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  • options available for members
  • good and bad sides
  • basic FAQ for users
  • discounts, deals and promotions any user can get.

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Stripchat promotion

How much can you spend on Stripchat in 2020?

This Stripchat prices review was written to show you all details connected with spending tokens on this website. It means deals, discounts and prices you must pay for shows and options and value of coins too. Let’s start with all types of prices. It means cost of currency and value of shows per minute. This way you’ll know all charges available to pay on Stripchat.

Prices of tokens and Stripchat discounts available for users based on value of currency

Stripchat Tokens are available to buy in different packages. The bigger package you purchase, the higher your Stripchat discount is. An usual rebate means a few or a dozen or so percent. You can get for example 15% of discount when you buy 520 coins.

Basic Stripchat packages of tokens
Quantity Cost per package
90 tokens 9.99 USD
200 tokens 19.99 USD
520 tokens 49.99 USD
1085 tokens 99.99 USD
2255 tokens 199.99 USD

If you’re interested in customized token packages (bigger ones), you must contact with Stripchat Support and ask for them.

Which performance type means being the best deal for viewers?

The cheapest version of chat is a free one - you can access it without price per minute, it’s advised to leave tips to appreciate a model and to allow them to earn some cash. A Free Stripchat Chat is one of ways to get a type of special Stripchat discount - you get show for less tokens spent.

But Stripchat offers also private chats and they have cost per minute you must pay:

  • 8 tokens per minute
  • 16 - 24 tokens per minute
  • 32 - 60 tokens per minute
  • 90 or more tokens per minute.

What kind of special deal a gold subscription on Stripchat is?

A type of promotion on Stripchat is also having a subscription for a gold membership. You can pay for it 20 USD per month or take an advantage of Stripchat deals and get it additionally with purchasing tokens. It will allow you save some cash and enjoy if for free for 30 days. This special Stripchat promotion is available for people who have never had the Stripchat Gold subscription before.

Joining a fan club and options connected with this offer

Among Stripchat offers there are also fan clubs available to join by registered users. A fan club is available in 3 options with different prices:

  • Soldier Sponsorship for 9.99 USD/month
  • Lord Sponsorship for 19.99 USD/month
  • Prince Sponsorship for 49.99 USD/month.

Why is it worth to join the fan club? Because most broadcasters allow to spy their chats for free by members of their clubs. And thanks to this you can get another extra option - enjoying someone’s Stripchat Private Show without paying anything. It allows you also to get pics and photos shared by broadcasters only with members of their fan clubs.

All discounts and extras available on Stripchat for users in 2020

To sum up all Stripchat discounts and extras, we must mention about a giveaway of free Stripchat tokens that are made every hour. In additional, on this website you can enjoy extras like:

  • discounts when you purchase packages with tokens
  • free to enjoy shows:
    • free to join open chats
    • free to spy private chats if you pay for subscription
  • gratis gold membership for purchasing coins
  • free currency in Stripchat giveaway.

But we know that you’re interested in free Stripchat tokens the most. What does it mean to get 50 gratis coins in the giveaway?

Stripchat promotions

The last one of all Stripchat promotions - free giveaway with tokens

Stripchat promotions are based on various assumptions and for sure the most important of them is the giveaway with gratis Stripchat coins you can get. How does it work? Every hour 10 registered users get 50 free tokens that means Stripchat gives 500 gratis coins every hour in a big Stripchat lottery you can take part in if you have an account registered. Every day you have 24 chances to get 50 gratis coins.

Okay, now you have already known all deals and promotions available on Stripchat in 2020. There aren’t any generators or ways to hack currency. Only official methods shared with users work so you can choose only among ways you can see above. Depending on your will, you can spend more or less on Stripchat but every spent coin is worth pleasure you can find on this site so we encourage you to register and watch Stripchat live shows.

If you’re interested in novelties, you can also check an option that is the newest feature on the website - Stripchat Fanclub. It will allow you to become a subscriber of a performer you like. What options are connected with this mod? Various specials like clips, pics and extras from the model you subscribe.