Start performing as a Stripchat broadcaster

Before you start earning as a Stripchat broadcaster, you must know rules that you have to respect. A performer may be banned and then your work may end. It’s better to have an account active, it allows to make money and everybody knows that people who broadcast do it mainly for cash. Glory and great fun are additional thins but the main is almost always a possibility to get a good salary.

What is important for broadcasters?

    • broadcasters must be 18 years old or older and their identity must be confirmed with ID docs
    • profile and pics must correspond to model's real appearance
    • images and clips shared must be pics and videos only of registered models
    • images can't have
    • watermarks, messages, logos or other superimposed elements (unless copyright protects such elements and broadcasters are the legal and actual owner of rights)
    • broadcasting on more than one account the same time is forbidden
    • all shows must be live - without previous records and static pics, only live streaming
    • rules must be respected or a broadcaster may be banned (banned performer doesn't get a salary)
    • a microphone must be turned on when a model is online
    • given show must correlate with an audience and things they want to see (it bases on profile details and tags shared with your potential viewers)
    • a broadcaster can't go outside from a chat without informing about it!


What you must know to become a performer on Stripchat

Imagine you just start. What can you do to boost your profile? Are there any hacks and tips to give shows more effectively than other new models? There are some things you can do in your first days on Stripchat to attract as many viewers as it's possible. Remember that the more people see your shows, the more dedicated fans and bigger popularity you ca get.

First of all is quality of your show in its technical aspect. If you provide your viewers good quality shows, then they watch them with bigger pleasure and more often come back:

  • you must have an Internet connection that is high speed
  • also your cam and microphone should record in good quality because at present HD is a standard
  • you can broadcast also by iOS and Android devices based on mobile type of streaming. Having an access to Stripchat in your smartphone, you can be in touch in your fans anytime and from anywhere.

Registering on Stripchat, you get a boost for first 15 days. It means that your start on Stripchat matters. Within these days you build your rating so the harder you will work the higher your rating will be. Don't forget about it when you decide to create your broadcaster account!

stripchat broadcaster

How to perform with success?

If you want to gain success as the Stripchat Broadcaster, remember about some tips you should take into your consideration:

  • create a schedule of your shows - also Stripchat needs regularity. It's recommend to make one your session at least 6 hours long. Remember that the longer you more, the more you can earn. Having the schedule, you'll get more returning viewers
  • make your profile complete - with pics, clips and details. If there are any place to fill, it should be filled
  • make your tip menu - it will help your viewers to check services you offer and their cost
  • write back if you get any messages - it makes an additional connection between you and your viewer
  • engage your audience with sexy lingerie and interesting shows then they’ll go back into your chat room.

It’s also advised to have fun. Money is important and it’s obvious that it’s a type of work but it’s always better to do things you like.

What must you know being a Stripchat model?

There are some basic things you must know as the broadcaster. Stripchat may offer you some special features that may be interested for you.

Check things that are connected with earning as the model on this camming platform.

Performer’s safety on Stripchat

Performing on Stripchat, you can set many strong safety measurements. This website is characterized by a high level of protection.

Protection measurements for broadcasters
Two-factor authentication to prevent logging into your account by unauthorized devices and other users
DMCA to protect your content
Chargeback protection to make your salary safe

Stripchat Safety is a priority for developers of the website so if being protected is important for you, Stripchat is a good choice for you.

stripchat earning

How to set up and manage model’s Stripchat fan club?

A Stripchat Fan Club is a new type of a paid subscription for viewers that is a personal support for models they like the most. One subscription is connected with one broadcaster. The model must have at least 5,000 followers to set up the fan club.

Your subscribers get access to additional content you share and may message with you privately. You can also decide if you allow them to spy your private shows for free. Of course you get a token commission for each your subscriber:

  • SOLDIER SPONSORSHIP - you get 100 tokens/month per subscriber
  • LORD SPONSORSHIP - you get 200 tokens/month per subscriber
  • PRINCE SPONSORSHIP - you get 500 tokens/month per subscriber.

Who is a Knight and why this type of user is important for broadcasters on Stripchat?

A Stripchat Knight is an user you may choose as your private help to make a chat in order. Knights can mute and ban other users who are offensive or rude, for example. It’s very important to choose the knight wisely.

To choose anybody to be the Knight, this user must have an ultimate subscription. Without it, it’s impossible to be a broadcaster's helper.

Lovense and Kiiroo as additional options you can have on Stripchat being the performer

Both Kiiroo and Lovense are interactive sex toys you can offer your viewers. Kiiroo may be synchronized with your viewer interactive toy additionally. Kiiro is perfect for private shows, Lovense is better for free and group chats because then viewers can control it with tips they send.

Viewers do appreciate shows with interactive toys, so if you want to earn more, you should have this option.

Broadcasting with mobile devices with iOS and Android

On Stripchat models can broadcast from iOS and Android mobile devices and it’s very easy. It’s enough to log into the account and then it’s enough to find an option of broadcasting. Thanks to this mode, you can give shows not only with PC, it allows you to be more flexible. And your dedication is always appreciated by your fans.

A Stripchat contest for models

Stripchat Top Models is a contest for broadcasters of all genres. It’s divided into 2 parts:

  • 3-hour daily contest
  • monthly contest.

When broadcasters give shows and earn tokens, they collect also special StripPoints (offline tips and tokens earned from purchased pics and clips don’t count). Based on collected StripPoints, rewards are given. A main monthly reward is 1,000 USD and there are 3 winners - girl, boy and transgender model.

In 3-hour daily contests rewards are smaller (20 USD - 5 USD) every 3 hours.

Offer based on regulations of the website!

How much can you earn as the Stripchat performer?

On the platform you collect your salary based on Stripchat Tokens you get from your viewers. Each earned coins is always 0.05 USD for you. What are ways to get currency from your viewers?

  • online and offline tips
  • tip menu
  • private shows
  • records of private shows
  • group shows
  • ticket shows
  • CAM2CAM shows
  • 3-hourly contest
  • monthly contest
  • pics and clips
  • fan club.

The more additional things you share, the more you can earn. Don’t be afraid of making additional cash by selling pictures and videos. Viewers purchase them very often.

Stripchat payout percentage for models

The token has always the same value for the broadcaster and it’s 5 cents of each earned coin.

Payout percentage on Stripchat
Package Price per package Cost per token Model payout Percentage
200 19.99 0.10 0.05 50%
520 49.99 0.0961 0.05 52%
1085 99.99 0.0926 0.05 55%
2255 199.99 0.0887 0.05 56%
5770 499.99 0.0867 0.05 58%
11720 999.99 0.0853 0.05 59%

How much can you earn as the Stripchat model? There are performers that get even 20k USD salary per month. If you give good shows and sell additional things, you may earn a lot. But you must interact with people who follow and watch you. Being rude or performing irregularly, you won’t earn too much.

stripchat money making

Minimum payouts and payment methods on Stripchat

In a Stripchat Review you can check all methods connected with purchasing tokens, here we share details connected with earning as the model. All fees connected with transfers are covered by Stripchat.

Payments are sent every Tuesday and each method has its minimum:

  • Paxum, ePayService and COSMOpayment - the minimum amount is $50
  • ACH/Direct, Checks and EUR Wire Transfers - the minimum amount is $100
  • International Wire Transfers - the minimum amount is $500
  • Cryptocurrencies - the minimum amount is $200.

Okay, now you have already known all basic details connected with being the Stripchat broadcaster and earning this way. And it’s your turn to decide if Strpchat features and payment percentage please you.

Offer based on regulations of the website!

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