Developers of Chaturbate cares about your safety but there are also some protection measures that should be taken by users into their consideration. Be careful of phishing and report all its attempts to Chaturbate. Put your login details and your password directly on the Chaturbate website. Mails and suspicious login options may be used to steal your details.

Remember also that:

  • you shouldn't use the same password for multiple accounts
  • your password should be at least 15 characters, with at least one number, one uppercase letter, one lowercase letter and one special symbol
  • you shouldn't use names that are easy to find like names of members of your family, friends or pets
  • you shouldn't use numbers that may be connected with your house or any areas like postcodes, house numbers, phone numbers, birthdates, ID card numbers, social security numbers, etc
  • you shouldn't let your browser to keep your passwords saved
  • you shouldn't use devices of others or public WiFi hotspots to log into your account
  • you should use encrypted connections such as HTTPS and SFTP
  • it's recommend to change your password from time to time (the best every 10 weeks)
  • it's recommend to manage your passwords with special software.


Protection measures on Chaturbate

Most safety solutions aren’t visible for users of Chaturbate at the first glance. But they are there and protect you. It’s important to feel safe when you’re online. And this rule concerns also all porn fans that search for good time. If you share anywhere your personal details, you should be protected as much as it’s possible.

Limits for Chaturbate viewers

Starting your adventure with this platform, many viewers face something called a Chaturbate Spending Limit. What is this? It’s an additional protection measures that prevents unverified accounts from buying too much coins the same day or period.

To make your limits higher, you must verify yourself with your ID. Thanks to this you confirm that you’re the real user of the account. ANd you’ll be able to purchase bigger packages of tokens and it’s very comfortable. But it still isn’t everything. For verifying you get also 200 free tokens to spend and you can use them the way you want. It means that the spending limit on Chaturbate is safety with bonus.

chaturbate protection

What is 2-step verification?

Chaturbate 2-step verification is a way to protect accounts more. Each time you want to log, you’re asked to fill a field with a code. It causes that nobody unauthorized can log into your account to do anything. Codes are received either through text, phone call, or generated on your smartphone or a hardware device.

Devices compatible with 2-step verification
Android smartphones code generated via the Google Authenticator app
Apple iOS devices code generated via the Google Authenticator app for iPhone, iPod touch or iPad
Windows smartphones code generated via the Microsoft Authenticator app
TOTP code devices code generated via the TOTP capable authenticator
Phones able to get text messages text messages with codes
Phones able to receive calls automated phone calls with codes
Hardware security keys security keys U2F compatible

2-step verification is very discreet. Nowhere appears “Chaturbate” so if you’re afraid of this, you can stay calm.

It’s advised to set up this mode because thanks to that method you can feel more protected and have an influence on your security too.

What is the Security Center?

Chaturbate’s Security Center is a place where you can change and determine all protection measures connected with your account.

It’s important to be aware that even if Chaturbate cares about protection, it’s advised to do it too. A lot of things depend on your decisions and presence of mind. To be reliable user of the website, please do your best to make your account protected additionally. The more that you can get 200 free Chaturbate tokens for verification.

chaturbate safety

Can you consider Chaturbate as the website that is safe to use?

There are 2 types of users available on the platform - you can be a viewer or a Chaturbate Broadcaster. For these 2 groups safety is very important. Why? First of all, protection of personal details - payment info, names or even an amount of Chaturbate Tokens they have in their balance.

All other aspects of using this platform are available in a full Chaturbate Review. It describes other options in details. You must know that Chaturbate is very popular and attractive both for models and watchers. There are a lot of performers and viewers every day and the same time. So if you want to spend or earn some cash, it’s a good place for you.

Also everybody has the right to manage their accounts and care about their security additionally. There are other safety measures for performers and viewers and also Chaturbate developers care about your protection too. It causes that if you log out your account and don’t use suspicious Internet connections to enjoy Chaturbate, you can feel protected. But remember that it’s also your responsibility. Unauthorized devices or Internet networks are always bad choice and it concerns not only Chaturbate but also other websites. Because of this beware of public WiFi networks and someone’s smartphones and computers, don’t save login details anywhere. If you leave your personal details on any website, protect yourself and be aware that the Internet can be dangerous. A mixture of your awareness and the whole work made by Chaturbate developers can together make your account safe and protected.