A Stripchat gold membership is a type of a premium subscription available for all users who want to get all features available to use on a website. Being the gold user means that no one can do more than you. What does it mean on Stripchat? Being the gold member you can:

  • visit chat rooms incognito thanks to an invisible mode
  • send tips that are anonymous if you don't want to reveal your Stripchat identity
  • message with models privately
  • get personalized discounts and promotions
  • chat with emojis
  • become a knight on a chat.

Being the gold member you'll always get more attentions from broadcasters on each chat. You'll be served first because being premium means that you like sharing tokens with performers and they do appreciate it. It's easy to become the gold user, you must just use an upgrade button under your name.

Depending on a payment method you choose, the gold subscription may be charged once or as a monthly service.


How to manage the Stripchat gold subscription?

The gold member is a top level of all Stripchat levels. A very important feature of this subscription is a fact that users can interact with models even privately. It will allow to make a more personal connection or even a type of friendship with broadcasters you like the most. And gold users can protect and helps models on their chats and it’s an additional way to feel awarded among normal viewers.

How to cancel the gold account on Stripchat?

You can cancel your gold subscription if you don't satisfy you. You can do it from "My Profile":

  1. Click on the question mark "?" next to the Gold.
  2. Click on Read More.
  3. For the last step click at the bottom of the Gold column where it says Cancel Membership.

Usually members who have the gold membership appreciate all its options and don’t cancel it but you may be always disappointed with things it offers. So you should know where you can cancel it.

what is stripchat gold

A promotion connected with using the gold subscription on Stripchat

There is a special Stripchat Promotion connected with using the gold membership for free for 30 days. How to get this premium mode? It’s enough to purchase the chosen package of tokens.

The package you must buy is a pack of 520 Stripchat coins (or more). Remember that this offer was made for users who have never purchased the gold membership before and it may be conducted only when you pay for tokens with your credit card.

User levels on Stripchat as an explanation of an idea of the gold membership

On Stripchat there are some levels of membership and the gold one is the highest level you can access. Each level has different privileges, and of course most of them are connected with being the gold user.

Stripchat membership levels and their features
Anonymous unregistered user called a Guest Registered user without any tokens in balance called a Grey Registered users with tokens called a Green An user with the gold membership purchased
Public chat Yes Yes Yes Yes
Full screen No Yes Yes Yes
Chat emojis No No No Yes
Invisible mode No No No Yes

Theoretically grey and green users can also message with models privately but only with the gold subscription you can do it without any limits. Also being invisible is an interesting feature everybody should try.


What are gold points on Stripchat?

On Stripchat there are also other things connected with gold color. There are golden points that are also quite important on the website. What are they?

On Stripchat there is a reward system based on amount of coins you spend for tipping. For every 10 tokens your spent on a model room or private shows you earn 1 Gold point. These points can't be used by you but they are near your nick and models can see them. The more gold points you have, the higher on model's list on a chat you are. And it means more attention because with many gold points you're probably a tipper who send coins generously.

Who are Knights on Stripchat and how it’s connected with the gold membership?

The most loyal gold users may become helper of models and have an influence on moderating the entire chat room. A model must make a decision and make the gold user the Stripchat Knight. Knights are able to mute any rude users who disturb or be offensive in the room.

It’s impossible to become the Knight without having the gold subscription. But it’s also important to like each other with a model who can make you her helper.

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Is it worth to have the gold subscription on Stripchat?

If you want to enjoy and use 100% of features available on Stripchat, it’s worth to have the gold subscription. Especially if you can try its modes without paying for it for the first time.

Of course, this premium option isn’t the only great thing available on Stripchat. All other features are available in a full Stripchat Review that explains everything connected with this webcam platform. Stripchat is very popular among users and they do like its options. So if you want to read what you can get on this website, familiarize with an overall write-up of this platform. Subscribing the gold membership isn’t the only great thing you can find on Stripchat!