time, Chaturbate has been one of the most popular live streaming websites with adult content. The range of services you can find there is wide and based on a mix of 2 words - chatting and masturbation. Having it everything in the consideration, the site offers nude and non-nude sexual activities from dirty talk to masturbation with toys. The site is divided into five main categories concerning performers: female cams, male cams, couple cams, transgender cams and spy shows but they aren’t only options of searching there.

Offer based on regulations of the website!

Basic details of Chaturbate
Type of the website Live streaming webcam website with nude and non-nude adult content
Available in Multilingual
Headquarters California, USA
Area served Worldwide, except blocked areas
Industry Adult camming
Registration Optional
Launched February 26th, 2008
Current status Active

chaturbate review

There are some sites like Chaturbate but it’s hard to find something with better content. The website is friendly for all users - straight and homosexual or with specified preferences. Joining the site is free - Chaturbate Registration is gratis and it takes only a while to set up an account. What’s important, you don’t have to connect your credit card with the account then (remember that some other adult websites require connecting the credit card during the process of registering). You have to determine just few details to start. The first one is connected with choosing an username - if a nick isn’t available don’t worry, just choose other username, changing the whole name or adding numbers or letters. The rest features are connected with your age. There is an option to customize your profile after confirming your membership so you can add information to your account anytime.

Using the site, you have to remember about some important things - being rude or offensive is forbidden. Chaturbate was created to share pleasure, not to cause problems connected with racism or homophobia, for example, so it has some Chaturbate Rules you have to respect. We are different and all of us is acceptable on the website. If you decide to set up the account, remember that:

  • it’s not allowed to use abusive language - offensive words or racism and hate speech
  • it’s not allowed to harass other users of broadcasters because it may result in a ban
  • it’s not allowed to share personal details of models or other chat users.

Offer based on regulations of the website!

Chaturbate overview - what can you access having the account registered?

It’s easy to set up the account there. But a journey is just started there, more options must be discovered. At the first glance, on homepage you can see different things and options but it’s always better to know more about navigation and things available to watch. Only having the map of website’s options, you can search for broadcasters you want to see for real. So now it’s the time to make the overview of Chaturbate and its chats.

An inspection of chats, tags, performers, categories and an option connected with earning tokens for free

Navigation may be made from the homepage of Chaturbate. There you can see all options that are helpful in searching. Some filters are hidden at the first glance but when you click ‘advanced options’ that you can see below your account details, you can see additional features of searching. It works like this because some features are available on the top of the homepage and some are available in a footer. One thing is always the same - if you don’t change your private preferences entering your profile where you can update information and make changes related to your taste, you can see the overview of featured webcams on the main page.

Chaturbate homepage top - chat rooms, categories, content to buy and gratis coins to get

If your preferences aren’t set with your specified taste, everything starts every time with features cams. But you can divide webcams into categories, genders and using tags. There are some different options of searching. But actually Chaturbate Searching and Navigation is quite easy that causes that you can always find the right broadcaster in the simple way.

The very first dark blue bar is connected with basic options of Chaturbate. There you can see all chat rooms, start broadcasting yourself and click in additional options like:

  • TUBE - there you can see content of your favorites or most popular streamers like photos or short videos
  • TAGS - there are lots of tags that that make searching easier. Each of them has also the number of all rooms with it determined. Now there are more than 10 pages with tags and they may be divided into categories that concern:
    • female
    • male
    • couples
    • trans
  • EARN FREE TOKENS - where you can get gratis coins by a Spending Limit Increase Form (then after verifying, you get 200 extra tokens to your next purchase)
  • MY COLLECTION - it’s the place with recorded private shows and bought pics and videos.

The basic categorisation of webcams available to watch on Chaturbate is connected with dividing chats like:

  • female
  • male
  • couples
  • trans
  • spy shows
  • followed (with your favourite performers saved).

chaturbate opinion

A footer - free and private shows categories and a quick search

The footer of the site may be used to quick search. There you can see all categories connected with Chaturbate Private Shows and gratis options that may be watched for free or just with few tokens you spend on tipping broadcasters:

  • PRIVATE SHOWS (divided by their price per minute):
    • 6 tokens value/minute
    • 12 tokens value/minute
    • 18 tokens value/minute
    • 30 tokens value/minute
    • 60 tokens value/minute
    • 90 tokens value/minute
    • age:
      • teen cams (18+)
      • 18 to 21 cams
      • 20 to 30 cams
      • 30 to 50 cams
      • mature cams (50+)
    • region:
      • North American cams
      • Euro Russian cams
      • Asian cams
      • South American cams
      • other region cams
    • status:
      • exhibitionist cams
      • HD cams
      • private shows
      • group shows
      • new cams.

