On Stripchat there are various levels of membership. If you want to become a King on Stripchat, you must be a green user (a viewer with tokens in an account balance). Kings have some special privileges that make them rulers of chats. In each chat there may be only one King and you must do your best to stay at this position.

What is connected with being the green user who may become the King? Being the green member you have an access to:

  • watch public shows for free
  • invite models to friends
  • enjoy VR shows
  • send tips
  • watch private shows
  • access CAM2CAM shows
  • spy on private chats
  • and - at last - become a King.

If you’re interested in other membership options and their features, you can check them in an overall Stripchat Review.


A description of the King member

The Stripchat King is a tipper with the highest tips left in a room within last 12 hours. It's a fluent position and may change during a chat. The King is always marked on the chat and this encourages others to send high tips too. Thanks to this, it may change anytime someone send the highest amount of tips.

Types of tips that may be sent on Stripchat

The Stripchat King is the highest tipper in the room. But on Stripchat there are various types of tips and each of them may be a great way to appreciate the model you like:

  • PUBLIC TIPS DURING CHATS - may be sent when you like a show or when you want to get something from a tip menu
  • PRIVATE TIPS - sent more discreetly by a private message tab
  • PRIVATE TIPS ON PRIVATE SHOWS - as an additional way to reward the model on the private chat
  • OFFLINE TIPS - send with a message when the model is offline.

stripchat king

What is the tip menu on Stripchat?

The Tip Menu is a list created by the model that tells about all offered services and their prices. Cost of any activity is determined in tokens. The menu is interactive that means users can select the activity they want and simultaneously pay for it.

How to check if the model has the tip menu? If the model has the menu, you can see a hamburger button when they broadcast. There you can check options, its prices and choose the activity. It's paid automatically from your account balance with tokens.

Why are tips important?

Tips are important on Stripchat because they help to become the King. Thanks to them, viewers may also show their appreciation to models. For broadcasters tips are an additional way to earn more. Tips are exchanged into real cash and model’s salary is made of all Stripchat Tokens they get.

Being the viewer, leave tips. Models really appreciate them.


Tokens are very important for Stripchat Kings

To become the Stripchat Kings, you must spend a lot of tokens. How much? It’s hard to determine because on the platform there are models with different levels of popularity. The more popular broadcaster, the more viewers are always in their rooms. More watchers usually means more tips and higher amount sent by viewers.

Maybe it’s hard to imagine but on Stripchat there are viewers who spend thousands of dollars on the site every month. So it some rooms it’s very hard to become the King. Many users purchase large packages of coins. The bigger a pack is, the higher discount it has. So it’s always advised to buy bigger packages of tokens if you want to save some cash.

Tokens and their cost
Package of coins Price per package (USD) Value per token
200 coins 19.99 0.10 USD
520 coins 49.99 0.096 USD
1085 coins 99.99 0.093 USD
2255 coins 199.99 0.089 USD
5770 coins 499.99 0.087 USD
11720 coins 999.99 0.085 USD

If you want to become the Stripchat King, you must leave big tips. It’s impossible to be a ruler without it. Why is it worth to be the King? On the chat, the King is the most important person because it’s the user who leaves the biggest amounts of tokens in the room. Believe, models appreciate it and usually does mainly things the Kings want to see performed.

who is stripchat king

But on Stripchat there are also other than the King users that have an important role

Who else can you be if you don’t want to be the highest tipper in the room? You may be for example an official model’s follower who pays a subscription in her fan club. The fan club is a team of broadcaster’s supporters who are dedicated fans. The model shares with them some extra options that aren’t available for viewers who don’t pay a monthly charge.

There are also VIP users who pay for a gold subscription and it may them Knights on chats. Knights are performer’s helpers who manage the chat and may decide about blocking and muting rude and offensive viewers.

On Stripchat there are various options of membership but one thing is very important - you need tokens to enjoy the website. Even if you prefer open chats with no price per minute, you must be aware that you should leave some tips. Broadcasters give shows to earn, not only to have fun. Their salary depends on the amount of tokens they collect during a payment period, don’t forget about that.