Fan club is not only an ordinary subscription but also a Stripchat Promotion that is connected with some special privileges. In an overall Stripchat Review you can find all most important details of this platform, here you can familiarize with the fan club both for Stripchat Broadcaster and viewer.

The fan club is a relatively new option (it was shared at the end of 2019) and it’s becoming more and more popular among models and viewers. It’s dedicated for broadcasters who have bigger communities gathered, new models can’t use it. For sure it’s also a great option for viewers who have their favourite models, especially when they get a possibility to spy models' private performances for free.


A full write-up about Stripchat fanclub subscription

The Stripchat fan club is an exclusive feature connected with paying a subscription. It makes a connection between a viewer and a model and allow them to interact more privately. Fans who pay for being in the fanclub get more options. Some of them depend on model's decision so if a broadcaster appreciate their followers, they will share more with fans.

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The fan club for Stripchat viewers

Each fanclub has 3 plans of subscription levels. The higher price, the more options offered. If somebody is in the fanclub, they get special badges and a model can see it. Prices determined in dollars may be a little different for various payment methods and regions.

Fan club tiers and their value
Soldier Sponsorship $9.99/month
Lord Sponsorship $19.99/month
Prince Sponsorship $49.99/month

Being in the fanclub, a viewer gets:

  • a possibility to support their favourite model more directly
  • a special badge on chats
  • exclusive pics and clips if the model shares them
  • an option to message with the model privately.

Additionally, the broadcaster may prepare some other special for fans and allow them to spy their Stripchat Private Show performances for free.

Joining and managing the fan club Stripchat membership

To join the fanclub the model must has this option. Clicking in joining, you declare which level of membership you want to have. The subscription is renewed automatically but you can cancel, downgrade or upgrade it anytime you want.

Not every broadcaster can have the fanclub. A community of followers must be higher than 5,000 so for now it's possible rather only for popular performances.


Having the fanclub as the Stripchat broadcaster

If you're the model, the fanclub may be an option to get some additional passive income. But it's advised to care about subscribers if you want to get their real loyalty, share with them a lot of additional content and also allow them to spy private chats for free. A community of followers must be at least 5,000 to set up the fanclub so it it's rather offered to more popular models.

How much does the model earn on each their subscribers?
Soldier Sponsorship 100 tokens/month per subscriber
Lord Sponsorship 200 tokens/month per subscriber
Prince Sponsorship 500 tokens/month per subscriber

For the broadcaster, one token is always 5 cents so:

  • Soldier Sponsorship means $5 earned
  • Lord Sponsorship means $10 earned
  • Prince Sponsorship means $25 earned.

Opening the fan club is very easy, it's enough to start it and wait for subscribers. You can offer your fans anything that doesn't violate Stripchat rules and terms - you choose them from a list and you may create custom ones.

Only sharing with subscribers hot content and extras, you may have a lot of followers. For sure fans will appreciate sharing with them an option to spy your private shows for free. It’s really attracting and worth a subscription.

Models can earn with some additional ways on Stripchat

Models on Stripchat have many various options of earning so because of this it’s advised to appreciate followers from fan clubs. Always the additional content may be sold and there is also a contest of Stripchat Top Models that allow to win money rewards.

what is stripchat fan club

Is it worth to join or have a fan club on Stripchat?

Questions about fan clubs are important both for broadcasters and viewers. First of all, the fan club is an interesting option that may be appealing for performers and watchers. But it has different roles for these groups of Stripchat users.

For broadcasters, the fanclub is a great option to gather all dedicated followers together. There are users willing to pay for specials like additional pics and clips or access to some free peaks. So it’s important not only to share the fanclub with viewers but also to give subscribers real profits from paying for an access.

For viewers, the fanclub is a way to show that they support a model for real. If they are able to pay for being a member of model’s community, they also count on some extras. As in the real life - if you pay extra charge, you want to get something special. There are many viewers who may pay for the fanclub and even the smallest subscription may value, if the model has more than 5,000 followers.

More details of Stripchat are available in the review and other articles connected with this streaming platform. The fan club isn’t the only special option, deal or promotion you can use on this website.