Private shows are connected with paying the price per minute for the show. Then the user can be in the one room with the Chaturbate Broadcaster more privately (sometimes the model allows to spy their private shows so sometimes even during the private chat you can have spectators). Group shows are better for users who want to enjoy Chaturbate in the cheaper way - then you pay only for tips you send to the broadcaster. Both above sorts of shows have the same popularity.

Offer based on regulations of the website!

Chaturbate is available in several different languages and it’s LGBT community friendly

If English isn’t your first choice in the web, then you can use Chaturbate in some different languages. Remember that navigating the website in the language you prefer doesn’t mean that there are lots of broadcasters who can speak it. But the geo navigation based on regions will help you to find the performer who can speak the language you like. If you visit the site, you can choose among:

  • Arabic
  • German
  • Greek
  • English
  • Spanish
  • French
  • Hindu
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Dutch
  • Portuguese
  • Russian
  • Turkish
  • Chinese.

What’s more, the website is friendly to LGBT community. You can watch there trans models and find couples of the same sex. There are tags like #lesbian or #gay too. It shows that all kinds of homosexual users or those ones with specified taste will be also satisfied with shows available on Chaturbate. Remember that each tag contains details of all rooms available under this label.

A price list and everything about a token that is an official coin used to pay and tip

Everything on Chaturbate is connected with the token. This coin is the official currency of the site. Tokens are available to buy in special packages and remember - there isn’t any tool that may be called a Chaturbate currency hack. The idea of a generator is only a scam created to cheat you. Don’t believe sites that offers you the Chaturbate token currency hack system to use - the only way to get coins is connected with buying them (of course, there are lots of special offers and discounts for users but in each situation you have to purchase tokens). If you register your account with a link that is available here, you will get special discounts that are related to the amount you will spend on tokens.

Everything about tokens from prices to a calculator of coins

Chaturbate Tokens are necessary to pay for private shows, tip models and buy the additional content like photos of videos. If you prefer private shows, you need more coins to enjoy them, if you spend your time on public chats - then you pay less, tipping the model. Is it possible to watch shows for free? In the public room - it is. You can take part in public chat even if your token balance is zero but only with Chaturbate tokens you can feel everything better. Chaturbate is the act of masturbation during chatting and believe that pleasure is bigger when you can spend some coins taking part in the show.

chaturbate promotion

Cost and a role of the token on Chaturbate

The token is the official coin of the website. All sites like Chaturbate has their own vouchers too. Tokens are important because they are the bridge between the model and a viewer. The user spend coins on shows and tokens are earned by broadcasters and then transferred into their salary. 1 earned token is always 5 cents for the performer and it means that they need, for example:

  • 20 tokens for $1
  • 100 tokens for $5
  • 500 tokens for $25
  • 1000 tokens for $50
  • 10000 tokens for $500.

If you send 20 coins to the model, they earn only $1. How is it connected with prices of shows per minute? On Chaturbate there are shows with the cost from 6 to 90 tokens/minute. It means that the value of 1 minute of the private show may be from $0.3 to $4.5 for the model.

The price of Chaturbate shows for users
6 tokens per minute
12 tokens per minute
18 tokens per minute
30 tokens per minute
60 tokens per minute
90 tokens per minute

It’s hard to determine the value of 1 minute of the show for viewers. It’s dependent on the the amount of tokens the user buys - the bigger package is, the price goes lower. Bigger set of coins means more discounts available to use and free tokens that are added gratis to the whole package.

Chaturbate spending limits for users and increasing the amount of tokens to spend

All accounts on Chaturbate are limited with the number of transactions that may be conducted within specified period of time. These limits may be set or increased by completing the Chaturbate Spending Limit Increase Form. Filling the form and verifying the limit on your account is connected with getting free coins. If you increase your limit on Chaturbate, you’ll get extra 200 gratis coins to spend on the website the way you like. It’s a good deal for all users who look for special discount offers.

