Everything starts with a decision to be a Chaturbate model. Is it worth to gave shows on this platform? Can you earn there enough to make it your own work? From this article you can get all details you must know if you want to start. A process of Chaturbate Registration is easy but you must confirm that you’re an adult person.

To perform you must be above 18, it’s a condition for everybody. And it must be also confirmed with a photo of your ID. Chaturbate doesn’t allow to perform people who still are children, it’s strictly forbidden.

Basic details for all interested in performing on Chaturbate
Services Camming
Content to sell
Fan clubs
Genders Female
Earnings 0.05 USD from each earned token
Payout schedule 2 times a month
Available also daily for some performers
Minimum payout 50 USD
Cam-splitting Yes
Geo-blocking Yes
DMCA protection Yes

As usual, the more attention performers give to their viewers and followers, the more money they can earn. On Chaturbate models can sell additional content but they should also remember about their Chaturbate Rules:

  • they must be sober giving shows
  • they can’t be offensive or rude
  • they must do things that were paid for by viewers.


How to start perform as a Chaturbate model?

When you are registered and verified, you have done your first step to become the broadcaster. What devices do you need to start your show on Chaturbate?

  • COMPUTER – Windows or Mac but able to run Adobe flash
  • WEBCAM – for you better to have a HD cam (then more viewers watch shows)
  • HIGH-SPEED INTERNET – there aren't things worse than interruption
  • DIGITAL COPY OF YOUR ID – to verify yourself
  • place to give shows.

All types of performers are allowed on Chaturbate if each broadcaster is adult and verified. You can give shows solo, in couples and groups. Girls, boys and trans are all allowed.

How much can you earn being a performer on Chaturbate?

A Chaturbate Token Calculator is always the same for models. They get 5 cents from each earned coin. Everything the model offers is counted and sold in tokens. These coins are the only way to make transaction between a viewer and a model on Chaturbate.

The most popular broadcasters with content to sell, fan clubs enabled and many followers on each show make a lot of money and they are able to earn thousands dollars a month.

chaturbate broadcaster

Payment options for Chaturbate models

Chaturbate Tokens are very important for broadcasters. They are used to collect a salary and then they must be converted into real money.

Chaturbate token converter formula
tokens x 0.05 = $CashOut
20 earned tokens are $1
100 earned tokens are $5
500 earned tokens are $25
1,000 earned tokens are $50
10,000 earned tokens are $500
$CashOut / 0.05 = $Tokens
$1 earned is 20 tokens collected
$5 earned is 100 tokens collected
$25 earned is 500 tokens collected
$50 earned is 1,000 tokens collected
$500 earned is 10,000 tokens collected

$50.00 is the minimum amount to payout. On Chaturbate there are always 2 payment periods a month: 1st-15th and 16th-to the end of the month. Chaturbate models can use also daily payouts (then the minimum is also the same):

  • U.S. based broadcasters who have already received two payouts from Chaturbate
  • international performers who have already received four payouts from the platform.

Payments are made with below methods:

  • check sent by mail
  • ePayService
  • ePayments
  • direct deposit in the USA
  • wire
  • Paxum
  • Bitcoin.

Payments are always discreet, they don’t share “Chaturbate” anywhere so you don’t have to be afraid that anybody can check that you got money because of live broadcasting on Chaturbate.

Chaturbate services the broadcaster can offer to their viewers

As the model you can make cash on:

  • public chats when you don’t determine any price per minute but you collect tokens based on tips:
    • tip goals - when the goal is completed, the show is given
    • tipping games - games based on tips that are managed with apps and bots
    • tip menu - when specific actions have determined cost
    • public chats with Chaturbate Toys managed with tokens
  • private chats - with only one viewer in the room, with the price per minute (it’s advised to describe all things you offer to help potential watchers to make a decision if it’s worth to choose you for the private show)
  • spy shows - when you give private shows, you can share it with other viewers who can watch them for a lower cost per minute
  • SELLING CONTENT - videos and pictures (on clips and photos you can earn even if you’re offline because purchases are automated)
  • RUNNING THEIR FAN CLUBS - with monthly subscription:
    • for 5.99 USD a month, model gets 50 tokens (2.5 USD earned)
    • for 6.99 USD a month, model gets 60 tokens (3 USD earned)
    • for 7.99 USD a month, model gets 70 tokens (3.5 USD earned)
    • for 8.99 USD a month, model gets 80 tokens (4 USD earned)
    • for 9.99 USD a month, model gets 90 tokens (4.5 USD earned)
    • for 10.99 USD a month, model gets 100 tokens (5 USD earned)
    • for 15.99 USD a month, model gets 150 tokens (7.5 USD earned)
    • for 20.99 USD a month, model gets 200 tokens (10 USD earned)
    • for 25.99 USD a month, model gets 250 tokens (12.5 USD earned)
    • for 30.99 USD a month, model gets 300 tokens (15 USD earned).

Being online is the most important part of being the Chaturbate broadcaster but building a community around you may also allow you to earn a lot of additional cash.

chaturbate performer

Other details important for Chaturbate performers

If you want to start performing, there are also some additional things you should know:

  1. You can use Apps and Bots from Chaturbate’s built-In App Store. Thanks to this, managing your account, community, selling and chats is easier and many things may be done automatically.
  2. You can customize your profile a way you want.
  3. You can block users from specific locations.
  4. You can choose moderators that may help you to manage your chat rooms and keep them in order. They may be chosen by you for just once chat or even for a period of 6 months.
  5. You can give shows on Chaturbate and other webcam sites the same way using a cam-splitting mode.
  6. You can broadcast also from mobile devices with iOS and Android.
  7. You can add external wishlists to your bio (for example an Amazon one).

How do Chaturbate hashtags work for models?

Chaturbate Searching and Navigation is easier for your followers when you describe your services and profile with tags. Hashtags are used by viewers commonly, they are helpful in finding determined fetishes. The more popular the tag is, the higher it’s available (even on homepage).

Remember to be fair when you create your tags. If you mislead viewers, they won’t come back into your room.


Safety of models performing on Chaturbate

Chaturbate Safety measures for models allows performers to make their content under the DMCA law and the entire account as protected as it’s possible with 2FA. Protecting account with additional options prevent breaks and losing both your personal and payment details.

The rest things that describe Chaturbate are included in a full Chaturbate Review you can check anytime.