Suppose, you want to become a webcam model but you don’t have enough knowledge to start. The more, that every live streaming platform has their own rules and advices for broadcasters. Easy and calm down, because there are some basic principles that work for each webcam site. These rules should be taken into consideration by you if you want to succeed and earn a lot. It’s for sure tempting to know that the best webcam models earn thousands of dollars and win additional rewards. You might be one of these stars because there are still new and new performers who get famous.

Before we start you should know that some websites have an option of cam-splitting and thanks to this you can mix your work and earn the same time on more than just one platform. But there are also some other interesting features you should know. Except this overall review for all people who want to succeed in broadcasting, there are also additional and more detailed articles for specific sites.

Become a webcam broadcaster
Which options are available on FAPdistrict? Chaturbate Broadcaster
LiveJasmin Broadcaster
Stripchat Broadcaster
BongaCams Broadcaster

You should also know that being a webcam model, you earn not only on giving shows but you can sell or share for money/subscription other things.

What’s more, being a performer isn’t also an option only for girls/women. There are also couples or groups, men and transgender broadcasters who may often also very popular.


How to prepare a place to broadcast?

First, we’re going to describe technical aspects of giving shows because you should know tips and hacks connected with giving performances. You can’t do it anywhere and with any webcam for example because low quality means always smaller audience.

Remember that nice, tidy and comfy room/house makes that also your viewers feel better. And satisfied watchers give more tips and they are often more willing to invite you into private rooms. Even if you are the most beautiful person in the World, with dirty and dark apartment you won't earn too much:

  • make sure that area around you is tidy and clean
  • add some items that may make better atmosphere
  • improve your room or devices as often as it's possible to make quality of your shows and your audience's experiences better.

Which room is the best to perform?

First of all, a room you choose must be a comfortable environment for you and your audience. You can create a special studio for your shows, choose any of your room around your house and change the place from time to time. Always remember that various rooms have different features:

  • BEDROOM - it’s the most intimate and romantic place in your house for sure
  • KITCHEN - food is associated with pleasure. Especially boys love food and kitchen performances. And you can eat something additionally during your shows
  • BATHROOM - you can give a show having a bath, for instance. But bathroom is also challenging for you - noises from pipes, humidity, steam and you must be aware of your gadgets (and the best is to choose waterproof equipment).

Some platforms allow to give shows in public places, on other ones it’s forbidden. Make sure what is banned on the website you want to perform. Remember also that different locations offer various light - and you must be aware of that. Because you can perform only with the light you have or be more like a studio and buy additional lamps. These both ways give other effects.

webcam money making

How to create the right atmosphere to broadcast?

First of all, you must feel comfortable performing. You must have enough space for sure and you don’t have to have a bed. But of course many models have this furniture and give shows from it (or from sofa). But if you have other vision of your shows, it’s also a niche that may pay off.

Very important is light. You can use professional lamps or colour options, for example lamps with red or pink shades.

Colors you can use in your performing space
Neutral ones More aggressive ones
light blue
light grey

Before you start, always check if you are visible in a good way. Additionally, keep your gadgets near you. And when everything is ready, turn on music. Complete silence is uncomfortable, the more if there always any sounds around you. So it’s better to have chillout or sexy music in your background than for example neighbour’s crying childs.

What about light for your shows?

There are some basic rules of setting light. At the beginning of your broadcaster career you may not have an option to use professional lights. But you should know what is advised and what is not:

  • AVOID:
    • cold bulbs because they make skin extremely pale, almost white
    • streaming against light because it will blind your viewers
    • to dark and to bright light
    • sunlight can't be too bright and fall under bad angle
    • is advised to choose 4 warm-shade light sources. The best are LED 2700 — 3000 K
    • having 4 lamps: the first one goes under your computer, closer to you, another 3 are placed on the ceiling, 1.5 m from the camera. If you have wall lights, use them instead
    • warm light makes you look healthier and sexier.

Remember also to improve your devices when you start earning more - better quality always means bigger audience.

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Get started as a broadcaster knowing all the most important details for webcam models

What is required to start working as a webcam model? There are some things that must be done if you want to start broadcasting. You can’t skip them.

3 conditions you must fill to become a broadcaster
You must be 18 years old or more You must verify yourself with your ID You must have an equipment to be online and give shows
In some areas it’s also 21 years old. The main rule is that you must be an adult person and in some locations it doesn’t mean the same Verification of your identity is required and necessary. You must prove that you’re an adult person. Your personal details are always kept secure and anonymous You must have at least webcam, microphone and a connection with the Internet. But the better gadgets, the higher quality and there are also thinks such as sex toys and hot lingerie you can have to make your performances even better

Most webcam girls do it just for cash but they have also big fun giving shows. They build their own communities and have fans that are dedicated to them. It creates a bond and sometimes even friendships. So for sure it’s possible to like this job and earn a lot for it. And you should be aware of this.