There is no option of the hack that provides free Chaturbate tokens to users. Of course, you can get some free coins there but it’s always connected with purchasing Chaturbate currency. There isn’t any working generator on the market but in some cases it’s possible to enjoy free Chaturbate tokens added into the balance according to special offers for dedicated viewers who buy tokens.

Offer based on regulations of the website!

Token buying inspection, available packages and how to purchase them?

Chaturbate tokens are available to buy in special packages. The bigger package, the more discount you can get. It’s always better to choose the package that is larger - then rebate is bigger too.

Token packages available to buy on Chaturbate
Amount of coins in the package Price per the package Bonus
100 tokens 10.99 -
200 tokens 20.99 5%
500 tokens 44.99 22%
750 tokens 62.99 32%
1,000 tokens 79.99 37%
1,250 tokens 99.99 38%
2025 tokens 159.99 40%

Coins may be paid with different payment methods:

  • Credit Card (Visa/Mastercard/Discover)
  • Paysafecard
  • Epoch (Credit Card/PaySafeCard)
  • Wire Transfer
  • Cryptocurrency
  • other methods.

You can also get extra tokens for free if you set up the subscription (200 free tokens of bonus) or filling the form of Spending Limit Increase (also 200 free tokens of bonus). The option of purchase coins is accessible in your account anytime you are logged into Chaturbate.

Different payment methods are connected with various options. What’s more, you can always contact with the Support if you are interested in packages bigger than above ones:

  • certified check and money order have the minimum of $160 and you can use any amount you want - then the converter is always the same and 1 token’s price is $0.08 (eight cents)
  • wire transfer has the minimum of $250 and the cost of 1 token is always 8 cents ($0.08)
  • if you want to buy coins with Bitcoin, you have to purchase 1,250 tokens or more to make the BTC payment payable for both sites
  • if you are interested in other methods, you have to check options available in your area from almost 40 other payment methods.

chaturbate information

The converter important for all Chaturbate users and the rate of the calculator for Chaturbate official coins

If you are interested in the rate of exchange of tokens, there is always the same formula for that:

  • TOKENS TO DOLLARS: tokens x 0.05 = $ CashOut
  • DOLLAR TO TOKENS: $CashOut / 0.05 = $ Tokens.

This formula is most important for broadcaster but if you’re the viewer interested in official Chaturbate Token Calculator and the exchange rate, now you can check how much the model can earn from your tips and tokens necessary to pay per minute during chats. It means that the broadcaster can earn dollars like below examples:

  • 20 tokens are $1
  • 100 tokens are $5
  • 500 tokens are $25
  • 1000 tokens are $50
  • 10000 tokens are $500.

How to send online and offline tips on Chaturbate and how much tokens do you need for that?

Sending tips to models is one of the most important parts connected with using Chaturbate. Tips are additional way to earn cash by broadcasters so they always appreciate getting gratuity. During group shows it’s also the main way of collecting money.

Tips may be sent in online and offline modes. Online mode is available during the chat and the offline gratuity may be sent anytime you want to show the model that you like them. The amount of tokens you send as the tip is dependent on your will. Any amount is available to send but remember that 1 tokens is only 5 cents that means 20 tokens are $1, 100 tokens are $5, etc. It means that the good tip starts with more than 100 coins sent.

Offer based on regulations of the website!

A few words about systems that called themselves hack tools for Chaturbate

Is it possible to find any working system that is a Chaturbate Token Generator? In the web there are many tools called generating hack systems or adders. Let’s check if it’s possible to get free and unlimited coins there. It will help you to understand the idea of Chaturbate better and catch the point that only with official bonuses and discounts you can enjoy additional tokens.

There is no option to find the adder for Chaturbate that works for real to cheat the system and provide you gratis coins

Chaturbate doesn’t support any systems that work to cheat the website. Of course, in the web there are many tools like these ones with reviews written to prove you that they work for real. But the truth is different - there isn’t any tool that is the adder for the currency or the hack that can retrieve tokens or premium for you. On Chaturbate all tokens are available to get only with official ways like purchasing or using bonus offers and discounts.

