Chaturbate is free to join. It means that every adult person can go through a Chaturbate Registration process and set up an account. But it doesn’t mean that you can do anything you want on this website - there are some principles to respect. Your account may be banned because of violations, so you should know Chaturbate rules to avoid problems connected with having your account blocked.

Let’s familiarize with all the most important things connected with using this platform.


Overall site rules on Chaturbate

There are some principles that must be important for all users of Chaturbate. It doesn’t matter if you watch or give shows, you always must:

  • be polite to everybody because users can't use abusive or racist language
  • respect other users because everybody has the same right to have fun on Chaturbate
  • be sober when you're on chat, performing and writing under alcohol or drugs is prohibited.

Remember that even if you know other users from chats (both models and viewers), you can’t share their personal details. On Chaturbate protecting personal details is very important. It isn’t an escort website but a streaming platform.

It’s also advised to protect Chaturbate account with additional protection measures - then you’ll be able to feel double safe. Using 2FA and respecting website’s rules, you may feel sure that your account is protected in 100%.

Age verification on Chaturbate

Verification on Chaturbate is one of the most important rules for users. Each broadcaster must do it and most viewers do it too. For models it’s a condition of having a possibility to perform, viewers can remove limits connected with spending tokens this way (and increasing this limit is connected with getting additional free coins into user’s balance so it’s rather worth to verify themselves).

How to become age verified?
It's required to fill your personal details
and upload a photo of ID with
some specific pieces of information
Date of Birth
Expiration Date
Issued Date
Photo ID

chaturbate rules

Pics of the ID must be done of its both sides.

When the pic of ID is uploaded along with all your personal details, the second photo must be a clear picture of you holding your government issued ID next to your face (closeup photo with main text of ID readable).

The pic must be good quality or you may have some issues connected with your Chaturbate verification. Please, do your best and don’t send photos that are cut or have hidden places. It only makes the entire verification process longer and more annoying for you.

If you don’t want to become blocked, you must respect Chaturbate rules

If something is wrong or you don’t respect principles, your account may be banned. Then you must contact with a Chaturbate support and ask about this situation. But remember that it’s always better to avoid the situation with blocking your account.

Important rule details for Chaturbate viewers

Being a viewer, you’re always a guest on somebody’s chat. And this situation is the same even if you have any special subscription (you’re a gold user or pay for a fan club). It means that you must respect a broadcaster and their other guests (watchers).

A viewer can’t be offensive and rude or harass anybody because it’s strictly forbidden. Chaturbate is a place for pleasure, not arguing.


Chaturbate principles and basic tips for broadcasters

Broadcasters must care about their viewers and fans and give them services that were paid by watchers. If the Chaturbate Broadcaster declares anything, they must include it in their shows. What’s more, they must do everything to involve their followers into a community they gather. It helps to build a relationships. So even being the model don’t be rude and don’t beg for tokens without giving great shows and what's more:

  • use social media
  • be polite, sexy and communicative, talk with viewers and encourage them to join your community or to follow you on social media - then they will come back to your shows
  • use hot lingerie
  • complete your bio with as many details as it’s necessary to know you better
  • use a connection with the Internet that is reliable
  • have fun when you perform.

Chaturbate rules have been created to be respected by everyone

Chaturbate was designed to give people pleasure, not dramas. The website has many great options and all of them are available in a full Chaturbate Review. It’s worth to be on Chaturbate and it’s better to respect site’s principles. You should visit this platform for fun, not to search problems. Remember that it’s easy to ban an user because it’s better to give happy viewers and models a friendly space to meet than allow rude users to make mess.

chaturbate terms

Are on Chaturbate any other principles?

It’s hard to define rules because it may be a model of behaviour and things you must know and remember. Thanks to this, as a rule may be described also Chaturbate Username Colors for example, because they are always the same and knowing them it’s simple to recognize different types of users on chats.

All other details that are important for Chaturbate users are available in a write-up so familiarize with this description if you want to set up an account there.