Signing up as a camgirl step by step

What must you do to sign up as a webcam model?

  1. REQUIRED EQUIPMENT - before you start, you should have a space to perform and gadgets prepared. You need a webcam, high-speed Internet, computer and these advised gadgets should be in HD quality.
  2. STAGE NAME - You must choose your nick too. Think it twice or even leave made up name for a couple of days. It should describe you because you'll use it not only on camming sites but also in social media channels. And if you get famous, it'll be also a brand recognized by many people.
  3. LIVE PLATFORM FOR YOU - there isn’t any perfect camming site, each of them is different. They have various features and options to earn and happily some of them offers cam-splitting and thanks to this you can make cash on more than 1 website the same time.
  4. VERIFICATION - as you have already known, you must verify yourself on every live website to start broadcasting.
  5. YOUR PROFILE - the better profile and more services you offer, the more viewers you’ll have. Make your profile interesting and sexy, it attracts viewers attention!
  6. START PERFORMING - do your best from the very beginning. On some sites they give some bonuses to new performers and check you during your first days and models who work hard at the beginning of their career have bigger chance to be higher in search results - and it guarantees more viewers and more cash earned.

You should also remember that camgirls can make cash not only on giving shows. From your first show everything is at your hands. Your career starts then.

lesbians webcam

All genders are welcome in live webcam industry

It’s obvious that girls can perform on most live platforms. But there are also viewers who look for other experiences. Thanks to this male and transgender performers have also a possibility to give shows and to earn cash this way.

Many guys and trans broadcasters are also extremely popular in the industry. Which sites allow to register when you are guy or trans model?

What if you are a male model?

Male models can be straight or gay. Remember than even if you want to give shows only for girls you can be watched or spied by other men and vice versa. Live webcam viewers are various people and they look for different stimuluses.

Webcam sites that accept male performers
Site Your payment Solo Boy/girl Gay
Chaturbate 0.05 USD/earned token YES YES YES
LiveJasmin 30% - 60% YES YES YES
Stripchat 0.05 USD/earned token YES YES YES
BongaCams 60% YES YES YES

Male models are less popular than female broadcasters but they can earn for living this way if they are popular. Especially if you use all available additional channels to earn more.

Sites hiring transgender broadcasters

There are a lot of live platforms that are friendly to transgender performers. If you want to start working as the trans broadcaster remember that there are always less trans models than female and female broadcasters, so it’s a huge advantage to become popular.

Webcam sites that accept transgender performers
Site Your payment
Chaturbate 0.05 USD/earned token
LiveJasmin 30% - 60%
Stripchat 0.05 USD/earned token
BongaCams 60%

All webcam requirements are important also for transgender models so you should respect all advices you can find here.


Couples and group shows available on live platforms

On some sites performers can give shows not only solo but also in couples or even groups. All performing models must be then above 18 years old and verified too.

Webcam sites that accept couples and groups
Site Your payment (per group/couple not per 1 model) Couples Groups
Chaturbate 0.05 USD/earned token YES YES
LiveJasmin 30 - 60% YES YES
Stripchat 0.05 USD/earned token YES NO
BongaCams 60% YES YES

On some platforms couple account may be the only you have and you can’t register again with the same personal details for another account, even if you want to perform solo sometimes. You must check it in rules of a site you want to perform on. Because of this, sometimes couple accounts have also solo content but it has also several bad sides - some viewers can feel cheated if you give solo show on the couple account if they are in your room to see couple sex, not solo actions.

Webcam show types you can give to your audience as a broadcaster

Various websites offer different types of shows. But on all platforms you can give public and private performers. Some models prefer private shows to get price per minute but there are also models who on public chats with big audience are able to collect thousands of coins. Giving shows you must try various options to check which one is the best for you.

And sometimes it’s the best to combine various modes - sometimes give public shows that are tip-based for example but also accept invitations to private rooms. Being private with a viewer you can also allow to spy on some sites and it’s also an additional method to get more coins. Just let’s familiarize with show types you can find and use to earn on live platforms you can find in the web.

If you are interested in all types of chats offered on specific sites, just check it in descriptions:

live performer

What are public chats based on?