The only way to enjoy Chaturbate shows is connected with buying tokens and using discounts that are created for dedicated users. Remember that the more you buy, the more you can get for free. And the second thing is the fact that you can enjoy many great things on Chaturbate with only few tokens in your balance. The generator for Chaturbate is only a myth created to force you to use scam systems available online. The truth is that Chaturbate tokens are available only with the official Chaturbate channel that is accessible to use only on the website. So if you anytime find something like generator, hack, cheat or adder remember that they can cheat only on you and your will to save money. You shouldn’t use these systems but focus on official ways to get gratis coins. Chaturbate has many different offers and discounts for dedicated users. All of them are connected with buying tokens and you must understand that purchase coins is the best thing you can do to take part in promotions offered by Chaturbate.

chaturbate tokens

Chaturbate special offers and discounts available for registered members and up to 40% discount connected with buying tokens

You have already known that any generator for tokens doesn’t provide gratis coins for real. But Chaturbate itself offers special discounts and rebates for people with registered membership:

  • 200 free tokens for creating the premium subscription for $19.95 - and then you can enjoy both gratis coins and all options connected with being the supporting premium member of Chaturbate
  • 200 free tokens for filling the form of Spending Limit Increase
  • cheaper coins according to discounts connected with buying bigger packages of tokens - they may be from 5% to up to 40%!

If you are interested in getting up to 40% discount connected with purchase Chaturbate tokens, you’re in the right place. Then the cost per 1 coin is smaller than 8 cents (remember that prices of tokens start with 11 cents if you choose the smaller package of coins). It means that for 11 cents you can buy 1 token or almost 2 of them. It’s only your decision if you choose bigger packages with the special Chaturbate Promotions for users.

Offer based on regulations of the website!

Users FAQ about all important things connected with reviewing the website and spending tokens there

Any review is completed only if you can familiarize yourself with the FAQ mode. Here you’ll know all most important details connected with using Chaturbate with the registered account. Let’s start the journey from basic member to upgraded viewer with the premium subscription. It’s worth to use Chaturbate and spend tokens there but you have to know more about accessible options to maximize your pleasure connected with this kind of cyber sex.

Types of Chaturbate shows you can access with tokens

On Chaturbate there are different types of chats available to access by viewers. Their prices are different and it means that everybody can find something matching there. You can spend up to 90 tokens per minute on chat or just having great time with sending tips to broadcasters in the cheaper option.

What types of shows are available to join on Chaturbate?

  • FREE CHATS - preferred by many broadcasters because anybody can join them and send tips as the payment. This kind of shows may be paid only with voluntary tips or connected with collecting coins on goals to do by the model. The huge advantage of this kind of the show is the fact that they are longer than other performances
  • GROUP CHATS - with determined number of viewers and the price per minute (6-30 coins/minute). Sometimes this kind of show requires buying a ticket (for determined amount of tokens). The cost per minute is only the part of the show - taking the part in this, you should also tip the model additionally
  • SPY SHOWS - the price of this kind of the show is determined by the broadcaster who can allow the access to their private chats by other spectators. You have to have also the minimum of tokens in your balance to have the option to spy somebody’s private chat. In this kind of the show you can just watch without having the chance to influence on anything
  • PRIVATE CHATS - is the show when you are in the room only with the broadcaster. If the model allows it, you can be spied by other users who haven’t any influence on the chat. The range of prices is from 6 to 90 tokens per minute for this kind of the chat. Sometimes the model determines also the minimum in your balance to start this sort of the chat and it may be between 100 and 1000 tokens (it shows the performer that the show will be longer and they earn some cash spending time with you).

