In the article everything about Knights and their role on the website. What can you do and why they manage chats? What are Stripchat rules you must respect? Familiarize with basic details of using this site and the rest options just check in a full Stripchat Review.

First of all, Stripchat is the website that was created to give its users entertainment. Because of this, all users must respect some rules that were determined for members. About the rest of things Knights may care in chat rooms. To start using Stripchat, you must first of all be older than 18 years old (in some countries the age may be different) and it concerns both viewers and broadcasters. What's more:

  • you can't shares other websites and rooms when you're in a chat
  • you can't redirect to other sites or send any sorts of spam
  • you can't harass anybody or use racist and hate language
  • you can't offer payment methods other than Stripchat tokens
  • you can't public personal details of yourself, other viewers or models
  • you can't get involved in rude disputes
  • you can't use content of other platforms
  • you can't use an account that isn't yours
  • you can't post links to other websites on chat
  • you can't frame or mirror the website.


A definition of the Stripchat Knight and all things connected with this type of membership

The Stripchat Knight is a very loyal user that has also a gold subscription paid. Knights are chosen by models and they are broadcaster's helpers. They can moderate some things in a room and mute viewers who are offensive or rude. Every chat room should be a friendly space for all participants.

The Knight may mute Stripchat users for 24 hours so it's very important to choose Knights that are fair and responsible users. There shouldn't be situation when they do something opposite to model's will.

what is stripchat knight

A gold subscription that is a condition to become the Knight on Stripchat

A Stripchat Gold membership is a premium subscription that not only allows to become the Knight but also to get some additional features that aren’t available for “normal” users. A gold user gets all options that may be used by viewers, they can enjoy also an invisible mode and chat emojis.

It’s also worth to mention that the gold user is always a very important participant of each chat because models know that they like spending coins on Stripchat. So normal users are always lower in hierarchy than premium ones. Whatever, on Stripchat there are a couple of different membership levels and each of them has various features. Very important on chats are also fan club members or the higher tipper. For sure if you’re only a green user that has tokens in balance but don’t pay additional subscriptions, you’re always less important that viewers who are more premium than you. What to do to get higher? You must leave a lot of tips in the room or get any subscription - it may be the gold one and then you’re premium everywhere you are or if you spend a lot of time in only one room and you want to be appreciated by the model more, you can join broadcaster’s fan club if they have it. Or you may tip as high as it’s possible to become the most generous user in the room.

Or you may just stay the green user and just enjoy shows you watch, leaving some tips additionally. It depends on you. Stripchat is available to use with quite low cost but there are also many users who spend thousands of dollars on this platform.


A broadcaster is very important in choosing the Knight in their Stripchat room

Only a Stripchat Broadcaster can choose their Knight.

If you want to become the Stripchat Knight, you must behave great on a chat and attract model’s attention. You can’t force the performer to make you the Knight. Any harassment actions are forbidden - the more that the Knight is chosen to prevent offensive behaviour!

Why is Knight that important on Stripchat?

Knights are that important on Stripchat because they care about order and good atmosphere in chat rooms. Being the Knight is a very responsible task so it’s important to choose the Knight wisely.

Each model needs help, especially when broadcasters are very popular and have a lot of viewers when they give shows. During popular shows, there is sometimes a big mess in the room so having somebody who manage it too it’s great for performers.

stripchat knight

It’s great to be the Knight but an ordinary use of Stripchat is also entertaining

Stripchat has very interesting options, so it’s nice to use it not only as the Knight but also as an ordinary viewer.

Stripchat features
When you’re the Knight
  • you can enjoy all options of Stripchat because you are a gold subscriber
  • you have a power to manage things in a chat room and to mute rude viewers
When you’re the ordinary viewer with tokens in your balance
  • you have all “normal” options that means you can’t be invisible and have special emojis on chat
  • you can’t be the Knight
  • you may be muted by the Knight

For both membership types, entertainment from Stripchat shows may be the same. On Stripchat you can find a lot of pleasure and you don’t have to be the Knight to feel satisfied with things you can access on the platform.