Public chats are shows that haven’t price per minute. But you can collect a lot of coins giving this type of performance too. How is it possible? By:

  • TIP GOAL - a show is given when the goal of tips is reached (this way you can determine the minimum price of the show)
  • TIP MENU - specific actions for determined amount of coins
  • INTERACTIVE TIP-VIBED TOYS - the more coins is sent, the harder a toy vibrates (this type of chat has millions of fans and you can use various sex toys)
  • TIPPING GAMES - and you can play for tips with your viewers
  • AND AT THE END - it’s possible also because appreciation of your viewers. They can show their affection by sending you tips.
Sites that support public chats
Site Your payment Tip-controlled toys Tip menu Tip goals Tip games
Chaturbate 0.05 USD/earned token YES YES YES YES
Stripchat 0.05 USD/earned token YES YES YES NO
BongaCams 60% YES YES NO YES

LiveJasmin has also theoretically public chats but there are rather rooms where you can show yourself and wait for invitation to a private chat.

Assumptions of private chats

Private chats are shows charged per minute. During these shows you can be additionally tipped and in some cases you can allow to spy them - to collect some additional coins. On some platforms prices per minute are standardized but there are also website where you can determine your own private price per minute. Some private shows may be given also for groups, not only for one viewer.

Site Average price per minute Your payment CAM2CAM Spy
Chaturbate private chat - 6 to 90 tokens
group chat - 6 to 30 tokens
0.05 USD/earned token YES YES
LiveJasmin private chat - 0.01 to 9.99 credits 30% - 60% YES NO
Stripchat private chat - 8 to 120 tokens
spy chat - 4 to 44 tokens
0.05 USD/earned token YES YES
BongaCams group chat - 30 tokens
private chat - 60 tokens
full private chat - 90 tokens

On some sites you can allow also for CAM2CAM options and it’s usually more expensive than “normal” private chats.

webcam girls lingerie

Other ways to earn being a webcam model

To earn as a broadcaster, you can use also additional ways. Public and private shows aren’t your only options to make cash.

Let’s check other methods performers use to earn more (also being offline in some cases).

Selling porn pics and clips for money

For money means that they are charged in a currency that is the official coin of specific live platform.

On many websites you can share some content with your followers for free but there are also options to sell them. They may be videos or pictures. This way you can earn also being offline because purchases are automated.

Offering your worn lingerie

You can sell also your used panities, bras and other gadgets. Some viewers buy them and treat like trophies. You can sell them via special sites or offer using your social media channels.

It’s more complicated than offering pics and clips, here you have a physical product you must pack and send. It takes more time but you can also get more cash for that. You should also have a post office box for returns (to not share your private address) and be aware that sometimes customers are annoying and they send bought items back.


Fan clubs for your dedicated followers

On some platforms you can set up your private fan club with a monthly subscription. And then you get a specific amount of each your subscriber.

If you share the fan club with your fans, you must give them some things as extras - it may be additional hot content or a possibility to spy your private shows for free. Every website that has the fan club option describes features you can use. Your subscribers must get something if they support you with being your fan club followers.

Wishlists to get products you are interested in

On some websites you can also connect with your profile a wishlist of items you want to get. Purchased item means specific things you do.

The most popular option for models are Amazon shopping lists. Broadcasters have various products on these lists but viewers are the most eager to buy you lingerie or sex gadgets. Thanks to this you can get some extra items for your work - additional toys or lingerie mean also savings when you don’t have to spend your private money for them.

An option to broadcast on more than one site the same time

How to perform on multiple sites? To do it, you must use a software that allows you to be online on more than one site the same time. The purpose of cam-splitting is to sit in public chat on multiple sites and go to private on whatever site the private is requested on.

On some sites you can find also an option called "Fake Private". It means that you can be with someone in private room on one website and on others viewers can spy you. This way you can still generate revenue from spy shows on one site, while performing a private session on a different site.

What cam splitters can you use?

  • ManyCams - available for free and in premium modes. It allows to watermark your content
  • SplitCam - it's free and includes webcam effects, zooming and other features that may be useful
  • VerySoft - with many options, it costs from $19.95 to $39.95
  • WebcamMax - also available in free and paid modes
  • SoftService - it costs $29.95
  • XLoveCam - you must be an XLoveCam model to purchase the splitter for €9.99.
Sites that allow cam-splitting
Site Your payment
Chaturbate 0.05 USD/earned token
LiveJasmin 30% - 60%
BongaCams 60%

On the more sites you are online, the better for you because you have a bigger chance to be invited into private room. But you must remember that cam-splitting means also that your Internet connection must be faster. If your Internet isn’t speed, you can have problems on all platforms you are.