Broadcasters can share the option of recording their shows. Then you can save the chat and see it later in 'MY COLLECTION' to watch it. To find out if the model allows this, initiate a private show and before confirming, it will tell you if they have this feature enabled or not. Recorded chats are your private records only you can watch.

chaturbate discount

Chaturbate account types available to access - be the member you want to be and get 100% of the website

On Chaturbate there are 3 types of visitors. The first one is the unregistered user without the account confirmed in the system. This member doesn’t have too many rights and options of enjoying the site. To start using Chaturbate with all its features, you have to set up the account. Then you can be one of 2 below kinds of users:

  • BASIC MEMBER - registered user with the free registered account that can buy tokens and use them chatting and tipping broadcasters
  • SUPPORTER - Chaturbate Premium means paying monthly subscription of $19.95 and some additional advanced options. Becoming the premium user is connected not only with bonus features but also with getting 200 free tokens that may be spent the way you like.
Features connected with having the account on Chaturbate
Basic membership Premium paid subscription
Free cam chat
Multiple cam view
Full screen
Free cam chat
Multiple cam view
Full screen
Clean, ad-free interface
Custom chat fonts
Color options connected with chatting
Private messaging
200 free tokens added into the account

And now the short review about having the premium membership on Chaturbate to show you all aspects connected with paying for the subscription:

  • after creating the subscription you get extra 200 gratis coins that may be spent the way you want - the value of these free tokens is bigger than the price of the subscription
  • if you have the subscription you are more interesting for broadcasters - you can text on chats with special fonts and colors
  • you can use Chaturbate without ads with completely clear interface.

The another subscription you can have is a fanclub of your favourite model. Then you also pay the monthly subscription and its price depends on model’s will. Being the fan of the broadcaster, you get green color on their chats.

Offer based on regulations of the website!

Why users on Chaturbate have different colors?

Taking part in the chat, you can check statuses of all Chaturbate users. Below the short guide related to all Chaturbate Username Colors available to see on the site:

  • ORANGE NAMES are Broadcasters
  • RED NAMES mean chat Moderators
  • LIGHT BLUE NAMES own or have purchased tokens
  • DARK BLUE NAMES have tipped at least 50 tokens in the past 2 weeks
  • LIGHT PURPLE NAMES have tipped at least 250 tokens in the past 2 weeks
  • DARK PURPLE NAMES have tipped at least 1000 tokens in the past 2 weeks
  • GREEN NAMES are fan club members
  • GREY NAMES have no tokens in their balance.

If you haven’t any tokens in your account, you are recognized by other users and broadcasters. Only users who have coins are interesting for models because they know that you can invite them into the private room or send tips. It means that purchasing tokens is necessary to use the website in the connection with all its options. Doesn’t matter how many reviews you will read - a conclusion is always the same: you need tokens to enjoy Chaturbate.

Chaturbate is both PC and mobile friendly so you can use different devices to enjoy the website and spend tokens

Chaturbate may be used both by viewers and broadcasters in mobile and PC modes. It means that all PC options of the site are available also on mobile devices - both with iOS and Android operating systems.

Mobile mode has all the same features as the PC one. Using Chaturbate with your smartphone, you can:

  • broadcast
  • watch shows
  • chat
  • hear sound
  • tip models
  • follow and unfollow
  • view bios of models.

free chaturbate

Is Chaturbate safe to use?

Chaturbate is safe if you have registered account there. But, of course, there are additional protection options available for viewers and broadcasters. If you want to care about your token balance or protect your earnings, here you’ll find the way to do it.

Security tips connected with protecting the account and tokens

Protecting the account is dependent on your actions first of all. Setting up the account, you can determine things important for your Chaturbate Safety like:

  • determining a password created only for Chaturbate
  • creating the password with at least 15 characters, at least one number, one uppercase letter, one lowercase letter and one special symbol
  • avoiding using:
    • names of your families, friends or pets
    • postcodes
    • house numbers
    • phone numbers
    • birth dates
    • ID card numbers
    • social security numbers
  • do not let your web browsers store your passwords
  • do not log into your account with WiFI networks and computers of others.

It’s recommended to change the password every 10 weeks to protect the account better and to manage your passwords with a password management software. The additional way to protect your account is also using a 2-step authentication.

Offer based on regulations of the website!

2-step verification as an additional way to protect Chaturbate account and tokens

2-step verification is the additional way to protect the account if you’re Chaturbate viewer that is based on asking for the verification code during logging into Chaturbate. Codes used to verification may be received by different devices through text, phone call or codes generated on your smartphone.

This special way of verification is accessible on:

  • Android smartphones and mobile devices
  • Apple iOS devices
  • Windows smartphones
  • devices capable with generating TTP codes
  • any phone able to receive text messages
  • any phone able to receive phone calls
  • a hardware security key U2F compatible.

