A full Chaturbate Review describes all most important features of this platform. But it doesn’t have all tips of searching and navigation included. How to manage Chaturbate and find always shows that you want to see? There are some hints and hacks you should know as a viewer of this streaming platform.


How to search and navigate on Chaturbate?

On Chaturbate there are both Chaturbate Private Shows and free to join chats. You can decide if you want to pay a price per minute or use the website in an extremely cheap option and join open chats that requires only tips to leave.

And we believe that you can appreciate a fact that you can join shows for free and pay only for tipping. It’s advised to leave anything if you watch the show. During open chats models earn only by getting tips. It means that everyone should leave anything.

A hashtag system you can use on Chaturbate

On Chaturbate you can use tags to search and navigate. The most popular ones are available on a homepage, others are available to check when you click in tags. They are divided into tags used by:

  • female models
  • male models
  • trans models
  • couples.

chaturbate searching

Tags on Chaturbate
Hashtag Viewers Rooms Top Rooms
a name that describes things or services included in the tag the number of viewers of this hashtag the number of rooms described with a specific tag the best rooms described with a specific hashtag

On the homepage you can see tags such as:

  • #asian
  • #bigboobs
  • #18
  • #bbw
  • #hairy
  • #ebony
  • #anal
  • #milf
  • #mature
  • #squirt
  • #latina
  • #german
  • #milk
  • #pregnant
  • #feet
  • #teen
  • #french
  • #new.

Homepage tags always show models and services that are the most popular ones. They can change of course.

Unfortunately, managing hashtags on Chaturbate isn’t perfect. You can check them and they are divided into groups but there isn’t any field to just write down any hashtag to check if it’s available on the site.

How to search based on Chaturbate categories?

To search models and shows you may be interested in, you can use also Chaturbate categories. What is available for website’s users?

    • Featured Cams
    • Female Cams
    • Male Cams
    • Couple Cams
    • Trans Cams
    • Teen Cams (18+)
    • 18 to 21 Cams
    • 20 to 30 Cams
    • 30 to 50 Cams
    • Mature Cams (50+)
    • North American Cams
    • Other Region Cams
    • Euro Russian Cams
    • Asian Cams
    • South American Cams
    • Exhibitionist Cams
    • HD Cams
    • Private Shows
    • Group Shows
    • New Cams
    • 6 Tokens per Minute
    • 12 Tokens per Minute
    • 18 Tokens per Minute
    • 30 Tokens per Minute
    • 60 Tokens per Minute
    • 90 Tokens per Minute.

How to navigate Chaturbate more comfortable?

There are also some other options that may make managing Chaturbate more comfy and easier. These things are prepared both for viewers and models.

Check all other features that the platform offers to its users. You should check all options that are available for you.

Languages available on Chaturbate

If you don’t prefer English, the very first language of Chaturbate you can choose also among other options of navigating your panel and the site. Chaturbate is available for users in below languages:

  • Arabic
  • German
  • Greek
  • English
  • Spanish
  • French
  • Hindu
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Dutch
  • Portuguese
  • Russian
  • Turkish
  • Chinese.

It’s enough to click the right mode in footer.

Bots and applications and their role on Chaturbate

Being a Chaturbate Broadcaster, you can use apps to make managing your chat room easier. With bots customizing your room is quite easy and it allows to make your chat attractive for viewers with emojis, automatic answers and thanks.

You have also a possibility to build your own app if you want because all bots are open source. All apps are made by members of the whole community of Chaturbate.

chaturbate navigation

Geo-blocking on Chaturbate

Any broadcaster can also block specific areas and countries to avoid being in one room with viewers from their locations.

Many performers use this option but there are also many models that don’t care about being recognized on Chaturbate. It’s only a work, not any sentence or other punishment. Broadcasters are beautiful and hot and they just work in this way.

Is it easy to search and navigate on Chaturbate?

It’s time to decide if search and navigation on Chaturbate is good or not. This platform is one of the most popular adult streaming sites in the web and its popularity must be based on something. For sure using Chaturbate is good for all viewers because the website shares straight and LGBT performers. But its content isn’t everything. Beautiful models can’t recompense anything is using the site is annoying.

The platform has basic categories that are named according to the most important things (services and model types) available to find. If you want to search something that is more specific, you can use tags. Searching hashtags isn’t perfect, but it’s very useful.

To be honest, there are sites that have better searching and navigation features but there are also many platforms that are terrible to search anything. It causes a conclusion that if you like content of Chaturbate, you can follow your favourite models and save some things in your profile and it makes using this website rather okay.