Our Team wants to be close with you so believe that we do our best every time. It doesn’t mean only having great time with various porn websites to check them for you, it’s connected also with our will to share with you content, news and our thoughts via different social media profiles.

Our channels are available to check and follow in a footer of the FAPdistrict website. Recently we have created 2 new ones to be even closer to our readers and followers. At present it’s hard to imagine life without platforms like Facebook or Instagram so we have accounts there too.


What profiles does FAPdistrict have? Where can you follow us?

In 2019 we had only below social media accounts:

And now, in 2020 we have decided to create 2 new channels. Because of this, since January we have had also Reddit and Discord.

FAPdistrict Official Reddit Community

What Reddit is? Why does FAPdistrict has Reddit account?

We don’t want to focus on any controversies connected with Reddit or any affairs. Why? It’s important that we have our subreddit there and nothing more matters because we do our job in porn world that isn’t appreciated by everybody. Of course, we still don’t understand why anybody may claim that sex content is bad but it isn’t a place and time to describe our philosophy here. It’s enough to write that ha have Reddit now.

Do you have Reddit too?
Type of website Social news
Media aggregation
Available in Multilingual (our subreddit is in English)
Industry Internet and media

Reddit is a very famous platform that is a mixture of a site of social news aggregation, web content rating, and discussion forum, Registered users can share and submit different types of content like links, text posts, videos and images. They are checked and voted up and down by other readers. To make using the website easier and clear, content and posts are organized according to subjects called "subreddits". It's worth to mention here that so far reddit has created or killed many different events, services and various things that happened around the World. It may for sure make you both very famous and infamous, sometimes even within only few hours.

An overview from 2019 says that Reddit is ranked as the No. 5 most visited website in the U.S. and No. 13 in the World, according to Alexa Internet, with 55% of its user base coming from the United States, followed by the United Kingdom at 7.4% and Canada at 5.8%. But this website is visited by people from all locations and there are many subreddits in other languages. Our one is made in English because the whole FAPdistrict is based on this language.

What can you find on our subreddit? Visit Reddit of FAPdistrict

We learn new skills every day and having the Reddit account is also based now on getting knowledge about this platform, etc. Most of us have had Reddit accounts but creating a brand is always a little different.

You can check FAPdistrict Reddit anytime you want. Click in the link and check what you can see there.

FAPdistrict Official Discord Community

Since 2020 FAPdistrict has had also Discord. What is this? How to use it?

Our new media for 2020 is also Discord. that is a freeware VoIP app and platform designed initially for gamers that is a little similar to a forum, a discussion platform or a chat channel. It may work online in web browsers on PC computers or may be used via application on mobile devices.

Applications are available to download in the Google Play and the App Store.

How to use Discord?
Written in JavaScript
Available on Windows
Web browsers
Type VoIP communications
Instant messaging
Content delivery
Social media

Our Discord is available when you click in its link

Feel free to use the FAPdistrict Discord. There are lots of people who prefer this chat medium. Believe that it’ll be a huge honour to share with you our channel.

porn review

Be with us because FAPdistrict was designed for all real porn fans!

A mission of FAPdistrict is sharing with you all best things, news and promotions connected with porn business. It may mean discounts, free access, gratis currency but also more! Each adult platform is different and we know all best of them in details. It allows us to share with you extras that aren’t available for everybody. Our social media profiles are created because we want to be even closer to you. It’s connected with pluses for both sites. And now you can use also Reddit and Discord to stay tuned with everything connected with FAPdistrict and porn industry.

Why is it worth to be a reader of FAPdistrict?

FAPdistrict does everything to give you the best porn reviews of various types of adult websites and share with all its readers top promotions and discounts. Sometimes it means smaller price per subscription or some free to use tokens and credits, sometimes it may mean special access to porn content. Everything is dependent on things you like and you look for in the web.

But reviews aren’t everything. On a FAPdistrict blog you can find also specials and extras, things like Black Friday and holidays’ offers. You must just follow the site to have an access to all promotions and it’s easier to stay tuned when you join our social media communities.