2-step verification is a discreet way to avoid phishing and details loses. You can use the app that provides verification codes if you have smartphone or set up other ways connected with different code generators. SMS codes are be sent from an SMS short-code and contain only your 2-Step token. Automated phone calls have no caller ID and are not listed in any directories.

Overall review of Chaturbate and all best options connected with this streaming site

This review is the overall description of Chaturbate and its best options. It contains not only hints for viewers and broadcasters but also the list of dangerous things connected with using the website like safety tips or generator scam systems. You can be sure that everything will be updated here if anything changes. This write-up is based on observations made by streamers and watchers and many messages we have written to Chaturbate support. It causes that knowledge you can find here is reliable and based on official answers connected with questions that are most frequently asked on the site.

All details of using the website with overall reviews about important things like the cost of tokens

Chaturbate - as any other live streaming sex website - has both pluses and minuses. You should know all of them if you want to spend your private money there. Chaturbate is one of the most popular adult webcam sites and it’s caused by the fact that many options are available there for free. But if you want to spend lots of money there - it’s also possible because some private chats are 90 tokens per minute. It means that this site is well-balanced and may be used both by generous and stingy viewers:

    • registration is free
    • group sessions are free to join - you pay only for tips sent to broadcasters
    • the site is big so you can find lots of great content there
    • the website is full of frequent updates connected with additional videos and pics of broadcasters
    • there are options to get gratis tokens without paying for them (it’s available to get up to 400 free coins)
    • it’s possible to get up to 40% discount connected with buying the currency
    • Chaturbate is easy to navigate, you can use categories, genders and tags to search
    • lots of cams are available in HD quality
    • tokens may be bought with Bitcoin that may be very comfortable for many users
    • streamers are located Worldwide and are from different genders and with all body types
    • there are lots of amateur and stars models so great shows are available anytime you enter the website - doesn’t matter if you prefer morning or evening masturbate
    • you can see tons of nudity there without paying anything
    • you can enjoy shows according to the tip menu - determined amount of tokens may mean the activity the model has to do for you and believe that they have wide ranges of services when they stream
    • some performers use Chaturbate Toys activated by tips - and the more coins you give the harder it vibrates
    • models have bios with lots of pics and additional content to buy
    • the website is mobile friendly
    • there are user ratings and comments to see before you start the chat with the model
    • you can create the list of your favorites and follow them
    • private shows are expensive so if you want to spend less, you should choose free public shows when the only price you pay is connected with sending tips
    • you have to pay the monthly subscription for being in the fanclub of the model you like.

At the first glance, Chaturbate is the great place to spend time and tokens. Full of best models of the industry, with different genders and all body types. Some things are quite expensive there but lots of things are free or may be used just with few tokens that makes Chaturbate one of the most user-friendly sex streaming websites you can find in the web. Doesn’t matter how many reviews you will read - the answer is always the same: Chaturbate is worth your time and your money.

chaturbate info

Summary review of Chaturbate before you set up the account on the website - from shows to tokens in just few words

Chaturbate may seem to be inconspicuous but if you enter the website once, you’ll probably fall in love with the site. Not only with the fact that there are about 500 different models available to chat anytime you visit the site or because of the fact that you can find almost everything there. Chaturbate is something more than normal porn entertainment - it’s the place where you can access the real and unlimited pleasure.

Is it available to have completely Free Chaturbate and spend no coins on the website? Yes, it is. But all the best options on the website are paid and if you enjoy any open chat without any price per minute, it's advised to leave some tokens there if you appreciate the model and their work. Of course, you can get some coins for free too but it’s always connected with purchasing Chaturbate currency or some additional actions.