And of course more websites mean more profiles and it’s connected with more work to do. But on the other side it means also bigger salary.

webcams sex toys

Live sites that allow broadcasters to use sex toys while performing

Shows with sex toys are more interesting for viewers, especially if you use interactive ones. They may be synced with tips your viewers send or sometimes you can connect each other with your private viewer.

There are 3 main companies that produce interactive sex toys
Site Kiiroo Lovense We-Vibe
Chaturbate YES YES NO
LiveJasmin YES YES NO
Stripchat NO YES NO
BongaCams NO YES NO

Remember to use tags to describe your profile if you use sex toys. It will help to find you by all fans of interactive chats.

Top interactive sex toys for broadcasters available on the market

Above 3 brands are the top ones in the industry:

  • Lovense - they produce Lush and Hush. Lovense is easy to sync with many apps and websites
  • Kiiroo - Kiiroo toys are also easy to synchronize (by scanning a QR code) and the OhMiBod Esca is their most popular product
  • We-Vibe - they produce vibrators that can sync with a number of camming sites.

How do tip-based interactive shows work?

First you must connect your toys with the website you perform. Each brand has their own app. When everything is made, share with viewers an information that you use tip-controlled interactive toy. Shows like these ones are extremely popular and you can earn a lot this way.

Viewers send tips and this way control your reaction and orgasms. And because people like having control, you can make huge cash this way.

webcams fetish

The most popular fetishes for webcam models

If you specialize with some fetishes, you will be able to attract more dedicated viewers. When they get what they wanted to watch, they are more eager to leave cash. Remember to describe your profile with specific tags when you start offering fetish options:

  • ANAL - it’s loved by straight and homosexual viewers and offered by all types of broadcasters
  • ASS - some people prefer asses, some tits so if your butt is better than your breast, you may offer ass fetish
  • BATH / SHOWER - very popular but you must remember about inconveniences connected with humidity
  • BDSM / BONDAGE - you can be domina or get dominated
  • BREAST TORTURE - when you wear special nipple clips
  • COSPLAY - and you can dress as many various characters, not only from manga and anime
  • SHOES AND FEET - and there are many fans of this fetish
  • FUCK MACHINE - various types of them
  • MUSCLE - if your body is fit and well-built
  • PANTYHOSE / STOCKINGS - it doesn’t need any special description
  • PREGNANCY - it also doesn’t need special words
  • SMOKING - remember to check if smoking is allowed on the website you give shows
  • SMALL PENIS AND BIG ONES TOO - and it depends on your size
  • FISTING - vaginal and anal options
  • HAIR - on your genitals
  • TEEN - when you are 18 or 19 or you look extremely young
  • BBW - when you have a little more body
  • MILF - when you’re experienced woman.

There are many different fetish options and you can check them on every site. Above list concerns only basic options that are very popular on live platforms. People like various things and leave a lot of cash if they are dedicated fans of specific actions.

How much do webcam models earn and what affects on their salary?

Some broadcasters are extremely popular and earn even thousands of dollars every month. It depends on their appearance but it isn’t the only factor. There are not only tall blonde or muscle and handsome performers available and not only them make a lot of cash. Why? Because everything depends also on their personality, skills and wallets of their viewers.

For sure it’s available to live comfortable giving live shows. Especially when you give your best, appreciate your fans and spend hours with them on cam or via social media channels.

But before we describe all the most important details connected with personality and dedication of top webcam models, you should also know that on some platforms you can get daily payouts for your work. But most sites just have got determined billing periods (1 or 2 times a month) and minimum that is necessary to get pay out.

cam girl

Meaning of your personality when you’re a webcam model

Your personality is everything when you give shows. Even being extremely beautiful, your behaviour and attitude to your viewers is important. Pretty but cold performer without any happiness or sense of humour earns less than models who are joyful and sexy in conversation.

If you're warm and happy, your viewers start loving you and it attracts long-term fans and regular viewers. Having a bond with your watchers, you have more fun and you can earn more.

Your attractiveness when you’re a live broadcaster

Being pretty, for sure it’s easier to make success. But without personality it will be very short.

What’s more, if you have something special, you can use it as your personal niche. You might not like your small tits or big nipples but there are a lot of viewers that may have them as their fetishes, for example. So make advantages even of your bad features, they may help you to earn more. Remember also to describe these features with right tags to be found easier by all interested viewers.

Don’t also forget that camming is your work when you become a broadcaster so care about your outside appearance like make-up or sexy lingerie. It influences on your attractiveness too.

A matter of devices you use to broadcast your live shows

On your shows influence have your outside appearance and engagement but also higher quality of streaming means more viewers. There’s a lot of things you should take into your consideration. So not only your room or beauty are important but also for example your camera or Internet connection.

