Taking part in a cashback on Bonga, you can get up to 200 bonus tokens (even every day if you fill conditions). An idea of cashback tells of course that you get something back for doing specific actions. In this case it means that you get free coins for spending currency.

Let’s familiarize with all details of this BongaCams tokens return! It’s worth to know a cashback mode, a very important part of this platform.


How to get bonus tokens on BongaCams service of cashback?

When you purchase coins and spend them, you can take part in a cashack contest. Every day 5 users with the highest amounts of spent tokens can win coin rewards!

Okay, it isn’t a contest for users who buy only few tokens from time to time but if you like spending money on BC services, it’ll be nice to get something back if you reach the right level.

Cashback bonus
the first place 200 tokens
the second place 150 tokens
the 3rd place 100 tokens
the fourth place 50 tokens
the fifth place 25 tokens

bongacams cashback

Winners of BongaCams cashback are announced every 24 hours and the entire contest is based on below assumptions:

  1. During this campaign 5 viewers are rewarded every day. A day starts at 00:00 GMT+2 and ends at 23:59 GMT+2.
  2. Free tokens are sent to users within a couple of hours.
  3. Every day winners are announced on the website with 4 signs of their nicknames visible for everyone.
  4. If there are any forbidden things and actions made by the user, they may be banned and threw out of the contest.

There are winners every day because there are always viewers with the highest amounts spent. It’s rather hard to be among 5 users with the biggest amounts spent but you can try to beat them if you want.

For sure it’s nice to get 200 free BC tokens but on the website there are also other special deals you can use. What are they?


Other than cashback promotions you can access on BongaCams

There are also different BongaCams Promotions you can join being the member of Bonga such as:

  • welcome bonus of 10 free tokens for registration - that is connected with forever golden membership, unlimited access to chats, supershow 24/7 and a possibility to visit private rooms
  • mobile bonus - available once, it’s dedicated to Bonga users who buy a package of tokens using smartphone or tablet. For a purchase the user gets 100 free coins
  • daily achievements - every day there are 50 winners of a contest that is based on filling specific tasks. Champions are chosen based on a draw and each reward is 100 tokens. What are these tasks?
    • spending at least 1 minute with a model in their private room
    • sending a heart to at least 3 broadcasters
    • being a king of tips at least once during a day
    • sending a private message to a performer
    • spending 10 tokens on tipping (but using a mobile device)
  • gift cards for buying currency - for 200 EUR spent, you get 5 EUR in the gift card.

For sure there are webcam sites that gives free currency easier but Bonga has many dedicated users who prefer shows offered there. Everything depends on people’s preferences and they may differ each other very much.

what is bongacams cashback

A BongaCams short summing up about not only the cashback but also using this website

First of all, Bonga is available to manage in different languages. Also broadcasters can speak a couple of languages if you don’t want to have shows in English:

  • English
  • French
  • Spanish
  • Russian
  • Italian
  • German
  • Swedish
  • Portuguese
  • Dutch.

Second, you can’t hack gratis tokens with any tool available in the whole web. It’s a myth that there are generating systems for coins you may use and thanks to them enjoy free currency. You can use only above bonuses and sometimes get personalized discounts.

Remember also that you can join free chats to save some cash but then it’s advised to leave tips if you don’t pay any price per minute. Broadcasters are great, may be funny, cute and beautiful but don’t forget that they perform not only for your pleasure but also to earn cash this way. There are 2 options: there may not be any tip menu and then you send tokens according your will or there may be the menu and then you send determined amounts to see specific actions on a screen. And there are also VibraToy shows that are really appreciated for viewers. You can search them by icon and a tag.

For sure it’s worth to visit Bongacams. Not only because of the cashback but also other options. On this platform you can get specials based on tokens you spend. There are different levels of membership and each of them has different features. You can read about all these levels in a BongaCams Review if you want to find out more. The site is full of modes and there you can find all of them described in details. Reading this write-up allows to decide if you want to try Bonga and its services. It’s enough to click the button below.