Shortcut of site details
Content Different sorts of nude and non-nude live streaming connected with sex and other sexual activities
Quality Most cams are in HD
Membership plans Free basic plan connected with buying tokens and premium membership with monthly subscription and buying the currency
Models Amateurs and porn stars - of different genders, all body types and in different age
Chaturbate is full of gratis options and free modes, there are also special bonuses connected with getting extra tokens and getting up to 40% discount during currency purchase

Chaturbate is one of the most popular live streaming websites because it’s not only characterized by top quality performances you can see there but also connected with the fact that many options are completely free there. You can see tons of nudity without spending tokens and have lots of great pleasure with only few coins, especially if you prefer public chats with tipping as the only payment method. Many models prefer earning by giving public chats because then they can collect more tokens from tips than earn according to the price per minute so broadcaster love giving long public shows that last even several hours. Some of them are connected also with using sex toys and thanks to this you and your tips can have the influence of model’s experiences. Sometimes there is also the special menu with the price list connected with specified sexual activities - then all room visitors spend their tokens to set the goal ready to do. Thanks to this, you can spend just few coins and take part in long and pleasurable show with best adult models available in the whole web.

It’s easy to describe the quality of performances available to watch on Chaturbate. Most cams are HD with smooth sound so it’s the big pleasure to take part in these shows. Also if you want to spend more cash entering the website, you’ll be satisfied. You can buy additional content of models like photos and videos or invite them into private chats that are more expensive than spending time in public rooms.

It’s also the time to mention again the fact that there isn’t any option in the web to use the generator called also the adder to get gratis tokens. Free coins are available on Chaturbate but you have to get them with official Chaturbate channels connected with getting special bonuses. According to all site bonuses, you can get up to 400 Free Tokens for different activities and this way enjoy gratis coins that may be spent by you the way you like. The another way of having discounts is connected with buying packages of coins. Purchasing tokens, you can get up to 40% discount if you choose bigger package of coins.

To sum up this review - Chaturbate is the great live adult streaming website with many options that may be discovered by you anytime you want. Most of them are free so having the pleasure there is very easy. Creating the account on the website is simple and each token you will spend there will provide you lots of pleasure because it’s hard to find another site with as many gratis options as things available on Chaturbate.

Offer based on regulations of the website!


9.4 Excellent Based on 761 reviews
9-10 stars
7-8 stars
5-6 stars
3-4 stars
1-2 stars

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Chaturbate Navigation

How to navigate Chaturbate? What are searching options of this website? Is it possible to make looking for the right performer easier with some tips? Check it!

Chaturbate Safety
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Chaturbate Safety

Can you feel safe and protected when you use Chaturbate? Know all safety measures available on this website and make a level of your security even higher!

Chaturbate Promotions
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Chaturbate Promotions

Chaturbate promotion - what does it mean? How to get free tokens and up to 40% of rebate purchasing currency? All extras and discounts explained for 2020

Chaturbate Username Colors
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Chaturbate Username Colors

On Chaturbate there are some different types of membership and various colors of nicknames. Know all of them and decide which membership is the best for you.

Chaturbate Rules
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Chaturbate Rules

You must respect Chaturbate rules if you want to use this website. The more that it is a place made to share pleasure. Familiarize with them to avoid ban!

Chaturbate Spending Limit
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Chaturbate Spending Limit

What limit of your account can you face on Chaturbate? Know a spending limit better and find out a way of increasing it and getting free tokens for this.

Chaturbate Registration
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Chaturbate Registration

Is Chaturbate free to join? How to register on this site? Is a verification needed? Questions for all questions connected with Chaturbate registration answered!

Chaturbate Broadcaster
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Chaturbate Broadcaster

What is it like to work as a Chaturbate broadcaster? How much can you earn this way? Read about all aspects connected with making cash as a model on live chat.

Chaturbate Tokens
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Chaturbate Tokens

Is it possible to write about Chaturbate without mentioning about its official coins called tokens? Rather not. Know more about Chaturbate token and its role.

Chaturbate Private Shows
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Chaturbate Private Shows

Chaturbate offers free to join and private shows with tickets or price per minute. What can you get if you pay for being in one room with a model? Check it!

Chaturbate Toys
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Chaturbate Toys

During Chaturbate free and private shows you can enjoy various types of sex toys. What toys are allowed? Can them be managed with tips sent by viewers?

Chaturbate Token Calculator
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Chaturbate Token Calculator

How models and viewers can convert a value of Chaturbate tokens? Know a formula of the Chaturbate token calculator and importance of coins on the website.

Free Chaturbate
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Free Chaturbate

What is Chaturbate? A short explanation with all free Chaturbate features that are available for users on this live website. Get all answers for your questions!

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