The better gadgets, the higher quality of streaming. Even if you start with smaller quality, remember to improve your devices as fast as it’s possible. When you earn enough, buy better camera or microphone - and it will allow you to make more cash. It works this way and that’s a fact. So do everything you can to purchase high quality equipment as fast as it’s possible.


Advices for all folks interested in becoming a webcam model

And at the end some final details you must be aware of. There are few things more you must know if you want to start your webcam model career.

Knowing below facts will allow you to be prepared perfectly for give shows.

Regular shows and dedicated fans allow to earn more

Making your performances scheduled, you allow your dedicated viewers and fans to know when you give shows. It’s helping in creating bonds between you and your audience. The schedule may be shared in your profile page, for instance.

What’s more, set up a fan club if this option is allowed. This way you’ll make a closer community that supports and interacts its members each other. Remember that you must care about your fan club fans. Share with them extras because they will be paying a subscription for you.

The longer you’re online, the more you can earn

The longer you're online, the more people may view you. When you will work 8 hours a day, for sure you'll earn more than working only 2 hours a day and your experience will be bigger. More people you meet means also more potential dedicated viewers of your shows.

But it isn't everything. Various hours may be different. Being online the same time when top models give shows almost always cause that you are lower in ranks. But when you are online when they aren't in their rooms, it's a space for you and your shows. So check various hours of performing and choose the right time for you to earn as much as you can.

Is it better to give private shows or to be in public rooms?

It may be only your decision but you must know 2 things:

  • private chats mean price per minute and sometimes spying too. And this way you can earn a lot if there are viewers who want to pay for time with you
  • the same time a group of models prefer to give open shows in public room that are tip-based. Especially when they have tip-controlled toys, they are able to make more money than you in private room.

So you must decide if it’s better to give private or open shows. They vary but sometimes it’s better to have more viewers and a good tip menu than to spend time only with one viewer.

But for sure a perfect solution is a situation when you combine both these performance types (or when you check all sorts of chats available on the website you use). It will help you to choose what to do to earn the most. You can give some open shows for everybody regularly but be available also to go private on other days. A perfect combination should be scheduled by you but remember that focusing on only one type of performances isn’t good.

webcam model

Each show is different and being a broadcaster you must remember that

There aren’t 2 shows that are the same. Some shows may be great and profitable, other days you can earn less. It's normal but you always must do your best to attract as many viewers as it's possible.

You can have also various moods and it also affects your shows. Because of this, try to always be in good mood when you start, especially if you perform on websites where you can be rated by viewers. Your rating is important for your level of popularity among viewers.

Don’t block too many regions when you broadcast

Blocking regions, locations or areas helps if you don’t want to be watched by people you know in real life. But don’t block too many areas - it will affect for your profits for sure.

Check options of blocking on the website you perform and wonder for a while before you do it. The truth is that you will never be sure in 100% if there isn’t anybody on your chat who knows you.

Promote yourself, it always helps

You should have your social media channels and promote yourself any way you know. The more people see you, the bigger your audience will be.

Your popularity means more money. Big porn stars or webcam models have their social media profiles and interact with their fans a lot. Do the same, be in touch with them. Answer for messages and comments, it will pay of for sure.

Make your profile on webcam platforms as great as you can

Having interesting, fully filled and colorful profile with many pics and videos makes you more interesting. Especially if some content is free to see.

Fill all information, share some details of yourself and things you offer and like. If visitors can check all basic details in your profile, they may make a decision if you are interesting for them. Good profile makes a lot of work even if you’re offline. It allows to know you better. And viewers often save interesting models to see them live when they are online.

Remember that make-up looks a little different in camera

Make-up looks different live and in camera. You should check it before you start performing.

Natural make-up may look as if you have none. To look like having make-up, you must make it a little overdoing. On TV and films people have always more cosmetics on their faces and it looks good in hard light and in cam.

First think what effect you want to have on your face and body and then just make your make-up and try it on pictures and in camera. And consider use of waterproof cosmetics - giving shows you can get tired and excited, at it may make you sweated. And wet face doesn’t keep make-up the way it should be kept.

webcam broadcaster

The last thing is deciding if you want to work as a webcam model

Now you have already known all things important in being a broadcaster. If you have more specific question, check reviews of being performers on various webcam sites.

You can check details of being a model on leading camming platforms available in the Internet. remember also about a possibility of using a cam-splitting mode. It may help you to earn more the same time.

Being a webcam performer may be a big fun, an interesting option and a way to earn a lot and get some popularity. But it’s also a hard work sometimes. For sure the more you give, the more you get - and it means not only cash but also dedicated fans who will love and support you!