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xHamsterLive and Stripchat may be called twins - both these sites are childs of big xHamster family. Why do they have the same content? Are they any differences between them? This article isn’t normal write-up, it was created to familiarize you with the fact that Stripchat and xHamster Live contain the same content.

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xHamsterLive vs Stripchat
What is the same? What is different?
content of both websites
chat sorts
membership kinds
gold subscription and its price
login details
colours of sites
addresses of websites

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The most annoying thing of both sites is the fact that they require different login details. So you should check both of them and decide which one is more friendly for you. There aren’t too much features to compare but you can for example choose a layout that is nicer to your eyes. There are users who prefer xHamsterLive colours and fans of Stripchat shades.


Why xHamster Live and Strip Chat have the same content?

We’ll start with 2 quotes - both of them are from official FAQs of xHamster Live and Strip Chat. It tells almost everything about this article and a main thesis from its title:

What is Stripchat?
Stripchat is a free online community where you can come and watch amazing amateur models perform interactive shows live. Stripchat is 100% free with instant access from anywhere, at any time.

and the second website - attention, attention:

What is xHamsterLive?
Xhamsterlive is a free online community where you can come and watch amazing amateur models perform interactive shows live. Xhamsterlive is 100% free with instant access from anywhere, at any time.

Can you notice any difference? The only one is the name of the website. If you don’t believe, the FAQ is in the footer of both websites, you can check it anytime you want.

Why Stripchat and xHamsterLive are 2 different websites with the same models and options?

Everything started with xHamster itself - one of the biggest adult platforms with free sex. This premium tube shared in the past the live option of enjoying adult content - first it was xHamsterCams (xHamster Cams sometimes) and then xHamsterLive (yes, it may be also written in 2 parts as xHamster Live). It’s hard to find an answer why but xHamster decided to open the next live streaming platform again - they announced Stripchat (also Strip Chat sometimes) but they designed the website based on xHamsterLive and its content.

It causes that now you as the user can access 2 different websites with the same options and content but that require different login details and that have various colours. For us, Stripchat tints are more attractive but some users prefer brighter colours and they use xHamsterLive with bigger pleasure.

Have Stripchat and xHamsterLive the same prices?

At present, cost of using both websites is the same and it concerns coins and prices of chats. So if you want to see the same broadcasters and you're wondering if it’s possible to do it for less - there isn’t any option for that because prices are the same now. Both xHamster Live and Stripchat may be used almost for free (when you decide to watch only tip-based shows) or may be quite expensive (if you prefer watching private or Cam2Cam performances).

Also a name of official currency and packages or payment options are the same - on both websites an official coin is called a token and on both sites there is the option to get some free coins in special giveaway.

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Features of Stripchat and xHamsterLive - the short write-up if you don’t know these sites better

If you read the review of Stripchat, you’ll find out all details of both websites. If it’s worth to use any of them? Rather yes, because both Stripchat and xHamsterLive are freemium sites and it’s only your choice if you want to spend more or less cash there.

Attributes of xHamster Live and Strip Chat that are available for users

Below features are related to xHmasterLive and Stripchat. Do you wonder if it’s worth to register an account and spend money there? Check options you can access there:

  • there are many free options but the account without tokens is limited
  • if you prefer watching gratis to watch and tip-based shows, you should have some coins to tip the model (you can do this according your will or using a tip menu if you want to see specified activity)
  • tipping is available in free and private chats
  • private chats are available with spy modes and in Cam2Cam option (even with VR device in some chat rooms)
  • websites may be used in PC and mobile modes - with a browser, there aren’t any special apps
  • there are chats with interactive sex toys
  • you can get paid subscription for $20 a month if you want to be premium member
  • models have detailed bios.

And, of course, on both platforms there are available free tokens to get in the official giveaway for users.

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Pros and cons of using xHamsterLive and Stripchat when you have tokens in your balance

Ok, it isn’t normal and detailed review, only the explanation that xHamsterLive and Stripchat are the same with different login details. But if you look for only for the short write-up, you should know basic pluses and minuses of xHamster Live and Strip Chat:

    • wide choice of models to watch (straight, homosexual and transsexual - with different genders, body types and age)
    • quite high number of tags and categories and easy to navigate layout
    • different chat options - from free to expensive ones
    • different payment options and the possibility to purchase even very big token packages
    • option of getting gratis coins
    • private shows are sometimes expensive (even more than 100 tokens per minute)
    • to access all premium options, you need to buy the subscription.

Only you can make the decision but believe that there are lots of websites that are worse than xHamsterLive and Stripchat. If you look for good entertainment in medium price, xHamsterLive and Stripchat seem to be good for you.

xhamsterlive tokens

Free 50 tokens may be yours both on Stripchat and xHamsterLive

On both websites there are regular giveaways for users. If you’re the registered viewer of xHamster Live or Strip Chat, you can participate in a contest that rewards users with 50 free tokens. It’s hard to determine how much luck you need to win these coins - but you can always click a button of participating in the competition to give yourself the chance to get something for free.

There aren’t any other gratis ways to get tokens for xHamsterLive and Stripchat. Even if you can find any xHamsterLive Hack System, generator or adder for currency on the web - you can be sure that they don’t work. It’s impossible to cheat the system of these websites. Tokens are available only in giveaways and regular purchase.

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How to describe xHamsterLive if it’s the same as Stripchat?

If you want to get more knowledge of xHamsterLive, it’s enough to check the review of Stripchat. As both these sites are almost the same, you can read the write-up of Stripchat and understand the idea of xHamsterLive.

Both sites have the same categories, models, currency and prices. It’s hard to understand why they need different login details. It will be easier if you can access both of them with the same nick and password.

Only you can decide if you prefer using xHamsterLive or Stripchat

FAPdistrict likes Stripchat more because of its colours. But we know that there are lots of users who prefer xHamsterLive - and they do this because of many different things, even just because sentiment to xHamster tube. In the past it was obvious that if you wanted to go live from watching videos, you should go into live part of xHamster. Now you have choice and 2 colour versions (maybe some of you are esthetes or artists and care about tints).

Doesn’t matter what you decide - remember that registering the account on both sites is free and you can watch live sex shows only with few tokens a day. It causes that using both websites is beneficial and that fact is the most important conclusion of the whole article.

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